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Self-Destruction at Its Best

Another exposé of the true state of Hubbard Technology by Kathy Elliott. Her experiences parallel mine and that of many others who attempted to follow the “tech” as it was written. The technical reason for our failure to get repeatable results on these e-meter drills appears at the end of the article.

“Is the date besquirreling-2cd8g0gfore 1990?”

No read on my meter.

“After 1990?”

Again, no read on my meter.

“Is the date 1990?”

And, once again, no read on my meter. Just a slow, creeping rise of the needle as my coach’s eyes glazed over.

I threw my pen down on the table and sagged back in my chair.

This had been going on for over an hour with no results. I just couldn’t continue.

My coach slowly surfaced from the mesmerized condition that he’d settled into and blinked. He looked dazed and puzzled. He had no clue what to do. He’d had no auditor training and, of course, had never done any of the e-meter drills. He was a student from the theory course room who’d been cajoled into holding the cans for me in exchange for my help later with one of his drills on the Student Hat Course.

“FLUNK!!!” snapped Bill, the course supervisor, who had spotted my slouched position and total lack of activity.

“What’s going on here?” he asked more kindly but with a touch of frustration in his voice.

“I just can’t keep doing this!” I cried. “I’ve been on this drill for three weekends now, and I’m not getting anywhere with it.” I was almost in tears. For three weekends – six whole days – I’d been beating this drill to death. Or, more accurately, it had been beating me.

If you’ve ever done The Hubbard Professional Metering Course, you know what I’m talking about.

If you haven’t experienced the agony of this course, you are indeed fortunate.

“The dating drills” – EM-22 E-Meter Hidden Date This Life and EM-25 Track Dating - had pushed bigger and stronger beings than me over the edge and into the abyss of drooling, gibbering insanity.

Part of the problem was finding someone to hold the cans who was willing to sit there and endure the endless, repetitive questions, let alone be truly interested in helping you get through these two drills.

“Is this date before 1980? After 1980? Is it 1980?”

If you were lucky enough to get a read and narrow it down to a range like “after 1980 and before 1990”, then it was, “Is the date 1981? 1982? 1983? 1984? 1985? 1986? 1987? 1988? 1989?” over and over again – unless you got one of those blasted years to read.

In order to get a final pass on EM-22, you had to use your e-meter to locate the coach’s this-lifetime date in the form of month, day and year. A date like June 15, 1992. With NO flunks.

Bill, as the course supervisor, was just as frustrated as I was, and possibly even more so.

Since I’d been on this one e-meter drill for three straight weekends, that meant I’d made no progress on my check sheet and had made no student points on the e-meter course. As a really good, fast-flow student, I usually made well over 1,000 points a day, sometimes even breaking 2,000. A golden student. But for six days now the only points I’d made were from helping other students with their drills. A paltry amount compared to my usually high stats.

“You can go back to the theory course room,” Bill told my coach. The poor guy stood up stiffly, tried to get the circulation back into his legs and stumbled out of the room, glad to be free from the mind-numbing activity.

Bill slid into the coach’s seat, scribbled a date on a piece of paper (hidden from me) and picked up the cans. I got a can squeeze and checked Bill’s metabolism. We were all set. Bill made himself more comfortable, putting his hands in his lap, and we started the drill.

“Is the date before 1980?”

No read on my meter.

“After 1980?”

The needle on my meter instantly dropped about an inch to the right, indicating that the date was after 1980.

WOW! This was more like it!

“It is after 1980,” I told Bill as I was supposed to do when I got a read like this.

“Yes, it is,” he agreed smiling.

I continued the drill, easily locating the year, then the month and finally the day.

“That’s a pass!” announced Bill, putting down the cans and showing me the date written on the piece of paper. He initialed EM-22 on my check sheet, got up and returned to his role as course supervisor.

I was elated! I’d finally done it! This wasn’t that difficult after all. I figured you just needed the right coach. Or something. I didn’t really care. I’d gotten through the drill at last!

The next two e-meter drills took a few course periods to complete. As with the dating drills, I had to find other students who were willing to help me by giving up a considerable amount of their own study time, and I, in return, had to spend time helping them.

The other factor was finding people who were “sessionable”. This meant that they had to have nothing going on physically or mentally that would interfere with the desired reaction of the e-meter while doing the drill.

Then I was ready to start EM-25.

For EM-25, the passing standard was to locate the coach’s made-up past-track date down to the second. Something like 56 trillion, 276 billion, 345 million, 829 thousand, 100 years ago, 3 months, 4 days, 6 hours, 15 minutes and 10 seconds. Again, with NO flunks.

Emboldened by my success on EM-22, I read the drill, found someone to hold the cans and explained the drill to him. He wrote down a made-up whole-track date (which he kept hidden from me) and we got started.

First, I had to establish the “order of magnitude” of the coach’s date. In other words, how big a chunk of time into the past were we looking for?

“Is this the order of magnitude of seconds?”






“Tens of years?”

“Hundreds of years?”

“Thousands of years?”

“Tens of thousands of years?”

“Hundreds of thousands of years?”

“Millions of years?”

And so on . . . up to “Hundreds of quadrillions of years?”

Nothing. No read.

I went back to the beginning and did it over and over and over again, trying to get a read – or even a tiny tic – that would indicate that I might be in the right area of the time track.

I finally had to give it up because it was close to lunch time and my coach’s stomach began to rumble, a sure sign that I wouldn’t get the meter to read unless I asked him, “Are you hungry?”

After lunch, I started in again. It was like EM-22 all over again but even worse. Just try saying, “Quadrillions of years? Tens of quadrillions of years? Hundreds of quadrillions of years?” and all the rest of it, over and over and over again, without getting your tongue tied into a permanent knot.

I went home deflated and discouraged.

Bill didn’t look too happy either. I’d seen the CO (Commanding Officer) of LA Org talking to him earlier in the day. She was a hard-ass Sea Org member who didn’t accept “excuses” for low production from any of her staff but especially not from the GAT course supervisors.

Over the next few weeks, I settled into EM-25 and just accepted the fact that I would be on it for the rest of my life. I gladly and eagerly volunteered to help other students so that I could escape from the tortuous drill and earn some student points.

Finally, Bill had found a coach for me who had a reputation of getting students through the dating drills in no time. This man wasn’t a student from the course room. He was a staff member from LA Day who just happened to be in the org and who had offered to help.

We got through the “order of magnitude” section of the drill discovering that the date was tens of thousands of years ago. Next we narrowed it down to 60,000 years. And finally we located the exact date in the form specified by the drill’s passing standard.

All three of us were elated – me, the coach and Bill.

I was not the only one who had been running into the brick wall of the dating drills. Every single Pro Metering student had become hopelessly bogged on these drills. We all hated them. We were all frustrated. We all spent weeks and sometimes months on them. The CO could be depended upon to push Bill – HARD – when this happened.

And, in the end, our amazing course supervisor, Bill, got all of us through these drills. If he couldn’t find one of the few coaches who could “make the meter read” on the dating drills, he would himself sit in as coach. Every time he did this, we got reads immediately and passed the drill effortlessly and rapidly. It was pure joy to have him hold the cans for us! Passing the drill was really so easy!

Early on, I had noticed that Bill’s reads had a slightly odd quality to them, but I dismissed this as something that was only peculiar to him as a being. He was a very dynamic individual, just crackling with energy, and I assumed that this quality probably manifested itself in his reads.

Eventually, I went on to complete The Hubbard Professional Metering Course and routed onto Academy Level Zero.

And guess what? There on the check sheet for Academy Level Zero were all the e-meter drills, including my old friends EM-22 and EM-25.

A Level Zero auditor doesn’t need to know how to find a date in order to run the Grade Zero processes. So why in the name of heaven and hell were these drills included on the check sheet?!!!

It turned out they were on ALL the Academy Level check sheets in spite of the fact that they were not a tool that you would use until you learned how to do certain actions on Level Four. Those of us who were on Academy Level Zero hated these two drills. Knowing that we would never use them while auditing Grade Zero processes only made matters worse. It was making our time on course longer by weeks and weeks – all for nothing!!!

One of the students officially protested and ended up being ordered to ethics to get sec checked to handle her “counter-intention”. It costs her thousands of dollars and got her nowhere. In the end, she left the church to start her own field practice and was declared a Suppressive Person. So we knew that questioning the presence of these two drills on the check sheet was NOT an option.

But we had Bill. And we knew Bill could get us through these drills just as he had done when we were on the metering course.

Bill was the head GAT-trained course supervisor. He had come back from getting his GAT training at Flag as an enthusiastic and eager man. He was always uptone and helpful. He worked diligently to get his students through their courses with a good understanding of their materials. He was a truly dedicated course supervisor, and we all loved him. His willingness to act as a coach on the theta-sucking dating drills was just one of the many things he did that endeared him to us. He was brilliant and funny and he loved the tech. He himself was a trained auditor. We knew we were in good hands. We were all getting through our courses and winning as students with Bill’s help. He really cared.

We were all aware that Bill was under tremendous pressure to get his stats up. These stats were student points and student completions. The CO was on Bill’s ass every day. We all wished she’d just stay out of the course room and let Bill get on with it. He began to look grey and haggard after his bouts with her.

But he always bounced back and was in there pitching – here, there, everywhere – helping his students.

Then, one day, we didn’t have Bill.

He just disappeared.

The new course supervisor had the IQ of a mentally defective jelly fish, no auditor training and was completely incompetent. She had no clue how to help us. She was trained as a course supervisor, but she applied what she had learned so rotely that it was like having a robot for a supervisor.

When we asked the other staff members where Bill was, we were met with blank faces and no answers.

Finally the story came out.

Bill had been the subject of a Scientology ethics action called a Committee of Evidence, something that is pretty drastic. He had been found guilty of all the charges against him and had been declared a Suppressive Person as a result. He had been routed off staff and was on longer able to communicate with anyone in the org.

Ordinarily, the Findings and Recommendations of a Committee of Evidence are shown to anyone and everyone who has been affected by the person against whom this ethics action is taken. However, the students had been shown nothing and the staff all remained as silent as clams.

Finally, I went to see the Ethics Officer and asked her why Bill had been taken off post and dumped like so much stinky trash.

She reluctantly let me read the Findings and Recommendations. My jaw dropped as I ran my eye down the long list of Bill’s crimes and high crimes.

Driven by the demands and heavy pressure from the CO, Bill had obviously solved the problems of his post in his own creative and – to me – amusing way.

On the list, one little gem stood out above all the rest. Bill had gotten his students through the dating drills by taking the position of coach and then, with his hands under the table, squeezing the cans to simulate a read when the student asked a question that should read.

No wonder Bill always put his hands in his lap when he helped anyone with the dating drills!

No wonder I’d noticed that his reads had a peculiar quality to them!

What I’d been seeing had been short, rapid can squeezes and not legitimate “falls” of the needle.

Smiling sadly, I shook my head. Poor Bill.

He’d been dealt a bad hand and had played it the best way he could. I didn’t blame him.

He had truly wanted to help. Left to his own devices and with no pressure, I’m sure he would have found a legitimate solution to the problem of getting his students through those damn drills.

I saw Bill a few weeks later. He looked like a completely different person. Freed from the pressure to produce beyond what is humanly possible, he was relaxed and happy and laughing and was doing very well in life. A far cry from the grey, haggard person he had become in his last weeks on post. I was glad that he had landed on his feet.

The church had pushed a top performer to the breaking point, crushed him with heavy ethics, then declared and expelled him; a pattern that seems to have become more and more prevalent in recent years.

The church is basically making brilliant enemies out of people who had once been loyal – and brilliant – followers.

Not a very smart move.

In the end, there will be no one left – except the incompetent robots.

KSW advocates are advised to read no further due to possible danger from severe cognitive dissonance.

Here is the true explanation for what Kathy and many others have experienced on these drills.

Following LRH Technical Bulletins blindly leads one into a bewildering maze of inconsistencies and errors which cannot be questioned. Any attempt to find the truth is met with the robotic command, “Find your misunderstood word!” If you persist, you will eventually reach a state of indoctrination where black is white and LRH is never wrong.

These dating drills ignore the fact that e-meters read on charge and substitute the datum that following the directions will produce correct results. A random date produced by a coach will have little or no charge to begin with, so doing a drill to use an e-meter to locate the date is an exercise in futility. Passing the drill requires a highly cooperative coach who can fake reads at will. I know this from personal experience.

The other fallacy is creating and using this drill is that there is NO NECESSITY to whipsaw the preclear in a session to get a date more accurate than “a long time ago” or “the time I stood on the rock and they shot me.” Hubbard seemed to have a fixation on accurately dating incidents rather than taking the preclear’s or entity’s origination as required by the Auditor’s Code.

In 35 years of auditing everyone from raw public to OT8s, I have never required the use of Dating and Locating to handle the charge on an incident. I found that good two way communication with ARC does an excellent job in seconds.

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Did You Ever Wonder About OTs?

Kathy Elliott has favored us again with a story from her life as a recovering Scientologist. You have read her stories of life in the Sea Org written while she was under the radar and using the pen name of Theodora Farnsworth. This story is from the period after leaving staff but before leaving the church to become a free being. Fair warning to new readers, there are some Scientology terms in her story.

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-disapproval-image1359933I could hear the screams coming all the way from the classroom down the hall. It sounded like 8 year old Bryan again.

As his teacher half led, half dragged him along, the sounds grew louder and louder.

“NOOOOO!!!” Bryan wailed.

I listened as they progressed down the hall. Then they seemed to get hung up. I peered around the door into the hallway.

They had reached the iron railings of the stairwell leading down to the floor below. Bryan had wrapped his little hands around the black metal poles and was clinging desperately to them like an octopus.

I watched as his teacher disgustedly pried his grubby fingers loose from death grip on the railings and got him moving again. It was like an Upper Indoc drill gone horribly wrong. I tried really hard not to laugh out loud.

The teacher, her hair and clothes in complete disarray, dragged the little boy the last few yards onto the porch where my “office” was located.

It was 1986 and I was the ethics officer for Mace-Kingsley’s lower school and my workspace was a folding table and chair on a wide, covered porch on the second floor of the school building.

Bryan sank in a sobbing heap onto the floor at my feet.

“Are you sure you can handle him?” the teacher asked looking at the child with obvious aversion. She sounded apologetic for having brought me this “problem”.

And of course, to her, Bryan was a “problem”. She obviously had no clue how to handle him other than to get him out of her space.

She was okay with kids as long as they sat quietly at their desks like little robots but once they went over the edge like Bryan obviously had, she was helpless – and hopeless – and heartless. Bryan had become a “thing” to be gotten rid of so that she could get back to her classroom of perfect little angels.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be just fine,” I assured her, hoping she would just leave quickly.

She scuttled away without a backward glance.

“Bryan,” I said gently. “What did you have for breakfast?”

“Nothing!” he wailed. “My mom was in a hurry and didn’t have time to feed me!”

“Okay. We can fix that.” I said cheerfully.

I opened the cooler under my table and brought out a frozen bean and cheese burrito.

“Come with me,” I told the child, taking his hand. We descended to the first floor and made our way to the “off-limit’s” teacher’s lounge. I let Bryan put the burrito in the microwave oven and showed him how to push the buttons to warm up the food. He was delighted at being allowed to use a grown up and forbidden machine.

Back on the porch upstairs, Bryan inhaled the burrito.

I noticed that he had dark circles under his eyes.

“Bryan, are you tired?”

“Yeah,” he admitted, sighing heavily.

“Didn’t you get enough sleep?”


“What happened?”

“Mom had to wake me up when she came to get me at the baby sitter’s last night and then she woke me up early this morning so she wouldn’t be late for work.”

I knew that Bryan’s mom had a more-than-full-time job running her own business. Sometimes she didn’t get off work until very late at night.

As part of my “ethics equipment”, I had several mats like the ones that the kindergarten kids used at naptime. I put one of these in a dark corner of the porch. I had Bryan lie down on it and he was soon fast asleep.

The problem was solved.

But the on-going mystery wasn’t.

Bryan’s teacher was a highly-paid, accredited educational professional. She was also OT V.

I was “nothing”.

I had no previous training or education in the field of teaching or working with kids. I was at the bottom of the Bridge – a lowly ARC Straightwire completion with only an “old” comm course and HQS Course from 1970 under my belt.

Aside from her “wog” credentials, the teacher was an OT. To my bottom-of-the-Bridge understanding that meant that she was “willing and knowing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time.”

Why then couldn’t she confront and handle a little kid whose ruds were out? To me, that should have been a piece of cake for an OT. After all, how hard was it to get in comm with an unhappy child and comfort him?

Day after day, the teachers (most of whom were OT) would bring me their “ethics particles” – the kids they couldn’t confront and handle. And every single one of these OTs was amazed that I could miraculously spread oil upon the troubled waters and produce a calm, happy child where there had once been a screaming, crying, kicking, flailing tangle of arms and legs. And every single one of these OTs treated these kids as if they were lepers.

“I don’t know how you do it. I wouldn’t want your job,” I’d been told many times.

So why could I handle troubled kids when these OTs couldn’t?

Why could I do many things that OTs couldn’t do – and should have been able to do according to that definition of OT?

THIS was the mystery.

And this mystery had plagued me since I had first become acquainted with Scientology in 1970.

Back in 1970, there were only a handful of OTs in the area in which I lived. Two of them – a married couple – soon became my close friends. The husband was old OT VI and the wife was old OT VII. In addition, both of them were trained auditors and hatted staff members. With my newly acquired understanding of the scale of abilities (the Grade Chart), I believed they were gods.

Why, then, didn’t they operate like gods? Or at least like OTs per the Scientology definition?

This couple lived in the poor part of town with their two small children. They could only make enough money through their combined efforts to just barely scrape by. They had difficulty in getting – and keeping – jobs. Attempts at their own business failed dismally. They finally had to apply for welfare and food stamps.

At the time, I was the sole-support of three little girls whose father was a dead-beat dad who had abandoned us years before. With no formal training, I had become a computer programmer and a systems analyst at one of the biggest companies in the city and was having no trouble supporting myself and my young daughters.

Two tech-trained and admin-trained OTs couldn’t make enough money to support themselves, but I had managed to rise to the top of the newly-forming IT world in a big city with no help from Scientology other than an introductory communications course and some basic data about the ARC triangle.

Why was I so blatantly more able than these two OTs? According to the Grade Chart, I shouldn’t be.

And so the mystery began – and persisted for the next 40 years.

During that time, I worked with and for many OTs, including my stint at Mace-Kingsley.

Fast forward to 2007.

For several years I had been working as office manager and finance officer for a Scientology business in LA.

The owners (we shall call them Fred and Annie) had been on OT VII for over a decade and had finally completed that level and had made it through OT VIII.

I was very excited to see how things would change when they returned from the ship.

The company had been struggling along but now, I felt, things would really start to snap, crackle and pop.

While the couple had been away, an old homeless woman had taken up residence in the dumpster area in the parking lot near the office. Annie noticed this almost immediately and she became obsessed with getting this poor old lady removed from the property. She had absolutely no compassion for this pitiful human derelict.

All of Annie’s attention was focused on getting rid of the woman. This took priority over everything else. Nothing was more important to her. Not even the business which had been limping along while the couple had been gone for months at Flag and the ship.

My mind just could not process this. A new OT VIII was using all her wonderful new abilities to destroy one old homeless woman. Was there something wrong with ME that this seemed like an insane thing to do and a complete waste of time – as well as being horribly heartless?

It didn’t end there.

Shortly afterwards, the couple move the office to a new location – the second story of a building in an industrial area of the city.

One day Annie was looking out the window and spotted a young man painting graffiti on a building about half a block away. She instantly became very upset and ran out of the building, yelling and screaming, in hot pursuit of the tagger, dialing the police on her cell phone as she raced up the street.

Again, I was baffled. Why would an OT VIII waste her time trying to stop a tagger in an industrial area where every building had graffiti on it and no one really gave a rat’s ass anyway?

Fred, too, was behaving oddly – or so it seemed to my bottom-of-the-Bridge mentality. He became intensely interested in the local First Responders Program. He took classes in becoming a first responder and at staff meetings he encouraged all of his employees to become first responders, too.

He bought survival kits and told others that they should do the same. I overheard snatches of urgent whispered conversations between Fred and his business partners about some “special briefing” that had been delivered to a select few at the org. There was an implication that some horrendous event was looming on the horizon and that we all needed to be ready for it. It was all very hush-hush and mysterious. There was an overall feeling of fear and doom in the office.

Meanwhile, the couple had entered into a business project that was intended to bring in large amounts of money. This project (which should have taken only six months to a year to complete) dragged on for two years.

I watched as the couple made one disastrous decision after another. I knew that what they were doing was wrong, but I denied my feelings because they were OT VIII and must be doing the right thing. I reasoned that OT VIIIs could do no wrong and that they were incapable of doing anything that was non-survival. I kept telling myself, “There’s something I don’t know about the state of OT. Once I get to be OT, this will all make sense to me. I just need to hang in there and this mystery will be solved.”

In the end, Fred and Annie lost thousands of dollars and completely alienated the other investor in the project.

Their company was in worse shape than it had been before these two new OT VIIIs had returned to work their magic on it.

The staff had to be put on part-time hours indefinitely in order to make the payroll.

I went home that day and started my own business – something I’d never before felt that I could do. I had always worked for Scientology companies created and run by OTs because I’d firmly believed that I would survive better if I did so.

After 40 years, I’d become disabused (don’t you just love that word we all learned from studying KSW?) of the idea that OTs were infallible gods who were “willing and knowing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time.”

Because I didn’t want to let go of my absolute belief in the Grade Chart and the magical powers of OT, I denied what I had been seeing with my own eyes for 40 years.

Finally, after watching the mess that these two OT VIIIs made of their business and observing their illogical behavior, I was convinced that something was dreadfully WRONG.

I wasn’t at all sure that I wanted anything more to do with the spiritual enhancement offered by Scientology if the ultimate goal was to produce paranoid, uncaring and unable beings.

Then one day I read a blog post by David St. Lawrence.


What he said in his blog made complete and total sense.

Now I understood why these poor OTs were operating like maimed and crippled ducks.

Now I understood why the teachers at Mace-Kingsley wanted to get rid of the troubled kids.

Now I understood why Annie had wanted to get rid of the homeless woman and the tagger.

Now I understood why Fred was getting ready for some sort of catastrophe with his first responder classes and survival kits.

If you’ve ever wondered about the strange behavior of your OT friends and acquaintances, just take a look at David’s blog (link below).

And if you’ve ever despaired of getting your OT levels, take heart.

Becoming and being OT is a whole heck of a lot easier – and more fun – than you’ve been led to believe.

And you don’t have to lose your sanity and compassion for others in the process!


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Do Independent Scientologists need a Central Organization?

(This post was originally published in 2010 and events have shown that a central organization has not been needed for practitioner success)

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-abandoned-business-building-office-glass-big-city-image34539099I think this is an entirely proper questions to ask ourselves as we approach the tipping point where more people will choose to become independent than endure the suppression that comes with being a cult member.

Why have a central organization unless it can provide a service that individual practitioners can’t do alone?

I listed out a few major functions that exist in the CofS today and tried to assign responsibility to fit the needs of the independent field.  I created the following table and endeavored to fill in the blanks. After one pass, a pattern seemed to emerge that indicated a strong central organization was unnecessary.

Take a look at this table and see what you think:

(A project team is formed by individual practitioners working remotely.)
FUNCTION                                            CENTRALIZED             LOCALIZED

Public Relations                                     by a project team        By Practitioner
Legal Rudiments                                    Advisory team             Practitioner
Technical Research                               Project team                 Practitioners
Organizational research                      Project team                 Sign off by practitioners
Legal Threats                                           Project team                  supported by Practitioners
Best practices                                          Project team                  sign off by practitioners
Handling Complaints                           advisory group              Practitioners
Auditor Certification                           project teams                  Apprenticing
Qual Functions                                       Regional resources       Practitioners
Network coordination                         Regional reps
Practice organization                           advisory group               Practitioners
Pricing of services                                 advisory group                Practitioner

After taking a few swings at the idea of organizing the field, I saw a pattern emerging for me anyway.
Any central function should be performed by teams made up of networked  individuals. I see little need for a central organization with a large permanent staff. Web video conferences are easy to organize and provide face-to-face contact for people working on projects together.

The project teams are remotely based and consist of individual practitioners or family members who work on specific projects via web-based meetings and email. Project leaders are elected, as are project secretaries. All work is done by individual practitioners or their delegates.

Who pays them? Who pays people who work on Linux or any of a dozen open source projects. They volunteer to serve because they need something that they cannot produce alone. They also get credit for working on the final product and they get to steer the development in a direction that makes sense to their organization or themselves.

The way we will probably develop this organization is by using an organic model. A problem will arise and a few people will team up to handle the problem and disseminate the results. They will immediately become the go-to guys for handling the fallout from handling the problem and after a few iterations, they will become a standing committee to deal with the same or similar problems.

If the product of the team effort is something that can be exchanged for money, it is easy to set up a PayPal donation button to cover the expenses of  producing and shipping the product whether it is a downloadable file or a booklet or a package of handy forms.

If the product does not require a team effort, I would expect that the practitioner who develops a product for other practitioners will market it himself. Of course, the practitioner might also license the central org to market and distribute his product and get royalties without taking himself off production lines.

As the independent field grows, there will be a growing demand for new meters, distance auditing accessories, and technical documentation. There are plenty of independents who can handle the manufacture and distribution of these items and who are not auditors. I think there are many auditors who will wish to continue auditing and are willing to have others help them make money by selling the products they have developed.

I can also see business people in the independent field being willing to partner up with auditors so that the products they manufacture and sell have the approval and support of working practitioners.

Note that these last examples do not require a central organization but they will eventually cause a central organization to form as business people tend to form national organizations by teaming up with competitors to control and stabilize growing markets and to ward off government interference.

The bottom line is that there is no place for a central organization unless it can carry its weight by helping individual practitioners make money.

DM has never run a business so he does not understand the vital necessity of keeping that exchange in. The CofS Int Management core talks of booming the church, but every action cannibalizes the individual orgs and drives their stats down and penalizes producing staff.

A central organization that becomes a burden on the actively producing parts of the organization will eventually be overthrown.

If we have a central organization, it must remain lean and mean and act in a way that makes it absolutely essential to the growth of individual practitioners.

Over to you…

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A Story for Those Flying Under the Radar. . .

Another independent surfaces after years of flying under the radar. She is enjoying her new freedom immensely. You have been enjoying her stories written under her pen name of Theodora Farnsworth and today you will hear the rest of her story. ~David St Lawrence

Kathy Elliot

By “Theodora Farnsworth”

My Dear Ones,

I know that there are many of you reading this who are flying under the radar.

That is, you’ve “left” the church but no one knows about it and you are successfully avoiding detection.

I, too, have been doing that for over 4 years.

I was on lines at LA Org from late 1996 until the basics came out in the summer of 2007.

Ever since I had discovered Scientology in 1970 and had experienced a tremendous win delivering Op Pro by Dup to my twin on the HQS Course, I had wanted nothing more than to become a trained auditor and to spend the rest of my days helping others to live better, happier lives.

In 1996, I received an inheritance and plunked down $35,000 for my training package at LA Org.

I felt so fortunate – at the time – that the Golden Age of Tech had just been released and that I was going to benefit from this wonderful new training lineup.

I eagerly started on the Student Hat and for the next 11 years I attended course in the LA Org Academy EVERY weekend, only taking a break to go for an “OT Debug” on the Freewinds.

You would think that I should have made it out the other end as a fully trained Class V auditor after 11 years of training but, sadly, no.

Maybe on the “old” course checksheets this would have been the happy result but not so with the Golden Age of Tech.

After 11 years of struggling, I had had enough. I routed myself to Qual and demanded a study debug session. This was duly delivered and I handled all of the upsets and frustrations that had piled up in the past decade of training. It felt GREAT!!!

I originated that I wanted to do the Book One course in Div 6 and just audit people without all the complications of an emeter, etc. until I had certainty that I could do this one simple action.

It was while I was happily studying in Div 6 that the Basics came out.

I had to start the Book One course all over using the new book, and of course I had to pay for the new course since the old one was no longer valid. I protested but no one wanted to hear it.

I completed this course and was ready to return to my Academy training.

Whoa, Speedy! Not so fast!

I was informed that I would have to do ALL the Book Courses for ALL the books that been on my Academy Level checksheets. And, of course, I would have to pay for these courses.

I grimly bit the bullet, flew through the courses and was finally ready to resume training.

Ha! Dream on, Grasshopper.

The course supervisor and the D of T now informed me that I had to do all the rest of the book courses before I could restart my auditor training.

I protested, but to no avail. I was told that I really needed to do these courses in order to become a really good auditor. It was pure, unadulterated BULLSHIT. I stood there, looking at these two men and I just couldn’t believe what they were saying. And I KNEW THAT THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER!!! They had become nothing more than puppets, mouthing the words of someone else in order to sell more courses.

At this point, I was DONE with LA Org. DONE. DONE. DONE.

And, looking back, I think this was the turning point for me. I realized that it was all about money and had nothing to do with creating auditors. I decided then and there to leave and never come back, but I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut.

I knew that I couldn’t just walk away from the church. I knew they wouldn’t “let” me. I knew that I would be hounded and possibly even declared if I didn’t keep signing up for the next course and the next course and the next course . . . .

So I negotiated to have them let me transfer to the newly-formed Inglewood org which was only 10 miles from my home instead of 25 miles like LA Org was.

I quietly disappeared from LA org and started on my next book course at Inglewood org, a tiny little org in a dingy storefront space. The carpet was dirty and torn and the “walls” separating the course room from the rest of the org were only black curtains hung on flimsy metal poles.

After completing the next book course, I told the reg that I really wanted to do the Personal Efficiency course. No one at Inglewood Org cared what I did as long as I kept being a stat-producing student and income source for their org. The last thing they wanted was for me to go back to LA Org. And by this time, LA Org had forgotten about me, assuming that I was still on the basic courses.

Just as I was completing the PE course, a whole “new” Book One course and DVD were released. I ran my eye over the checksheet for this new course and saw my “out”. At the end of the checksheet for the course was an “internship”. The newly graduated student was required to go out into the field and audit Book One on raw public for 6 months, after which time he was supposed to return and attest that he could audit the process with certainty.

I went through all the motions, got through the course, made everybody super happy with yet another completion and left to do my 6-month internship.

The time passed. I wasn’t missed. I’d done it. Escaped. And no stigma attached to my “leaving”.

Eventually the OES at LA Org called me to see what was happening. She wanted me to come back and complete my training. I sadly told her that my eyesight had gotten so bad that I could no longer read an emeter. This was a blatant lie but because I am “elderly” and because I had maintained my credibility with everyone, this statement wasn’t questioned.

She then tried to sell me something. I told her that I had no money and that all my credit cards were in collection. This was true. I had overextended myself when I had been pressured to buy the Congresses and the Basics. Then the economy had crashed and my job had gone up in smoke.

That was the end of that.

No more calls.

I was out of the church and flying under the radar.

BUT . . . I was still somehow a part of it.

After 40 years (including 3 years in the SO), it was impossible to stop being part of it.

I was saddened that I was no longer to be an active part of this group that I had supported and loved for so many years. I missed the friends I’d made while on course for all those years.

Then, on Nov 10, 2010, someone sent me a copy of Luis Garcia’s 27 page letter which he wrote to David Miscavige declaring him a “full-blown suppressive person” and in which he states, “. . . I am hereby resigning from the Church of Scientology, because you have managed to hijack it and have turned it into a squirrel group.”

At first I was in shock. Here was this OT VIII, extremely upstat Scientologist, attacking DM.

But in his letter, Luis presented his case against DM very sanely, complete with specific LRH policy and how DM had grossly violated that policy. Everything he said made sense and aligned with what I had observed for myself since 1996.

I started to “lurk” around the internet sites created by the independent Scientologists.

I discovered the blogsites of Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and David St. Lawrence.

I bought and read all of Marty’s books. Having been in the SO, I knew what Marty was talking about and I felt he was telling the truth. I too had left the SO because of the utter suppressiveness and insanity of it.

Also, a good friend of mine had been uplines and had observed first hand a lot of what Marty writes about.

I had known David St. Lawrence personally when he had run the mission in Redondo Beach. I admired and trusted David. I knew he really cared about helping people and that he wouldn’t have just walked away from the church unless there was a valid reason for doing so.

I felt like I had found a new group of friendly people whose intentions and purposes aligned with mine regarding spiritual freedom.

I still lurked.

I had to.

I had my own business and one of my main clients was a devoted Scientologist who was very active in the church. And he and his family were my good friends. I didn’t want to lose this friendship or the income from the business he brought me.

So for 4 years – from Nov 2010 to Nov 2014 – I have been in the closet, not telling anyone that I have left the church.

In Aug 2012 I took my first step to being an active “Indie”. I got in comm with Trey Lotz, an Indie field auditor, and asked him to send me the forms I needed to fill out so that I could get auditing from him.

It took almost another two years to screw up enough courage to actually go and received a session from Trey, a declared “SP”.

Wow! What an experience! No stops. No hassles. No pressure. Just pure theta and high ARC and tech being correctly applied. It was amazing!

But Trey was located in LA and I had moved out the area. I couldn’t keep traveling up to LA every time I wanted a session. It was over 100 miles each way.

I had read David St. Lawrence’s blogsite and knew that he delivered sessions via the internet. I got in comm with him and asked him how that worked and he explained it to me.

On May 13 2014 I had my first session with David and it, too, was amazing. Very theta. Fun. Relaxed. We laughed a lot.

David then asked me to write articles for his blogsite. He said that I could help many people by relating, in a humorous way, my experiences as both a public student and as a sea org member. He said that too many people were holding onto their upsets with the church and that I could help them to see the funny side of this whole mess.

I started to write these stories under the pseudonym of Felicia Farnsworth. I had to be VERY careful about how much I revealed in my stories so that no one connected to the church would know who I was. I kept the stories light and silly. I’ve always preferred comedy to soap opera! Writing about my experiences in this way proved to very therapeutic for me. I heartily recommend it to all of you.

However, I was still flying under the radar and it bothered me that I was being completely two-faced. My Scientology friend/client believed me to be a Scientologist in good standing and here I was, secretly ridiculing the church under a cloak of invisibility.

Then my friend started serious progress on his bridge. This included hours and hours of objectives, even though he had completed his objectives years ago. I knew from my training that this was horribly wrong.

My friend then went to Flag to get super power, and I could tell from his evasive answers to my questions about this cycle that he was not happy with the results.

I felt like I was betraying him by not telling him where I stood and why. It was like watching someone drown while you are holding a life preserver in your hands. He may not want the life preserver but he should at least have it thrown to him.

Finally, I was working on a project for him – writing up hats for every post in his organization – and things came to a head. Since his company is a WISE company, this meant plowing through the OEC volumes to get references for the hat checksheets. I was no longer in agreement with all the policy that LRH had written since I had seen how destructively it had been used by everyone in order to control people. I knew it was going to be used that way in the future. I hated the project and I hated myself.

My personal integrity was at a new low.

I got sicker than a damn dog. And I hadn’t been sick in years.

I had to do something!

I wrote a letter to my Scientology friend, telling him exactly where I stood regarding the church. It was a very caring letter in which I told him of my concern for his financial and spiritual well-being as long as he was connected to the church. I included a copy of Luis Garcia’s letter, hoping this would open his eyes.

I also told him that I knew he would have to disconnect from me once the church knew of my position and that I would understand.

Once I had sent this, I felt such tremendous relief!

Now I didn’t have to hide anymore. Now I didn’t have to be careful about what I said in my blogs for David.

I was free – truly free – at last!

Free to fly ABOVE the radar!!!


happy childSo who is Theodora Farnsworth?

Hi, everybody – it’s me – Kathy Elliott!

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A change will do you good – an article by Chris Shelton

Chris Shelton has been out of the church of Scientology since late 2013 and has been writing thought-inspiring articles since then in his capacity of Critical Thinker at Large. He is one of the new generation of independent thinkers I would like to hear more from while he still has the desire to tell what he learned from his time in Scientology.

It is almost impossible to keep writing about church insanity after a while because those of us who have done it for a few years begin to develop other interests and move on to other areas of endeavor. I encourage those of you who would like to tell what you have learned from your time in Scientology to send me articles as there is a continuing demand for stories and some of us older writers are beginning to run out of material and want to get on with our lives.

Now, let us hear from Chris Shelton:

  Chris Shelton article 18 Oct 2014“Progress is impossible without change,and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard ShawLooking at the ex-Scientology community, the blogs and video channels and Facebook groups, I would say that I have put out my fair share of articles and videos about the abuses and darker sides of the Scientology experience.Frankly, there has been so much to say that I haven’t yet suffered from anything like writer’s block. Scientology is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to oppression, deception and abuse.But there is a point to all this and it’s not just to be a critic for the rest of my life. These articles and the videos I make are a form of catharsis and as much as I’m informing and helping others, I’ve also been helping myself.Given that my life is about to take a dramatic turn for the better, with yet another huge change taking place right now as I write this, I thought I’d take a few moments to talk about how my life has changed for the better since I left Scientology last year.It can’t really be said enough, so let me start off by again saying that life is so much better now that I’m not a Scientologist. I’m writing this for those who may have also recently (or not so recently) come out of a cult-like environment. Maybe my experiences with this can help you too.
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You think this might be too good to be true?

A reader sent me this ad from the Razzline today and I thought I had fallen into an alternate universe!

Here is a mission (Life Enhancement Center) that claims it is doing so well it is paying staff $1000 to $2000 a week!

South Coast MissionPublication Date: 23 Sep 14

26981 Vista Terrace Suite A

Lake Forest, California 92630

Looking to hire D/ED, Executives, Ethics Officer, Qual Sec, Purif IC!! Can make between $1000-$2000 per week!!! Call Us
Contact Name: Sean Dernehl
Contact Phone: 949-297-4446
E-mail: info@southcoastmission.com

Looking for great people to work at South Coast Mission!! We pay $1000-$2000 per week and you get Bridge and auditor and admin training to Class 8 totally free!!!!

Willing to train for Administrative Posts and Tech posts! No experience needed! We just need you to be motivated and a hard worker!

Previous training is always a plus!

Looking for motivated people to take on the follow!!!

Available positions are:


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Branding your practice is more vital than you can possibly imagine

brand-design-webWhat is a Brand?
A brand is more than a symbol or a name.

It is fundamentally a promise to deliver something of value that is different from any other product or service.
The symbol or name stands for the quality of what is to be delivered.

The brand is what distinguishes a product from a somewhat similar product. The brand marks the product as different from other products because is has a unique set of characteristics and qualities.

Take the simple hamburger, for example, which generally consists of meat and other things between two buns. The following brand names deliver quite different hamburger experiences: McDonalds, Wendys, In-N-Out Burger, Five Guys, Red Robin, and Hardees.

Once you have tried all of them, you probably settled on one brand and have stuck to it ever since. You know what you are going to get when you order your favorite brand.

What about auditing or counseling in the field? What distinguishes your counseling from everyone else’s counseling? Do you have a brand name that distinguishes your service from every other service that is being offered today?

There are a number of independent counselors who have successful practices and they have created brand images like Life Enhancement Center or Life Improvement Center.
Robert Duscharme’s Clearing Technology is a well known brand in the independent field as is Hank Levin’s Clearing Technology.

There are others in the field like Dexter Gelfand and Trey Lotz who have established themselves as personal brands. People choose them because they consistently deliver unique high quality services.

In my practice, I brand what I deliver and teach as Spiritual Rescue Technology, so there is no doubt what it deals with and what results it delivers.


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Current State of Affairs in the Field – by Per Schiottz

Per Schiottz is a highly respected auditor who has been contributing articles and comments to independent websites for many, many years. In this article, he has some good advice for those who are still stuck in their Scientology experience even after years apart from the church. If you know of someone who is still in this state, send them this article and it might help them to break free of the malign influence of Scientology, Inc.



Today, 30 years after I left The Church of Scientology, The Sea Org as NOTS Lead Auditor at the AOEU in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the condition of Kha-Khan awarded by Ron, I feel it’s time to address the current state of affairs.


The moaning and the groaning

This is because so many years after I left,I still hear people who left at the same time, moaning and groaning about all the bad things they experienced in Scientology and others who condemn the “FreeZone” saying it’s squirrel and not Ron’s tech etc etc.. I think, that now, 30 years later, some persons need to put all that behind them and snap into the present and get on with life and livingness and help others along too, if they want to!



Live in the past, and you won’t last,

Live in the future, you’ll have no future.

Live in the now, you have the know-how!


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Did you ever get the idea that Spiritual Rescue Technology was a one shot deal?

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-freedom-d-render-shadow-man-acsending-to-sun-ocean-red-cloudy-sunset-image30582004Did I somehow create the impression that Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) was a one shot deal? I did not intend that, but anything is possible.

SRT is a spiritual tool that you should go on using forever, not just once.
It’s free, once you learn how to use it, so for continuing peace of mind and spiritual growth, you should use it every day for best results.

There are an infinite number of active spiritual beings on this planet alone. There are probably 100 infinities of beings who are sleeping or completely unconscious who can spring into action when the right stimulus occurs.

You are constantly surrounded and infiltrated by disembodied spiritual entities so you had better get used to the idea of managing them instead of ignoring them or hiding from them.

If you were exposed to the Scientology OT levels, you were made to understand that with the completion of each level you were pure and fearless and FREE from entities and corruption of all kinds. Sorry! But that was a lie for marketing purposes. The Founder himself, Ron Hubbard, was still battling entities in the final weeks of his life because he chose them as opponents instead of making friends with them.

You can measure a person’s chances of success by whether he seeks opponents in life or seeks to partner with others. Entities are just like those of us with bodies, except they have had some experiences which prevent them from acquiring bodies and playing the game of life.

If you antagonize, irritate, ignore, or invalidate the entities in your vicinity, do not be surprised when your plans do not work out and your life feels like crap. You have caused your entities to have counter intention to your plans and they outnumber you!


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Scientology Indoctrination is Hypnotism

LRH Close upScientology indoctrination is hypnotism of the worst kind

The disintegration of the cult of Scientology will not free those who have been hypnotized by the skillful indoctrination that Ron Hubbard used to put people under his control and make them resist any recovery from that state.

I have been aware for some time that there were unknown forces preventing some people from observing and absorbing any new data. A recent article by Marty Rathbun shows that others are recognizing what we have been writing about for some time.

Deconstructing Scientology
Posted on September 13, 2014 by martyrathbun09

This is an excerpt from an upcoming book with the working title ‘Deconstructing Scientology.’  It is directed toward those who are considering the possibility of dipping a toe into dianetics or scientology study or participation.  My failures over the past three years in attempting to help former members graduate from the subject informed a whole new line of research into some of the darker arts that L. Ron Hubbard mastered to make people so apparently incapable/unwilling to learn.  


The most diabolically effective form of hypnotism would probably thoroughly convince the subject that it was impossible to hypnotize him.  It seems that only in that case could the idea be implanted that no awakening and de-hypnotism would ever be desirable or even possible. It would inculcate the opposite of the old adage applicable to any reform, or even education, activity that the first step to recovery or learning is the recognition that there is something to recover from or to learn.  If you were thoroughly convinced that you were more awake than virtually all of humanity, there is no chance that anyone could convince you to possibly take a look at waking up.


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Workable Spiritual Technology – decline and resurrection

This post was first published over a year ago but the message is still current so I am bringing it to the attention of new readers who may not have seen it the first time around.

Priest-movieWorkable spiritual technology is that part of the entire spectrum of spiritual technology that has been tested by auditors/spiritual practitioners in the field and has been found to produce reliable results.  So much of this has been lost or obscured in recent years that it is hard to find auditors who are familiar with the original work.

Spiritual technology has a long history and Scientology had a short phase between 1950 and 1965 when spiritual activity was actively supported by church management. After that the focus within the church seemed to shift to control of parishioner thoughts and actions. Like many religions before it, the Church of Scientology buried the effective actions that helped people and pushed the grand and glorious vision of great cathedrals and mighty works that would bedazzle the multitudes and bring in money.

As a result of this shift in emphasis, we now have the situation where Scientology’s International Management is awash in corruption, perversion and financial irregularities on every hand, much like the Vatican which is the central governing body of the Catholic Church,

There are still useful spiritual resources in the Church of Scientology, but they are as diminished as the Exorcists in the Catholic Church, mere vestiges of a former glory.  According to this story on christianpost.com, priests currently need special approval from their bishop to perform the rite of exorcism and it is rarely granted. Well, to be fair, access to Scientology’s rite of exorcism, the OT Levels, is rarely granted either.

The workable spiritual technology originally developed by Ron Hubbard, David Mayo, Alan Walters and may other professional auditors was altered over the years by arbitrary decisions until it has become a mockery of what it once was.


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