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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Finding your way as an Independent Scientologist

This post is placed here as a landing spot for those who have just recently left the Church of Scientology. It contains vital data to help you through the transition to life as an independent person with personal and family goals as opposed to organizational goals.

As an independent Scientologist, you will be exposed to new data on Ron’s life and career, the development of the technology, and an intimate history of the Church that you have never seen before.

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Cruise reported to be dating fellow Scientologist Prepon

cruise-prepnApparently Tom Cruise’s midlife crisis and shit-sorry marriage record hasn’t stopped him from trying to score with fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon, at least according to Fox 411. The report adds as its last line that representatives for both actors have denied the connection.

One outright denial story is at UK’s Daily Mail.

Thehollywoodgossip.com is stating that the relationship with Cruise is why Prepon quit her Netflix show Orange is the New BlackRemember back when Nicole Kidman was married to Tom and she played psychiatrist Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever? The Scientologists were all enraged about that. It’s not hard to imagine they’d be enraged about Tom’s latest prospect playing an imprisoned convicted lesbian drug dealer.

The report is echoed at The Wire and Syracuse.com. It’s claimed to be outright fact on the NY Post’s pagesix.

Heavy.com has five fast facts about the possible Cruise/Prepon bond.

Hold your breath, though. A link between these two was reported in November 2013, but was denied by both and the furor died down.

But here it is again.

If this turns out to be anything, at least I can hope that no one will coin a cutesy hybrid name like “TomKat” for the couple.

That’s about all of this story I want to report until (unless) the two show up kissing at the premiere of Tom’s next film.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Chris Shelton’s What is Wrong with Scientology, Part 3

Chris has published part 3 in his ongoing series of what is wrong with Scientology.

I would like to comment on a few things in this video.

(1) Chris says that the staff can write reports, but they know they’re not going to do any good because they know the reports don’t go anywhere.

I wouldn’t say that.

The reports the staff and parishioners write do go somewhere. They go right into the writer’s ethics files.

By a simple examination of the ethics files, “church” administrators can tell who the sources of discontent and trouble are. In fact, the reports you write are a way to get yourself labeled a Genuine Trouble Source or GTS.

What? You never heard of that? That’s because you never hung out in HCO, filing reports, listening to people talk.

It’s not something LRH ever wrote, because it’s not how LRH wanted it to work.

But it is how it works in the modern “church” of Miscavology.

(2) The absolutist thinking that Chris describes is screened-for in standard church tests. If you don’t exhibit the black-or-white, all-or-nothing kind of thinking you see in the rest of the church, you won’t advance up the levels, or be promoted into the ranks of executives.

It’s how, for example, only not-trained-as-an-auditor never-done-an-OEC-course crappy-TRs OT VIIIs can end up as the senior executives in Ideal Orgs.

How can I be so sure of what I’m saying? The “church” has something called a Leadership Survey, which is a test given to people when applying for a staff position or qualifying to move to the next level on the Grade Chart.

Here’s the test and the grading instructions.

(Click on the thumbnail to get a magnified view of the page.)






Note that at its core, this test doesn’t have anything to do with Leadership.

The questions, by and large, deal with how willing you are to see the world in black-and-white distinctions.

Each group of answers has one correct answer, one wrong answer (x), and one psychotically wrong answer (xx). (A few dummy questions are tossed in to throw the test-taker a “curve”.)

The only “good” answers are the ones that indicate you’re willing to be a blind unthinking robotic drone.

Of course, only the blind unthinking robotic drones qualify for employment or placement as an executive or for Bridge advancement.

The psychotically wrong people are the ones that, like the rejected Sea Org member in our post a few days ago, are posted in low menial positions on the org board, until the “church” tosses them on the street to be further victimized.

The “church” tests for, and rewards, A=A=A=A stimulus-response knee-jerk let-someone-else-make-the-decisions compliance-only thinking.

You want to sign up for that? The line starts on the left.

(3) Even though the “church” looks for people who will blindly follow the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, the highest levels of “church” management do not in fact feel they need to conform to that operating basis.

Take a look at this video of Greg and Debra Barnes, posted by Mark Bunker. In just about every case where the Barnes’ had problems with the “church”, the “church” was not following LRH written directives. Even in administering the “kangaroo court”…er, comm. ev…that got the Barnes’ Declared, the “church” violated what the Barnes’ considered inviolate “church” justice policies, such as giving copies of the documents and KRs to the Barnes’ (“ ’cuz we don’t have to”) and giving the Barnes’ an opportunity to face their accusers.


The LRH written policy says that if you don’t get familiar with the policy and use it as written, you are a “clay pigeon”. Yet, at least according to the Barnes’ report, they were familiar with the policy and tried to use it.

But inside the topsy-turvy inside-out world of Miscavige’s Scientology Inc, using the policy precisely as written is only resorted to when it’s needed as a weapon against parishioners.

Policy is not used to, for example, protect a parishioner’s rights.

My opinion is that the whispering campaign exhibited by the field around Flag that was used in an attempt to destroy the Barnes’ lives is something that LRH would never have countenanced.

But it is tolerated and encouraged in the modern “church” because it serves the control-and-domination activities of the “church’s” command structure.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Karen de la Carriere starts a podcast

family_listening_radio_dr_110506_wgKaren de la Carriere, creator of the Surviving Scientology YouTube channel, has a new machete in her arsenal of weapons to wield against the destructive self-serving “church” of Scientology Inc and its sadistic narcissistic überführer David Miscavige.

Karen is one of the few Class XII C/Ses ever made and was trained by LRH himself.

She was in the Sea Org for decades, even working a stint for OSA in the ’80s, routing out after being targeted for suppression by David Miscavige himself.

Her bio can be found at Free and Able.

She delivers all levels of rundowns outside-of-the-“church”.

Of course, the covered-up death of her 27-year-old son Alexander Jentzsch in July 2012 while he was in the “care” of Scientologists was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Karen has been an outspoken relentless crusader against Miscavige and Miscavology (you can’t really call it Scientology) for several years.

Karen has started a podcast, called Surviving Scientology Radio, as another avenue to get out information about the “church’s” abuses.

The “church” can’t do a podcast, because, of course, no one inside the bastion walls of Scientology Inc “knows how internet works”. It must be true, because Davey “Neutron Bomb” Miscavige said so.

Other reasons the “church” can’t organize and present a podcast is because it couldn’t carry L. Ron Hubbard’s lectures (that would cut into Miscavige’s CD sales) and the only person trusted to be a DJ or “presenter” on such a podcast would be Davey “Neutron Bomb” Miscavige himself.

And we all know that anyone else in the job would only be allowed to hold it for 20 minutes before being bypassed by Davey himself, and thrown in the Hole.

Besides, Davey is too busy dodging subpoenas to have time to do material for a podcast.

On the inaugural episode of Surviving Scientology Radio, Mike Rinder and Jeffrey Augustine discuss Jillian Schlesinger’s escape from the Sea Org, the recently leaked Church of Scientology 990-T tax filings with the IRS, and the disaster created by the “church” of Scientology Inc in South Africa.

I recommend you put Surviving Scientology Radio on your daily watch list.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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