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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Maybe Its Time to Kick it Up A Notch

Congratulations to all of you who have learned to work with your spiritual companions and to use them as trusted advisors. You have reached a plateau that puts you head and shoulders above the people who struggle through life hoping desperately for a break.

I expect that you have achieved a certain degree of certainty that you can manage what life is throwing at you. Some of you may even be on a fast track to financial and family success.

However, you may be feeling a certain relaxed air when it comes to pushing your spiritual teammates to achieve new goals or or to create startling new realities in your life style. This can even show up as a certain boredom when it comes to handling stops on your life. Things aren’t great but you figure something will happen soon.

One of the reasons this happens is that you have picked off all of the obviously destructive beings in your environment and the rest are operating so closely to your natural emotional level that you do not see them as a problem or a hindrance.

You are your spiritual teammates have become a more homogeneous group as a result of your handling the outliers. You have a common comfort level and your current life reflects this as an acceptable reality. You get three meals a day, a warm place to sleep, a job of sorts, and some friends who agree with your view of life.

Setting up your own business empire, leading a campaign to change the world, or spreading joy in some way are just daydreams and do not stimulate you to action. Spreading wisdom, or happiness and reaping the rewards of a lifetime of service are way beyond consideration. You may not even be able to consider traveling the world to learn about people and things and making new friends.

You may even consider you have run out of things to do. If this is the case, perhaps you might want to consider changing the game and starting a new one with different rules and different goals.

I have developed some tailored processes to enable you to change the rules you live by. These SRT Expansion Processes have been tested and found successful on anyone who has received SRT processing. If you really want to change the way you live, you might want to contact me for more information.

David St Lawrence
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Life outside Scientology, Inc.

This was originally published in 2012 and has been republished to emphasize that it is time to stop fixating on the sorry state of Scientology, Inc. and instead get working on your own spiritual enhancement. In the years since this was written,  independent practitioners have taken the basic principles of Scientology and developed processes and methodologies far beyond anything the corrupt and dying church has to offer. Links at the end of this article will give you a small taste of what is available outside Scientology, Inc.


You are finally out of Scientology, Inc. or are seriously considering it because you have been asking yourself, “is this all there is?” Fortunately, there is a whole new world for you to explore once you ask that question and start looking for answers outside the wall.

You probably started in Scientology because someone helped you to handle something that was ruining your life. If you were like many of us, this changed your life completely in ways you never expected. New vistas opened up and you started seeing a future that you could have never dreamed of before.

The promise of getting another miracle kept you involved in the church for may years, even though church life seemed to be getting more oppressive and less satisfactory every year. It seemed like others were getting the gains you expected, but you were sacrificing your quality of life and your relationships in a hectic race to grab the brass ring at the top of the Bridge where you could live confidently and enjoy material and spiritual success.

Even if you woke up one day and realized that your church had become a cult and you fled with the remains of your sanity, you did not escape unharmed. You were still stuck with the failed purposes and betrayed expectations that should have been available through Scientology.

Some ex members let this betrayal run their lives and continue to rant on various forums even though they left the COS many years ago. Others have shrugged off the experience and began leading normal lives again with families, and satisfying careers. Still others have sought to achieve the promises inherent in Scientology spiritual technology by finding practitioners who actually deliver the real goods.

Scientology, Inc. triggered its  downfall when it started perverting the technology and made it a religious practice controlled by untrained zealots under the control of a brutal and psychotic leader.

This has almost obscured the fact that the technology has been capable of producing miracles of spiritual healing ever since the early 1950s.

Now that Scientology, Inc. has become a shadow of its former self, it is time to look at the real possibilities that can result from the independent practice of the workable parts of Scientology technology.

I feel it is time for a frank and ongoing discussion of what one might reasonably expect to encounter in the OT band of existence, where OT is not a title on a certificate but is the presence of abilities outside what is considered “normal”.  For many years the Bridge to Total Freedom was considered by Scientologists as the only way to achieve these abilities.

This is manifestly not true as there are many more people with paranormal abilities outside Scientology. Inc, than there are inside.

It helps if you consider the original definition of Scientology to be a relatively concise summation of enhanced abilities and the process by which one may achieve these abilities. With a good grounding in the original materials, one can understand and work with other schools of spiritual achievement and use these materials to answer questions that may not be addressed in Scientology. If you are well-trained as an auditor, you will be able to understand and deal with spiritual matters not covered in your studies.

After a certain amount of auditing, your ability to postulate results increases exponentially. After years of “wishing” for things, you will find that things can occur almost spontaneously. You can go through a period where things seem to happen like magic. Prospective clients sign contracts without hesitation, your income shoots up through the roof, members of the opposite sex are visibly attracted to you,  good things just keep on happening…. until they don’t.

Life will grind to a halt, until you find out what you are doing that is now holding you back. Ability is nothing without knowledge and responsibility.  This is where training come in.

Risks and Rewards

Whether you have enhanced abilities from your auditing or whether you already had them before encountering Scientology, you are exposed to the same risks and rewards. You will find that your enhanced abilities can get you into trouble if you exceed the realities of others. If you do not have a complete understanding of the power of the communication cycle, you will experience losses in all of your relationships.

When you can use your abilities freely to help others, life can be very rewarding.

If you have to be careful, life is really a drag.

What to do for lasting peace of mind: You need to achieve expanded abilities and get trained while doing that. Auditing alone leaves you clean and shining until something attacks you out of nowhere. If you are not trained, it can be a long wait before you can get help. Get trained and support your local Independent Scientology auditor or better yet learn about Spiritual Rescue Technology which starts where Scientology left off.

You never know when you will need help from an independent spiritual practitioner. There are more of them available every month.

Ron writes about achieving a state where living produces case gain. This state is definitely achievable when people have become OT enough and trained enough that they can spot the source of difficulties when life impinges on them and blow stuff by inspection. If you read that again you will realize that this is not a finite process. You just keep on handling whatever life throws at you.

Think of it as dusting yourself off when life spatters you. There is a lot of crap in the universe and it doesn’t go away when you become OT whatever. You should probably look at this as a long term periodic maintenance routine. Just get yourself up to the level where you can reliably spot and blow stuff by inspection and you will find out why living produces case gain.

Links to independent practitioners and practices which have had a good record of helping people:
What kind of auditing do I deliver?
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