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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Did you ever get the idea that Spiritual Rescue Technology was a one shot deal?

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-freedom-d-render-shadow-man-acsending-to-sun-ocean-red-cloudy-sunset-image30582004Did I somehow create the impression that Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) was a one shot deal? I did not intend that, but anything is possible.

SRT is a spiritual tool that you should go on using forever, not just once.
It’s free, once you learn how to use it, so for continuing peace of mind and spiritual growth, you should use it every day for best results.

There are an infinite number of active spiritual beings on this planet alone. There are probably 100 infinities of beings who are sleeping or completely unconscious who can spring into action when the right stimulus occurs.

You are constantly surrounded and infiltrated by disembodied spiritual entities so you had better get used to the idea of managing them instead of ignoring them or hiding from them.

If you were exposed to the Scientology OT levels, you were made to understand that with the completion of each level you were pure and fearless and FREE from entities and corruption of all kinds. Sorry! But that was a lie for marketing purposes. The Founder himself, Ron Hubbard, was still battling entities in the final weeks of his life because he chose them as opponents instead of making friends with them.

You can measure a person’s chances of success by whether he seeks opponents in life or seeks to partner with others. Entities are just like those of us with bodies, except they have had some experiences which prevent them from acquiring bodies and playing the game of life.

If you antagonize, irritate, ignore, or invalidate the entities in your vicinity, do not be surprised when your plans do not work out and your life feels like crap. You have caused your entities to have counter intention to your plans and they outnumber you!

Some of you have had incredible wins on SRT which you have shared with me and others. Once that was over, you seem to put away your SRT knowledge and got back to work being typical earth people who can’t seem to figure out why your business is failing and your relationships are going downhill.

Yes, you cleaned up all of the entities who were making life miserable and things were going great, but have you been doing daily scans to make sure that all was well with your spiritual teammates? Have you been using your spiritual teammates to find new clients, new business, and new friends? Why not?

When you clean a house or car and polish everything in sight, do you expect it to stay clean and shiny forever? Unless you put it in an airtight box, it is going to collect dust and road grime.

You can have an incredible win in SRT that keeps you shining and enthusiastic for weeks and even months, but eventually you will encounter a situation or a person who wakes up or introduces you to some unhappy entities and your mood will become more serious. If you do not handle this new entity, you will collect even more unhappy entities until you look and feel like one of those cars that are engaged in a demolition derby.

SRT is a tool that performs miracles, but it is not a one shot deal that will protect you forever with just one application.

You are constantly being exposed to new spiritual entities and you need to make sure that you stay on top of your personal situation by staying in communication with your spiritual teammates and any new entities who show up.

If you can’t seem to do this regular maintenance by yourself get help from a twin and take turns keeping each other in top shape. We also have student SRT counselors who are looking for clients to practice on. If you have let yourself slide to the point where you feel there is no hope, contact me and we can set up some sessions to straighten things out in a hurry.

Once you know what SRT can do, there is no excuse for sliding off the road into the ditch again with your wheels in the air.

Treat those wandering spiritual entities as an opportunity instead of a barrier and life will become constantly interesting and much more satisfying.

If you haven’t seen the Kindle book, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology, you can check it out on Amazon.com.

David St Lawrence

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Scientology Indoctrination is Hypnotism

LRH Close upScientology indoctrination is hypnotism of the worst kind

The disintegration of the cult of Scientology will not free those who have been hypnotized by the skillful indoctrination that Ron Hubbard used to put people under his control and make them resist any recovery from that state.

I have been aware for some time that there were unknown forces preventing some people from observing and absorbing any new data. A recent article by Marty Rathbun shows that others are recognizing what we have been writing about for some time.

Deconstructing Scientology
Posted on September 13, 2014 by martyrathbun09

This is an excerpt from an upcoming book with the working title ‘Deconstructing Scientology.’  It is directed toward those who are considering the possibility of dipping a toe into dianetics or scientology study or participation.  My failures over the past three years in attempting to help former members graduate from the subject informed a whole new line of research into some of the darker arts that L. Ron Hubbard mastered to make people so apparently incapable/unwilling to learn.  


The most diabolically effective form of hypnotism would probably thoroughly convince the subject that it was impossible to hypnotize him.  It seems that only in that case could the idea be implanted that no awakening and de-hypnotism would ever be desirable or even possible. It would inculcate the opposite of the old adage applicable to any reform, or even education, activity that the first step to recovery or learning is the recognition that there is something to recover from or to learn.  If you were thoroughly convinced that you were more awake than virtually all of humanity, there is no chance that anyone could convince you to possibly take a look at waking up.

Some of the worst examples of this can be found in those who have attested to OT8 completion. Their indoctrination is so complete that they are unable to spot that they are surrounded by entities who cause them to lie and to fail at life in other more subtle ways.

A whining OT is an oxymoron and yet you can observe many OTs and OT8s complaining about their spouses, jobs and their superiors just like the lowly “wogs” who have never sampled Scientology.

Those of you who have never attained the rarified OT levels do not know how fortunate you are. You have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and you still have most of your sanity left.

If you would like to see an alternate path to increased awareness and personal freedom, you may wish to read my latest book which is now available on Amazon in Kindle format:

David St Lawrence

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Workable Spiritual Technology – decline and resurrection

This post was first published over a year ago but the message is still current so I am bringing it to the attention of new readers who may not have seen it the first time around.

Priest-movieWorkable spiritual technology is that part of the entire spectrum of spiritual technology that has been tested by auditors/spiritual practitioners in the field and has been found to produce reliable results.  So much of this has been lost or obscured in recent years that it is hard to find auditors who are familiar with the original work.

Spiritual technology has a long history and Scientology had a short phase between 1950 and 1965 when spiritual activity was actively supported by church management. After that the focus within the church seemed to shift to control of parishioner thoughts and actions. Like many religions before it, the Church of Scientology buried the effective actions that helped people and pushed the grand and glorious vision of great cathedrals and mighty works that would bedazzle the multitudes and bring in money.

As a result of this shift in emphasis, we now have the situation where Scientology’s International Management is awash in corruption, perversion and financial irregularities on every hand, much like the Vatican which is the central governing body of the Catholic Church,

There are still useful spiritual resources in the Church of Scientology, but they are as diminished as the Exorcists in the Catholic Church, mere vestiges of a former glory.  According to this story on christianpost.com, priests currently need special approval from their bishop to perform the rite of exorcism and it is rarely granted. Well, to be fair, access to Scientology’s rite of exorcism, the OT Levels, is rarely granted either.

The workable spiritual technology originally developed by Ron Hubbard, David Mayo, Alan Walters and may other professional auditors was altered over the years by arbitrary decisions until it has become a mockery of what it once was.

The very purpose of auditing shifted from setting beings free to become themselves to a rigid pattern of indoctrination that treated a public Scientologist as a potential threat to management so that continual security checking was mandatory at every turn in the road. It is very common to observe that people moving up the Scientology Grade chart become less imaginative and less likely to explore new ideas. Most OTs are quite docile by the time they reach the upper levels and will follow orders without questioning them. This was not what was promised in the early days of Scientology.

A number of independent practitioners have gone back to the original writings of the professional auditors who developed the technology and have recovered the underlying principles that produced results.This original workable technology saves lives and brings man to heights he has rarely experienced before because it was applied for the benefit of the preclear and not for the benefit of an organization.

Most of us use feedback from our preclears to improve the effectiveness of our services. As a result, the technology is still evolving as new discoveries are made and we make use of current communication technology to deliver services when and where preclears want them, no matter where they are on the planet.

Anyone who is looking for the gains that used to be promised by Scientology will find these gains are still being delivered by independent practitioners today. If you are uncertain what to look for in an independent practitioner, read Choosing an Auditor.

The opening image comes from the movie Priest, which depicted a corrupt post-apocalyptic church

There was another post describing the frightening similarity between the corruption of the church depicted in the movie Priest and the current Church of Scientology: http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=4855

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