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David Miscavige’s Inspiration

A new contributor, Motti Morell, has taken an unconventional approach to understanding the possible source of Miscavige’s incredible desire for personal financial enhancement. He suggests that David is only following a time honored tradition of corruption that began with the Borgias. To give us some reality on this corruption, he has provided us with a short clip from the TV series, “The Borgias”. I think you will find his presentation persuasive…and chilling.

Miscaviges InspirationI watched the TV series “The Borgias” with Jeremy Irons. I edited the relevant excerpts from episodes 6 and 8 in season 3. Pope Alexander VI, Rodrigo Borgia, is regarded as the Catholic Church’s most corrupt and unscrupulous Pope.


LRH never agreed to donations except for actual services. But his successor who was born a Catholic, violently violated LRH policy and turned exchangeless donations into the COS’s main business.


It is most evident in Flag, where PC’s are requested to pay money not for services but for being allowed to advance on the bridge at all. Sins uncovered in confessionals can only be absolved by paying more money. When I refused to donate (after having fully paid for my services), I was driven out of my Oak Cove hotel room in the middle of the night and threatened with “losing my eternity”… Fuck them. Life has been much better outside ever since, in the indie world where LRH policy and tech is kept and not violated.

Interesting to see that DM didn’t invent anything; he just followed in a corrupt Pope’s footsteps… Some of my friends still inside see it but are afraid to sever their connections. Others refuse to see it for fear of unsettling their ‘stable datum’.


What kept me sane was my viewpoint from the start that I’m only in it for the tech, that the Organization is not the tech, that people (even Scientologists) are always imperfect, that greed and lust for power among humanoids (including Scientologists) is omniprevalent, that many unscrupulous, cynical leaders over the generations exploit their flock’s gullibility to extract money and obedience from them. All this has always been with the human race from the start, so why should it be different with the COS?

~Motti Morell

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NOTHING could have prepared me…

Here is another classic GAT adventure from Theodora Farnsworth. I am sure it will answer some of your questions about GAT auditing.

ff_robot_therapistNOTHING could have prepared me for what I was about to experience. After years of training, I was about to go into session as a GAT auditor for the very first time.

Student Hat, Pro TRs, Upper Indoc TRs, Pro Metering and a good part of the Level Zero Course were behind me.

My twin and I had been drilling – and drilling and drilling and drilling – the procedure for flying ruds. The GAT drills were very thorough.

First you sat and said the commands to a wall until you could do it flawlessly from memory.

Next you did the “What do you do?” drills.

“You’ve just started the session. The PC’s needle isn’t floating. What do you do?” your twin droned at you. You had to respond instantly with the correct answer or get a “Flunk!”

Pages and pages and pages of questions like this. The whole drill was passed only when all the questions were answered perfectly, with no comm lag.

Then came the scripted GAT drills. Again, pages and pages of various scenarios all geared to train the student on the procedure for flying someone’s ruds.

You sat with your meter in front of you. The “PC” was a huge stuffed doll, sitting across from you. Your twin sat next to you, running the GAT simulator, an electronic device connected to your meter. By pressing various buttons on the simulator, your twin could make your meter display the reads called for by the GAT script.

You had to have your TRs in, operate the meter flawlessly, keep worksheets and control the session from start to finish. If you made one mistake and got a “Flunk!”, you had to keep going to the end of the drill and then start all over again. Only when you could get through the drill perfectly with no flunks were you given a “Pass!”

The final GAT drills allowed the coach to get creative. The drill book gave suggestions for scenarios but this time without a script. It was up to the coach to mock up what the “PC” was going to say and do and use the simulator to create appropriate needle reactions. When the student auditor demonstrated that he could handle all the situations listed in the drill book, he received a “Pass!”

I had done these drills until I was sick of them. I knew them all by heart and felt like a robot doing them.


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Questions regarding Scientology vs Spiritual Rescue Technology

scn-srtSome of you may know that I was delivering NOTs and other standard Scientology Bridge actions in the field beginning in early 2010. My clients did well and some are still on my lines today, but as time went by, I began to see that although NOTs made my clients feel better, all of them were not becoming more spiritually aware.

Some were and still are grateful for the service I was delivering, but some were not really becoming more able to handle entities on their own. While working with one client who was experiencing body difficulties from the actions of an entity, I was surprised to hear her say, “I think he is trying to help me!” That started the process of discovery which resulted in Spiritual Rescue Technology.

I asked myself if beings were trying to help us, why should we be getting rid of them as so much garbage to be discarded? OT 3 and NOTs is all about getting rid of entities by any means possible. This is not auditing in any sense of the word, it is forced disconnection and some of you will know how that feels.

Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) is all about the methodology of rescuing beings from the incidents they are stuck in and bringing them to present time and putting them to work if they are interested in doing so. It was developed and is still being expanded with the help of dozens of friends and volunteers.

One of my new clients who knows SRT raised some questions on the differences between Scientology and Spiritual Rescue Technology. The answers may be enlightening to those of you who have not compared SRT and Scientology yet.

I have answered her questions on a point by point basis:


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What is the real reason for “No Dianetics on Clears or OTs”?

I have pulled this June 9, 2013, post up for your inspection as there are still many Scientologists, even OTs, who do not seem to know why running Dianetics on a clear can harm them
Dianetics banner


I want to acknowledge Kim Baker for raising this question for which I have never seen a simple forthright explanation. She was specifically interested in the core incident which lead to “No Dianetics on Clears and OTs”.

There are various LRH references regarding Dianetics and Clear and some of them are quite contradictory:

“Any OT who has somatics is auditable on Dianetics which he should have had in the first place as he was using Scn grades to get rid of his headache! Or some somatic.” L. Ron Hubbard (from HCOB 24 May 69 “The Difficult Case”)

“BREAKTHROUGH” A research fact which was impeding further progress of Clears, and which applies to OT Grades, has been found by Ron. New Era Dianetics cannot be run on Clears or above without serious consequences to the body particularly when New Era Dianetics is run wrong and upside down. Below that grade New Era Dianetics can be run safely and beneficially. Immediate benefit from this discovery is that ‘New Era Dianetics for OTs’ has been developed for issue and use at AOs and Flag. … D. Mayo Flag Senior C/S Approved by L. RON HUBBARD FOUNDER” (from ‘Source 18’, Nov-Dec 78, page 11)

September 1978 introduced the following new datum: “New Era Dianetics or any Dianetics is NOT to be run on Clears or above or on Dianetic Clears.” (from HCOB 12 Sept 78 “Dianetics Forbidden on Clears and OTs”)

You can read http://tinyurl.com/kz82mqx for an extended discussion of Dianetics on Clears and NED for OT’s (NOT’s) and the state of ‘Clear’ but you will not find the reason that running Dianetics on a Clear is harmful.


The following may contain too much information for some of you so feel free to bail out if it gets too deep. Any reader who has difficulty with the concept of a spiritual being having spiritual companions should probably not continue either.

I have been delivering audited NOTS every week for the past several years and I audited a clear on New Era Dianetics many years ago, so I have great reality on why one should not run Dianetics on someone who is clear.

First of all, those of you who have not run OT levels should reread “Nature of a Being“. Basically, there is you (supposedly the thetan in charge) and then there is the other stuff that accompanies you through life (circuits, entities, etc.).

When you run Dianetics on a low level pc, you audit the thetan in charge (you) and you run out painful incidents and all sorts of other things by going earlier similar until you find the basic incident on the chain and blow it and the underlying postulates.

When you do Hellos and OKs, you are actually getting in communication with entities in various locations in the body and the communication pulls the entity out of the incident it is sitting in. The entity comes to present time and the pc gets relief.


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