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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Caring for your L Ron Hubbard Library

LRH LibraryAfter you have left the cult of Scientology, it can take years before you realize how little of Ron Hubbard’s work was his or even original. Even then, you keep those tapes, cassettes and DVDs in their shiny wrappers and your boxes full of Red, Blue and Green volumes because you might find a use for them.

Wait another few years and you see entire sets of these materials being sold for under $100 with almost no takers.

You wait another few years and you find you cannot even give the materials away! Now what are you going to do with this dumpster load of “once valuable” materials?

If you are like Alonzo, a seasoned observer of the Scientology scene, you find a fitting receptacle for this material and you write a blog post that will encourage others to face up to their unfortunate tendency to hoard useless bits of our former lives.

I saw this image on  Alonzo’s Blog, Recovery From Scientology, where Alonzo presents objective information about the history of Scientology and the tricks Hubbard played on people to indoctrinate them. His blog gives you the information to evaluate those tricks and to examine your own vulnerabilities that he exploited.

When I started this blog many years ago, the focus was on exposing the insanities of the cult of Scientology and helping people to recover from their cult indoctrination.  I have moved on from trying to wake up cult members to working with people who wish to communicate with spirits.

I am doing what many others have decided to do and that is to pursue the spiritual enlightenment that Scientology never delivered.

I developed Spiritual Rescue Technology to allow people off the street to accomplish what OT7s and OT8s cannot do and that is to communicate and work with spiritual beings as equals. Our students quickly realize that Scientology body thetans are just Hubbard’s version of spirit guides which have been well known for hundreds of years.

You do not have to work with spiritual beings at all. They will continue to affect you and control you and you will go on wondering why you have fears and urges you cannot control. On the other hand, if you are still looking for what was promised in Scientology and never delivered, you just might want to check out spiritual-rescue-technology.com

You do not have to move on in a search for meaning in life, but you should at least get rid of the false data that you have been hoarding for so long.

Sending your LRH library to the dump is a good start.

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anxious-dreamstime_xs_44046086Who among us has not felt too old or too young and inexperienced or too wrinkly or too inadequate to handle the challenge of life at some point?

When these crippling self image feelings are present, they stop us from performing appropriately in some critical phases of our lives. Our self confidence vanishes and we fumble helplessly at tasks that we know we should be able to handle with style and grace if it were not for our damned self image issues.

Whether it is making friends, finding a lover, performing on stage, or even feeling good about the progress we have made in life, self image issues cast a pall on the brightest opportunities and leave us with nothing but bitter regrets.

Some try to handle their self image issues by forcing themselves to be what they know they are not. The fearful suitor becomes the braggart and forces himself on women. The timid intellectual forces herself or himself to be the officious and opinionated know it all who people desperately try to ignore. The insecure person forces herself to become assertive and presents this false front to the world as a shield for their lack of confidence.

With all of these people wearing these masks to hide who they really are, it is no surprise that relationships chafe and fail and that cooperative activities are constantly coming apart at the seams.

There are hundreds of articles, books and therapies devoted to helping you repair your self image. I am sure that most of us have sampled them at one time or other and have enjoyed some temporary relief as a result.

Going to a therapist regularly or visiting a friend who will stroke you ego will help you keep those self image issues at bay, but these soothing measures do not address the real cause of your unhappiness with life. If these measures are all you have, then use them, but there is a powerful technology that handle the real cause of your self image issues without drugs, without electronic equipment and at very low cost.

Spiritual Rescue Technology enables you to detect and communicate with the spiritual beings that account for most of the self image issues you ever experienced. These broken beings are the source of innumerable negative emotions and attitudes because these are the beings who have been so destroyed by life that they are only able to persist as ghosts of their former selves, They haunt you just like some spirits haunt houses or accident scenes. Almost anyone can communicate with spirits and make them feel better in the process, but SRT is a refined technology that enables you to locate and heal beings of the destructive emotions they carry in a single session.

For example, in a recent session an attractive professional woman referred to herself as “too old and wrinkly” to be able to date. Locating the source of the “too old and wrinkly” feelings was easy once she knew how to look for it.

This feeling was being projected by a group of spirits, old women who had been discarded by society once their sexual attractiveness had gone. They were supporting themselves by begging and by efforts to blackmail the wealthy men who had used their services when they were younger and attractive. This was such an embarrassment to the important men that arrangements were made to dispose of the women.

They had been nursing their rage and their feeling of being old and wrinkly for almost a thousand years, thus anyone who they had been associating with would feel old and wrinkly when these beings and their bitter memories were triggered by any interaction with men.

Once the beings were healed, they went over to a local park where young girls play soccer and they were able to enjoy the feelings of lively vitality and the challenges of physical activity and competition.

The professional woman felt an immediate relief from the feeling that had been dogging her for the past few years.

I have encountered similar self image issues in a young man who always felt he did not deserve “nice things”. Once the beings who harbored this attitude were handled, he was able to have “nice things”.

I will have a Spiritual Rescue Technology video shortly which shows the handling of beings who create self image issues.


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