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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

A change will do you good – an article by Chris Shelton

Chris Shelton has been out of the church of Scientology since late 2013 and has been writing thought-inspiring articles since then in his capacity of Critical Thinker at Large. He is one of the new generation of independent thinkers I would like to hear more from while he still has the desire to tell what he learned from his time in Scientology.

It is almost impossible to keep writing about church insanity after a while because those of us who have done it for a few years begin to develop other interests and move on to other areas of endeavor. I encourage those of you who would like to tell what you have learned from your time in Scientology to send me articles as there is a continuing demand for stories and some of us older writers are beginning to run out of material and want to get on with our lives.

Now, let us hear from Chris Shelton:

  Chris Shelton article 18 Oct 2014“Progress is impossible without change,and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard ShawLooking at the ex-Scientology community, the blogs and video channels and Facebook groups, I would say that I have put out my fair share of articles and videos about the abuses and darker sides of the Scientology experience.Frankly, there has been so much to say that I haven’t yet suffered from anything like writer’s block. Scientology is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to oppression, deception and abuse.But there is a point to all this and it’s not just to be a critic for the rest of my life. These articles and the videos I make are a form of catharsis and as much as I’m informing and helping others, I’ve also been helping myself.Given that my life is about to take a dramatic turn for the better, with yet another huge change taking place right now as I write this, I thought I’d take a few moments to talk about how my life has changed for the better since I left Scientology last year.It can’t really be said enough, so let me start off by again saying that life is so much better now that I’m not a Scientologist. I’m writing this for those who may have also recently (or not so recently) come out of a cult-like environment. Maybe my experiences with this can help you too.

The Pressure Cooker

Being in a mass movement, like Scientology, is like being in a pressure cooker or a bubble world where things are just kind of different. If you’ve never been in a situation like that, it’s very difficult to describe.

The whole nature of reality and how I viewed the world was skewed. My world revolved around pieces of information which I thought were universally true in the same way that 2 + 2 = 4. The facade started to crack when it became apparent over time that these “universal truths” weren’t actually so universal. The carefully crafted way I was convinced the world was supposed to work, didn’t really work that way.

I was actually living in a house of lies. Once one lie was exposed, others started popping into view at an alarming rate. Soon I had a choice: either lie to myself to accept those lies, or start accepting information from other sources than the authority of the Church’s dogma. Like a hole in a dam, I would plug one hole only to find three more popping out. Since I’m not one to enjoy lying and I never have been, I opted to find out the real truth.

It was one of the best decisions of my life. I quickly found out that many of the things which I’d accepted as true were, in fact, totally made up lies. Some of it was true, but not enough to justify the outrageousness of what was going on or the lifestyle I was being forced to live.

Once I made the decision to get out, I thought that was it. I thought I was free and ready to move on with the rest of my life. I could just leave all that behind me.

Little did I know that it was only the beginning. I had to re-adjust to life in the real world, a place that was much different than I thought.

I didn’t have the words to describe what was happening to me. I found myself fascinated with all of the information available about Scientology on the internet. As I say now, I “went down the rabbit hole” and had no idea where that was going to take me.

I first heard the word “decompression” in a video interview with actor and ex-Scientologist Jason Beghe and I immediately latched on to it because it was just one of the perfect words to describe what I felt was going on with me. My head was adjusting to a whole new way of thinking and being. I was also discovering a far more pleasant and real world than the one I’d been in for so many years.

The Onion

Someone asked on a message board recently “When do you know when you’re done decompressing?” and it’s funny how my answer to that has changed over the past year.

At first I would have said I was done in the first month out. The truth is that I was in denial about the whole thing. Recovery? Adjustment period? What are you talking about? I’m all good. In fact, I’ve never been better. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’ve put all that crazy behind me and I’ll never think about it again.

Well, that lasted for a couple of weeks. Yes, the world was brand new and fresh and alive but then things happened – awkwardness in relationships, mistakes at work – and it started dawning on me that maybe I didn’t have it all together. I wasn’t the Master of the Universe and everyone was not bowing and scraping at my command. I found out that there were some things about communication and relationships that I had to learn all over again. There’s more on this below, but let’s just say for now that it was not all gummy bears and clover.

While going through those adjustments, I would have said that decompression takes about six months.

Amongst the ex-Scientologist community, this phenomena has been referred to as “onion layers peeling off” and like the word “decompression” that is a very apt description. You have no idea when you first come out just how deep the layers go. So far in my experience, the next layer down was not usually within my ability to comprehend until I peeled off the one I was in.

Now I have to say that the decompression is never going to stop. It took me 27 years to dig myself in and there certainly isn’t any reason I can think of that it should take me any less time to dig all the way out.

So What Has Changed?

There have been so many changes and so much growth for me spiritually, emotionally and mentally, that I’d be hard put to even be able to remember them all. They just keep happening. Here are some of the bigger milestones in my recovery:


Probably the biggest change has been losing the anxiety and fear which was a part of my everyday life as a Sea Organization member. After so many years of it, it became normal to be jumpy, anxious, uncertain about my day-to-day existence. I didn’t know when I woke up each day whether at the end of that day, I was going to be in serious trouble warranting another round of disciplinary measures, or whether I was going to pull off some heroic “product” that would keep the Ethics Officer at bay or whether it was just going to be another routine day.

It took me months before I could even identify where this jumpiness was coming from. I had a compulsive need to be busy, to never “be slacking off”. I actually believed that this was a “good work ethic” when in fact it was a terror of the idea of being disciplined for not staying busy every minute of the day. I had to “stay productive” all the time and felt like a totally worthless slob if I took time out after work to watch TV or go play pool. I know there’s nothing wrong with working or with wanting to get things done, but I hope I’m making it clear that this went way beyond any of that.

Once I did finally identify this as actual anxiety, it’s not like it just went away. One of the things I learned is that in real life, just because you “spot” something, that doesn’t mean it just goes away. That’s just another one of Hubbard’s lies. However, I was able to start dealing with it for what it was and I started to purposefully take time to relax and practiced doing nothing important at all.

I’m sure it sounds crazy that I literally had to practice being lazy, but it was the only way I could learn to chill out and lose the anxiety. Then one day, I was sitting reading a novel and I looked up and realized that I was really okay with what I was doing. No one was looking over my shoulder, no one was calling me out for being a slacker and, best of all, no one ever was going to do that to me again.


Communication was another huge change. In Scientology, you are led to believe that Hubbard’s “Communication Formula” is one of the most ultimate truths in the universe. It was one of the first things I learned in Scientology and it was very important to me. I always thought of myself as an excellent communicator. So it was a big surprise when I ran into times where I was not able to “handle” someone through communication alone. It was an even bigger surprise when I had to learn how to just back off and leave someone alone for a while rather than continue prattling at them. That was not what I had been used to in Scientology.

For me, you never left on an ARC break (upset), you never left someone with BIs (bad indicators, meaning angry). But I’ve learned that it’s okay to have an argument with someone and just leave it alone. Sometimes that really is the best way to handle it. Maybe you revisit it later and maybe you don’t. People can actually get along without having to resolve every little thing.

The other major change in communication, of course, was dropping the Scientology words from my vocabulary. At first it was difficult, but I understood them well enough that it was easy to internally translate them and say what I meant in regular English. Mostly this was helpful for me to flush the Scientology thought processes out of my thinking. I’ve seen this advice on message boards and blogs and it’s good advice. Just stop talking like a Scientologist and it makes it a lot easier to stop thinking like one.

Critical Thinking and Tolerance

Finally, I knew I had to review all of my beliefs and all of my “stable data” to determine what actually made sense to me, versus what I had been told was true. In Scientology, there is so much information that is forced down your throat but it’s done in such a slow and pleasant way that it doesn’t feel like that. Anyone reading this who has been routinely flunked on clay demonstrations or star-rate checkouts until they finally got it right according to the materials instead of according to what they really thought, will know what I’m talking about.

This is when I happened upon critical thinking as a subject.

I was thoroughly trained in Hubbard’s Data Series, which is his version of logic. I thought, since Hubbard told me so, that anything having to do with logic and reason beyond the Data Series was completely obtuse, unlearnable and worthless. So imagine my surprise when I actually started looking into it and found that the Data Series “evaluation tech” is completely inadequate as a system of thought. I found out that those old guys Socrates and Plato and many other philosophers and masters of logic and rhetoric through the years actually did have some idea of what they were talking about.

It was when I found Carl Sagan’s “Baloney Detection Kit”, contained in his book The Demon-Haunted World, that my eyes opened wide to the undeniable fact that almost everything Hubbard wrote was, in fact, pseudo-science. In other words, there is no real science in anything Hubbard wrote or said. He simply claimed that his subjects were based in science and he used scientific-sounding words and phrases to impress his readers. This is especially true in the formative years of Dianetics and Scientology, when he was trying to convince engineers.

My point is not to convince anyone with this, I’m merely relating what I experienced during my own decompression. Perhaps some day I’ll do a more thorough analysis of this so I can make a real argument about the pseudo-science of Dianetics and Scientology. If you are reading this right now, and you think that I’m totally off on this and that Hubbard’s science is totally sound, I’m not going to take up debating you in the comments. We can save that for another time.

Through this education in critical thinking, I lost something which I now consider to have actually been a more valuable “gain” than anything else so far: I lost my blind certainty. I lost the false conviction that I knew it all, and with it the idea that any one man or one subject or one source is going to tell me everything I need to know. I learned that there is no one who has all the answers, and anyone claiming to be that is probably just trying to sell you something.

This was not a cynical lesson. Just the opposite. What I learned is that the entire universe is full of things to know and experiences to be had. I learned that I know hardly anything and the rest of my life can be spent finding my own answers. This was the day that I felt like I really “woke up”.

With Scientology, I had bought into the idea that I’d “done it all before” and that “Hubbard figured it all out”. I was doing nothing more than denying myself a life worth living. Blindly following anyone, never thinking and never questioning, is a great way to run into a lot of walls. I’m not going to live my life that way ever again.

Yet at the same time, I no longer look down on anyone’s beliefs or faith. Like I’ve said from the very beginning, people are free to believe whatever they want. I don’t care and why should I? It’s not my place to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t believe about anything. How do I know if there’s a God? How do I know if someone saw a UFO or not? The truth is I don’t have a clue and neither does anyone else. That’s why it’s called faith.

Critical thinking and science have given me guideposts so that I can rationally evaluate information and make my own decisions and come to my own conclusions. If I want to share my ideas with other people and they happen to agree with me, that’s awesome, but I’m never going to try to shove my beliefs down anyone’s throat.

I can provide evidence and explanations. I am more than happy to listen to other people’s evidence and explanations, and then come to my own conclusions.

When it comes to judging people, it’s their actions that count. It’s not their beliefs, it’s what they do with them.

A New Beginning

I can honestly say that my life has never been better than it is now. I have a freedom of thought and expression and movement that I never thought possible when I was in Scientology. I have a sense of hope about the future – one that I’m making in my own way – and I have never been happier.

I have real friends who will not abandon me or stop talking to me just because someone orders them to or because I choose to say what’s on my mind. There are no restrictions on what I can say to them or what they can say back to me.

And while everything I’ve been talking about here has basically been about me, that’s not what my life is all about. So much of what I have done in the past and what I do now is driven by my desire to help and that’s never going to stop. As they say in Scientology, life is lived on all eight dynamics, meaning across the entire vista of existence and not just for oneself. Now for the first time since I was a teenager, I really am able to live across all those dynamics and it feels wonderful.

I can’t recommend it enough.

Chris Shelton

Our acknowledgement to Chris for allowing us to reproduce this article from his blog – if you’d like to read more articles by Chris you can do so at his blog: “Chris Shelton – Critical Thinker at Large” 
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You think this might be too good to be true?

A reader sent me this ad from the Razzline today and I thought I had fallen into an alternate universe!

Here is a mission (Life Enhancement Center) that claims it is doing so well it is paying staff $1000 to $2000 a week!

South Coast MissionPublication Date: 23 Sep 14

26981 Vista Terrace Suite A

Lake Forest, California 92630

Looking to hire D/ED, Executives, Ethics Officer, Qual Sec, Purif IC!! Can make between $1000-$2000 per week!!! Call Us
Contact Name: Sean Dernehl
Contact Phone: 949-297-4446
E-mail: info@southcoastmission.com

Looking for great people to work at South Coast Mission!! We pay $1000-$2000 per week and you get Bridge and auditor and admin training to Class 8 totally free!!!!

Willing to train for Administrative Posts and Tech posts! No experience needed! We just need you to be motivated and a hard worker!

Previous training is always a plus!

Looking for motivated people to take on the follow!!!

Available positions are:

Deputy ED
HCO Executive Secretary
Ethics Officer
Bookstore Officer
Qualifications Secretary
Multiple Div 6 posts

Free Bridge to Clear and all training to Class 8 is FREE!!! $1000 to $2000 per week!

Call or email
Executive Director, Sean Dernehl
Cell – 949-466-8196
work – 949-297-4446

When you go to their website southcoastmission.com, it refers you to http://www.oclifeimprovementcenter.com/

where you will notice something immediately.

There is no mention of L Ron Hubbard on the site nor is there any mention of Scientology!

On the first page, there is evidence that L Ron Hubbard was removed from the site. Look at these two paragraphs and see if you can spot the missing name:

Proven Methods Which Get Results

At the Orange County Life Improvement Center we utilize techniques that have helped improve the lives of individuals the world over for more than 60 years.

His work has been recognized worldwide as revolutionary with unparalleled workability. As such, it remains the widest read body of work on self-help.

There can be no stronger evidence that Scientology and L Ron Hubbard are broken brands than a COS mission operating in stealth mode and hiding all ties to Scientology and to LRH himself. Why, they could almost pass for an independent Life Enhancement Center!

The fact that they only have a handful of staff members on board and are trying to staff up the mission might explain the extravagant claims about pay and benefits.

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Branding your practice is more vital than you can possibly imagine

brand-design-webWhat is a Brand?
A brand is more than a symbol or a name.

It is fundamentally a promise to deliver something of value that is different from any other product or service.
The symbol or name stands for the quality of what is to be delivered.

The brand is what distinguishes a product from a somewhat similar product. The brand marks the product as different from other products because is has a unique set of characteristics and qualities.

Take the simple hamburger, for example, which generally consists of meat and other things between two buns. The following brand names deliver quite different hamburger experiences: McDonalds, Wendys, In-N-Out Burger, Five Guys, Red Robin, and Hardees.

Once you have tried all of them, you probably settled on one brand and have stuck to it ever since. You know what you are going to get when you order your favorite brand.

What about auditing or counseling in the field? What distinguishes your counseling from everyone else’s counseling? Do you have a brand name that distinguishes your service from every other service that is being offered today?

There are a number of independent counselors who have successful practices and they have created brand images like Life Enhancement Center or Life Improvement Center.
Robert Duscharme’s Clearing Technology is a well known brand in the independent field as is Hank Levin’s Clearing Technology.

There are others in the field like Dexter Gelfand and Trey Lotz who have established themselves as personal brands. People choose them because they consistently deliver unique high quality services.

In my practice, I brand what I deliver and teach as Spiritual Rescue Technology, so there is no doubt what it deals with and what results it delivers.

Broken Brands
Some people in the field are trying offer Scientology type or “standard Scientology” services. They really are oblivious to the fact that Scientology is a broken brand as far as new public is concerned.

There once was a car called the Yugo which had everything going for it when it launched, but buyers found out that it was a really bad deal. It was voted the worst car of the Millennium and has been the butt of jokes for many years. Scientology is now the Yugo of religions, due to its own actions.

Some of you who experienced consistent and mind-blowing wins in Scientology twenty and thirty years ago may find it difficult to believe that Scientology as a brand is irretrievably “broken” as far as new public is concerned. It is.

Once upon a time, Scientology delivered miracles and opened the door to personal freedom for many. Now, Scientology promises miracles and delivers intimidation and invalidation. It sells awards for a price and delivers lackluster results at high cost and imposes severe restrictions on open communication.

A brand is more than a symbol or a name. It is fundamentally a promise to deliver something of value. The symbol or name stands for the quality of what is to be delivered.
Scientology now stands for invalidation and abuse and it is a broken brand.

People who only know of Scientology from what they hear from others and read on the Internet do not distinguish between the technology of Scientology and the totalitarian regime of the Church of Scientology. The vast body of intelligent people who might benefit from Scientology know it only as a scam and a cult to be avoided.

This is a perfect example of a “broken brand”. A broken brand is an well known marketing phenomena. It happens when an organization has created an upset of great magnitude and cannot be fixed with Public Relations maneuvers or attacks and threats of suits against critics.

A brand is a “promise to deliver” and when the delivery does not match the promise, it is almost impossible to repair the upset in time to save the brand.

We were part of a group that set high expectations and then it evolved into something repressive that valued control over spiritual freedom. In fact, the technology that freed many of us has now been altered in an effort to cave us in and suppress us. That has not escaped the notice of the millions of people who use the Internet.
All of the PR and threat capabilities of the CofS are now failing to convince buyers to sign up for more services.

The brand of the Church of Scientology and of Scientology itself has been severely damaged and it will take years before independent practitioners can use the term “Scientology” and get a positive reaction from raw public.

It requires positioning away from the original brand (of Scientology) to differentiate offerings that are free of crush regging, insane ethics cycles, evaluative practices. etc. That takes a lot of work.

Ron’s Org of Switzerland and in Russia are exceptional organizations which have established a brand identity of sane organizations which deliver a workable technology based on LRH tech.

Israel’s Dror Center, in Haifa, has established itself as an organization which delivers Scientology without the additives present in Scientology Orgs today.

The term Independent Scientology seems to convey the idea of a new beginning for the tech but I do not think that brand new public will buy it. Certainly there will be some ex-Scientologists who might want to stick with the Scientology brand, but the new people I encounter want nothing to do with what Scientology now stands for.

I think the future lies with those who develop their own brands of technology that achieve the original goals that Dianetics and Scientology were supposed to achieve.

Building a Brand for your Practice
The steps are actually quite simple if you understand exchange and how important it is to creating a brand that people trust.
1. Set expectations properly
2. Promise only what you can deliver
3. Deliver what you promise
4. Completely handle any failure to meet expectations as quickly as possible to the complete satisfaction of your clients.
5. Continue to improve the quality and extent of your services so that clients will have a reason to continue using you.

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Current State of Affairs in the Field – by Per Schiottz

Per Schiottz is a highly respected auditor who has been contributing articles and comments to independent websites for many, many years. In this article, he has some good advice for those who are still stuck in their Scientology experience even after years apart from the church. If you know of someone who is still in this state, send them this article and it might help them to break free of the malign influence of Scientology, Inc.



Today, 30 years after I left The Church of Scientology, The Sea Org as NOTS Lead Auditor at the AOEU in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the condition of Kha-Khan awarded by Ron, I feel it’s time to address the current state of affairs.


The moaning and the groaning

This is because so many years after I left,I still hear people who left at the same time, moaning and groaning about all the bad things they experienced in Scientology and others who condemn the “FreeZone” saying it’s squirrel and not Ron’s tech etc etc.. I think, that now, 30 years later, some persons need to put all that behind them and snap into the present and get on with life and livingness and help others along too, if they want to!



Live in the past, and you won’t last,

Live in the future, you’ll have no future.

Live in the now, you have the know-how!


“Standard” and “Bridge”

So, how does it look right here and now…  I see several people being scolded for not being ”Standard” because they are doing something, which is not Ron’s tech or not following Ron’s ”Bridge” etc etc… Well, first of all, if there is any goal of freedom for anyone, then I think that everyone should be recognized as free beings who can do exactly as they want to and let the rest assume that they have enough common sense to be able to observe their own actions and decide when they are good and carry on with it and when they are not so good and change modus operandi. I have the trust in my fellow players here, that they will be able to do just that. For that is the way of enlightened,well-intended beings


“Standard Tech”

There are many definitions of Standard Tech. The one I like the most I learned when I did the Class VIII Course where he said that Standard Tech is following the rules of processing handling the case in front of you. This means that you find out where the person in front of you lives, first of all. What are his/her problems? What exactly does he/she want to improve? What hinders the person’s life quality and abilities? You MUST know this. If you are not 100 % sure that you know this, you do NOT start auditing, no, you find out until you are damned sure that you know exactly what’s going on with this client.


What “Bridge”

There are several ”Bridges” to follow (or not). There is the “Bridge” as presented in The Church of Scientology, there is Cpt. Bill’s ”Bridge”, There is Andreas Buttler’s bridge called Spiritologie which is now changing into SPIRITOLOGY and then there are a lot of false bridges. But the most important bridges of all is: “Your Bridge.” That is that route that YOU have to follow in order to reach YOUR goals or to handle YOUR stops in reaching those goals. NOT someone else’s “Bridge,” and not any other C/Sed steps suggested just because they were suggested for another case – never….


Church “Bridge”

Is what you learn in the Church. Since it is 30 year since I left the Church I do not know exactly how their ”Bridge” looks now, but from what I gather from the rumor line it’s NOT what Ron prescribed, and that is why a lot of very well trained auditors left the Church, myself included. For my own part, it was not possible to help PCs or Pre-OTs in the Church any longer. Overts and bad deeds revealed in session was leaked by the C/S to ethics and people started spending more time in ethics than in session. I had to put down my pen at times in order to be able to fly the ruds and make false auditing reports in order to get and keep PCs in session. This could not go on. I tried to correct it but they only brought out the axes and guillotines and nooses then, so I left.


Cpt. Bill’s “Bridge”

I worked a lot with Bill in The Sea Org and we had a very nice way of handling things together. He would come out to my org on Thursdays on his motor bike, summer and winter, no hat, no gloves and say: “Where is the hot chocolate”? We had some and then looked over the weeks stats and discussed what to do next week. THAT was the entirety of the management.  He was the best back-up I ever had. Once we did a marriage in the course room and the old ship’s bell, which we used to start, break and end courses with, was used too. Next day I got a Knowledge Report from the GO saying that church image was out and that: “They even had a (ship’s) bell there.” Next day Bill called the A/G and asked if he had ever seen a church without a bell.



When Bill became active researching new OT-levels I had a center in Copenhagen and piloted a lot of his tech and new levels with the public in the centre. He would write the procedure or programme and fax it to me. I would C/S the auditing which was done solo or by one of my auditors who was trained by Bill. We would then report back to Bill. This was a fine line. I did not agree with all that Bill made, but it went well until he got sick. I and others offered to give him some sessions, but he didn’t want it at that time. Then he died, but his creation RONS ORG has been very successful since and it is NOT following Ron’s original tech verbatim to the hilt.


Andreas Buttler

In 2008 I went to Berega in the then-East Germany (now Germany) where my old Dutch friend from the AO in Copenhagen Caspar de Rijk had moved to from Holland and started Multiple Genius Technologies. The multiple should be understood, as far as I understood as not limited to only Ron’s tech. I liked this because to me that felt more like auditing the case in front of you than just putting everybody on the same”Bridge”.  Later Caspar connected himself strongly to Andreas Buttler who claimed he was the reincarnate of Ron and had developed Spiritologie which I was told had NOTHING to do with Scientology. I completed a translation of Andreas’ book into Danish and from that I would say, it had everything to do with Scientology. There was nothing new to me, but maybe I didn’t understand it all anyway. Now just here in the beginning of the new year 2014 Andreas apparently has resigned completely from Spiritologie and disconnected himself from the group and Caspar will do a re-boot and call it Spiritology, and if that is going towards what was his Mega Tech thing, then that sounds good in my ears as to me that was more flexible and more like handling the case in front of you.


Different ‘other Tech’ persons

As the years that have gone by more and more people have appeared who are active in the field and develop tech to handle the cases in front of them. Examples could be (some that I know of, I’m sure there are more) Alan Walters (Knowlegism), Robert du Charme (R3X), Rolf Krause (Clear Bird, Deep Processing), David St. Lawrence (entity handling) Dexter Gelfand (Power Processes applications) and myself too in developing a very fruitful way of handling PTSness, etc., etc…


Why new tech?

Here in Denmark, if you go back to the 60’s and 70’s when I was trained mostly, it was very common that ALL PCs coming in had been on some sort of drugs, street drugs, medical drugs, or other euphoric substances and being part of “7 resistive cases,” it had to be handled.  I remember that I usually could list 30, 40 or even 50 different specific drugs on a case. Cases are not like that today. Today, a person who takes drugs is considered “a loser.” Drug R/Ds are seldom used these days and sometimes it’s enough to just rehab the taking of a few medical drugs.As common it was with drugs then, as common it is today that people are into false beingnesses and identities and have a hard time figuring out from where the charge comes. This can be handled very easily with NOTS auditing. It will run 2– 5 hours, cool off and attention will go to other subjects or the person will say THANKS that’ it, that’s what I wanted to handle, bye bye… and I might never see them again, or they might go on, get trained etc., etc.



Current State

It is my observation and experience that there is a lot more handling of actual cases today than earlier. This means handling the case in front of you, not an imagined case somewhere else. Handling cases on a “Bridge” means that it’s already decided what is the next action, the auditor and the C/S do not really have to observe much, it’s all laid out there, not much thinking needed. This is what I call robot-auditing. A robot can’t think. A free person or able auditor would not feel very comfortable being treated as a robot. Just getting the daily charging up and lubrication is NOT enough. He would sooner or later leave that mechanical workshop and start out all by himself using the tech he knows he can create results with. Being only responsible for himself and his own actions with clients he can have full attention on just THAT and not splitting it off in parts where some of them  are around being up-stat, Thursday 2 o’clock, writing nice reports for others to see, “putting his TRs IN,” dressing like a minister etc etc.. This is a fantastic opportunity, and it does not take a lot of training to have some actions going in the helping business.


Another aspect of the current state is people whom have left the Church of Scientology staying focused on, and focusing attention on how awful it has become there. How terrible it was, so bad they had to leave. I understand this. We all left for similar reasons. The BPC has to be gotten rid of somehow. BUT it is my opinion that there is too much of this unproductive yak yak… I would love to see people who leave write up their condition if they need that, get the BPC off and then get the show back on to the road. They were there for a purpose.  Why not get that purpose rekindled and lets’ hear the success and the progresses and the new ingenious ways of applying Ron’s tech in new incredible ways…







NB:  I would love to hear from you, and if you have any problem applying what you know or want to do, then give me a buzz and I would gladly lend a hand !!

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Did you ever get the idea that Spiritual Rescue Technology was a one shot deal?

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-freedom-d-render-shadow-man-acsending-to-sun-ocean-red-cloudy-sunset-image30582004Did I somehow create the impression that Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) was a one shot deal? I did not intend that, but anything is possible.

SRT is a spiritual tool that you should go on using forever, not just once.
It’s free, once you learn how to use it, so for continuing peace of mind and spiritual growth, you should use it every day for best results.

There are an infinite number of active spiritual beings on this planet alone. There are probably 100 infinities of beings who are sleeping or completely unconscious who can spring into action when the right stimulus occurs.

You are constantly surrounded and infiltrated by disembodied spiritual entities so you had better get used to the idea of managing them instead of ignoring them or hiding from them.

If you were exposed to the Scientology OT levels, you were made to understand that with the completion of each level you were pure and fearless and FREE from entities and corruption of all kinds. Sorry! But that was a lie for marketing purposes. The Founder himself, Ron Hubbard, was still battling entities in the final weeks of his life because he chose them as opponents instead of making friends with them.

You can measure a person’s chances of success by whether he seeks opponents in life or seeks to partner with others. Entities are just like those of us with bodies, except they have had some experiences which prevent them from acquiring bodies and playing the game of life.

If you antagonize, irritate, ignore, or invalidate the entities in your vicinity, do not be surprised when your plans do not work out and your life feels like crap. You have caused your entities to have counter intention to your plans and they outnumber you!

Some of you have had incredible wins on SRT which you have shared with me and others. Once that was over, you seem to put away your SRT knowledge and got back to work being typical earth people who can’t seem to figure out why your business is failing and your relationships are going downhill.

Yes, you cleaned up all of the entities who were making life miserable and things were going great, but have you been doing daily scans to make sure that all was well with your spiritual teammates? Have you been using your spiritual teammates to find new clients, new business, and new friends? Why not?

When you clean a house or car and polish everything in sight, do you expect it to stay clean and shiny forever? Unless you put it in an airtight box, it is going to collect dust and road grime.

You can have an incredible win in SRT that keeps you shining and enthusiastic for weeks and even months, but eventually you will encounter a situation or a person who wakes up or introduces you to some unhappy entities and your mood will become more serious. If you do not handle this new entity, you will collect even more unhappy entities until you look and feel like one of those cars that are engaged in a demolition derby.

SRT is a tool that performs miracles, but it is not a one shot deal that will protect you forever with just one application.

You are constantly being exposed to new spiritual entities and you need to make sure that you stay on top of your personal situation by staying in communication with your spiritual teammates and any new entities who show up.

If you can’t seem to do this regular maintenance by yourself get help from a twin and take turns keeping each other in top shape. We also have student SRT counselors who are looking for clients to practice on. If you have let yourself slide to the point where you feel there is no hope, contact me and we can set up some sessions to straighten things out in a hurry.

Once you know what SRT can do, there is no excuse for sliding off the road into the ditch again with your wheels in the air.

Treat those wandering spiritual entities as an opportunity instead of a barrier and life will become constantly interesting and much more satisfying.

If you haven’t seen the Kindle book, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology, you can check it out on Amazon.com.

David St Lawrence

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Scientology Indoctrination is Hypnotism

LRH Close upScientology indoctrination is hypnotism of the worst kind

The disintegration of the cult of Scientology will not free those who have been hypnotized by the skillful indoctrination that Ron Hubbard used to put people under his control and make them resist any recovery from that state.

I have been aware for some time that there were unknown forces preventing some people from observing and absorbing any new data. A recent article by Marty Rathbun shows that others are recognizing what we have been writing about for some time.

Deconstructing Scientology
Posted on September 13, 2014 by martyrathbun09

This is an excerpt from an upcoming book with the working title ‘Deconstructing Scientology.’  It is directed toward those who are considering the possibility of dipping a toe into dianetics or scientology study or participation.  My failures over the past three years in attempting to help former members graduate from the subject informed a whole new line of research into some of the darker arts that L. Ron Hubbard mastered to make people so apparently incapable/unwilling to learn.  


The most diabolically effective form of hypnotism would probably thoroughly convince the subject that it was impossible to hypnotize him.  It seems that only in that case could the idea be implanted that no awakening and de-hypnotism would ever be desirable or even possible. It would inculcate the opposite of the old adage applicable to any reform, or even education, activity that the first step to recovery or learning is the recognition that there is something to recover from or to learn.  If you were thoroughly convinced that you were more awake than virtually all of humanity, there is no chance that anyone could convince you to possibly take a look at waking up.

Some of the worst examples of this can be found in those who have attested to OT8 completion. Their indoctrination is so complete that they are unable to spot that they are surrounded by entities who cause them to lie and to fail at life in other more subtle ways.

A whining OT is an oxymoron and yet you can observe many OTs and OT8s complaining about their spouses, jobs and their superiors just like the lowly “wogs” who have never sampled Scientology.

Those of you who have never attained the rarified OT levels do not know how fortunate you are. You have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and you still have most of your sanity left.

If you would like to see an alternate path to increased awareness and personal freedom, you may wish to read my latest book which is now available on Amazon in Kindle format:

David St Lawrence

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Workable Spiritual Technology – decline and resurrection

This post was first published over a year ago but the message is still current so I am bringing it to the attention of new readers who may not have seen it the first time around.

Priest-movieWorkable spiritual technology is that part of the entire spectrum of spiritual technology that has been tested by auditors/spiritual practitioners in the field and has been found to produce reliable results.  So much of this has been lost or obscured in recent years that it is hard to find auditors who are familiar with the original work.

Spiritual technology has a long history and Scientology had a short phase between 1950 and 1965 when spiritual activity was actively supported by church management. After that the focus within the church seemed to shift to control of parishioner thoughts and actions. Like many religions before it, the Church of Scientology buried the effective actions that helped people and pushed the grand and glorious vision of great cathedrals and mighty works that would bedazzle the multitudes and bring in money.

As a result of this shift in emphasis, we now have the situation where Scientology’s International Management is awash in corruption, perversion and financial irregularities on every hand, much like the Vatican which is the central governing body of the Catholic Church,

There are still useful spiritual resources in the Church of Scientology, but they are as diminished as the Exorcists in the Catholic Church, mere vestiges of a former glory.  According to this story on christianpost.com, priests currently need special approval from their bishop to perform the rite of exorcism and it is rarely granted. Well, to be fair, access to Scientology’s rite of exorcism, the OT Levels, is rarely granted either.

The workable spiritual technology originally developed by Ron Hubbard, David Mayo, Alan Walters and may other professional auditors was altered over the years by arbitrary decisions until it has become a mockery of what it once was.

The very purpose of auditing shifted from setting beings free to become themselves to a rigid pattern of indoctrination that treated a public Scientologist as a potential threat to management so that continual security checking was mandatory at every turn in the road. It is very common to observe that people moving up the Scientology Grade chart become less imaginative and less likely to explore new ideas. Most OTs are quite docile by the time they reach the upper levels and will follow orders without questioning them. This was not what was promised in the early days of Scientology.

A number of independent practitioners have gone back to the original writings of the professional auditors who developed the technology and have recovered the underlying principles that produced results.This original workable technology saves lives and brings man to heights he has rarely experienced before because it was applied for the benefit of the preclear and not for the benefit of an organization.

Most of us use feedback from our preclears to improve the effectiveness of our services. As a result, the technology is still evolving as new discoveries are made and we make use of current communication technology to deliver services when and where preclears want them, no matter where they are on the planet.

Anyone who is looking for the gains that used to be promised by Scientology will find these gains are still being delivered by independent practitioners today. If you are uncertain what to look for in an independent practitioner, read Choosing an Auditor.

The opening image comes from the movie Priest, which depicted a corrupt post-apocalyptic church

There was another post describing the frightening similarity between the corruption of the church depicted in the movie Priest and the current Church of Scientology: http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=4855

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