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A New SRT Goal – Make People Happier by Giving Them More Control over Their Lives

It may seem like it is really late in the game to discover what the important goals of Spiritual Rescue Technology are, but that is the way SRT discoveries work.

SRT has been a voyage of discovery from the very first days when I realized that some spirits were actually trying to help us.

My personal goal for the last 60 odd years was to find out how to make people happier. I discovered a lot of dead ends along the way because I was not including giving them more control over their lives in this search for happiness.

When I discovered the basic factors that led to Spiritual Rescue Technology, I realized that pursuing this spiritual line of research would give anyone more control over every aspect of their lives. Every bit of research led to more understanding of the spiritual realm and unfolded more aspects of our relationships with spirits and life itself.

The pursuit of knowledge and the resulting control over life became the goal that I promoted because that was an activity that made me happy. Fortunately, there are enough of you with the same interest that I was able to assemble a group to study these discoveries and use them.

Now that we have an abundance of riches in terms of incredibly powerful processes, I have come to the belated realization that the vast majority of people in the real world could care less about processes and spirits. They want to be happy and they want more control over their lives.

That is what SRT should be promoting to the world, “Become happier by gaining more control over your life”

Our goal should be showing people how to be happier by putting them in control of the influences of the spirit world.

As a first step, we have to show them that the spirit world is influencing them every day.

The next steps will show them that they can directly change the way the spirit world influences them so they have certainty that they can gain control of their lives in one area of life after another.

At each step, they must be able to see that more control makes them happier about that area of life.

The prime goal is to increase happiness by achieving certainty of gaining control, thus discovery for its own sake is subordinate to increasing the person’s ability to enjoy life and have fun.

This means that there will be discoveries which should not be broadly disseminated until it can be shown how these discoveries lead to greater happiness for those who are exposed to them.

The bottom line is that SRT counselors should be promoting increased happiness through better understanding and control of one’s spiritual connections.

To put it plainly, “You are not going to be happy unless the spirits around you are happy! With SRT, you can be surrounded by happy and cooperative spirits!”

David St Lawrence

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Special Holiday Message from David St Lawrence

david-st-lawrence-2Spiritual research is a challenging adventure and I appreciate your continuing support over these past years as our discoveries continue to upend all that we thought we knew when we started so long ago.

Our original goals were so simple in retrospect, to handle the spiritual beings who were causing us difficulties in life and free ourselves from them so we could achieve our true greatness and earn lasting peace and happiness without interference from other influences.

That was a nice goal, but spiritual research has a way of producing unexpected results.

Spiritual communication has long been plagued with uncertain results, so much so that even talented mediums experience times when their spirit guides appear to be absent.

We learned that the only reliable way to work with spirits was through the use of caring communication where Caring Communication is the exchange of information between living beings with the intent to help the other being achieve a higher state of existence.

Caring Communication embraces a host of actions commonly associated with communication in general, such as attention, intention, and the intent to cause understanding in the other party, but Caring Communication includes the factor of responsibility for the other person or group being addressed. This is far more important than it may seem.

Once we learned how to deliver caring communication, we started learning more about entities and what they were capable of than anyone had expected. We could verify anything ever written about spiritual beings simply by asking them what they knew. We found that all spiritual beings had led independent lives at one time or another and they had independent memories of events beginning long before their appearance on Earth.

We discovered that our actions and personalities were the product of our intentions and the intentions of the entities who surround us. The thoughts we think and the emotions and attitudes we feel each day are influenced by entities, some of whom have been with us for many lifetimes.

Some of our members were put off by the notion that their thoughts and actions were not their own, but those of you who were determined to learn the truth persevered and hung in with us as we continued to ask entities for answers.

Some of you began to ask entities for answers on your own and I salute you because there are more answers to be found than any small team can handle. As a matter of fact, we find that delivering SRT sessions to clients uncovers new information every week about entities and the ways we can work with them.

A small number of you have begun to organize the entities who consider themselves to be your spiritual partners so that they work as a team rather than an undisciplined mob. “Helpful” entities can inject comments into a conversation that do not forward the purpose of your conversation. When you have organized your entities as a team, they will feed you information as you need it and your presentation or you activity will be effective with no effort on your part.

If you have been following this, you can see that our relationships with entities has progressed from handling the ones who are causing trouble, to working with and validating those who wish to be our spiritual partners, to a new stage where we are getting suggestions from entities on our team who want to participate in making us a more effective team.

The most recent suggestions have to do with causing results without unnecessary effort.

The normal way to get things done on this planet is to come up with a bright idea, work out a plan to achieve it, assess the resources available, gather support and financial help by organizing a team, and work hard to make things happen as you wish them to happen. This has been done successfully by many and has produced much of our current civilization.

Invisible to many, there has also been occasions where someone intended something to happen and it just happened with no fuss and very little publicity. Many of you have even experienced this at one time or another, but have not been able to get this marvelous ability under control. It is magical when it happens, but you cannot seem to produce this magic at will.

This “magic” occur when there is no evidence of counter intention being present. Some of you are able to do this when you are under extreme pressure, others can do it when they are in an ascension state where their thought produce results in the physical universe.

Once you grasp the role that spiritual beings play in your life, it is only a matter of time before you start thinking about the power of aligned intentions and wonder about what would happen if you could intend something and know that there were no counter intentions to affect the result.

We have been running some tests to see whether we can use our knowledge of Spiritual Rescue Technology to bring intentions into alignment so that a person can significantly increase their ability to intend something and know that is already happening.

It appears that this is possible, but we have barely scratched the surface as we can see immediate results, but do not fully understand how the process works so the results are unpredictable to a certain extent. For example, does intention cause results in the physical universe directly or through the agency of the entities who are involved with the result?

We will continue our research in this area with those of you who are interested in participating and have received enough SRT counseling that you are able to spot entity thoughts and actions as being separate from your own thoughts and actions.

In the meantime, we will continue delivering every one of the SRT processes we have been using up to this point. If you are troubled by losses, unexplained fears, failed purposes, and curses, we will be happy to help you deal with them and get you to the point where you have helpful entities willing to work with you to make your life better.

We will help you organize your entities into an effective team of spiritual partners and prepare you to step up to the next level where you can intend something and it happens reliably.

Have a wonderful holiday season and join us to make 2107 a year to remember!

David St Lawrence


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