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Buffalo Scientology needs trained auditors

I got another cheerful recruiting letter from Buffalo Scientology and  endeavored to answer every questions as fully as possible. I can’t wait to see who calls and asks for more information. Here is the letter with my responses: Hi David, I am on special assignment to gather vital information regarding the training levels of all […]

Breaking News – Daniel Montalvo Hits Scientology with Stunning Child Labor Lawsuits

Tony Ortega of the Village Voice published this article this morning. I am mirroring it here as the Village Voice site seems to be overwhelmed with hits (or DDOS attacks by you-know-who) Scientology Daniel Montalvo Hits Scientology With Stunning Child Labor Lawsuits By Tony Ortega, Sat., Mar. 5 2011 @ 10:49AM Comments (21) Categories: Scientology […]

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