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Late Breaking News: Heber Jentzsch complains to brother David about talking to the press

This is Scientology indoctrination at work: After spending more than five years in the SP hole at Int Base under the most degrading circumstances imaginable, Heber Jentzsch still defends his church against the truth.  (reposted from the Village Voice article by Tony Ortega)   Friday morning, the Voice published an interview with David Jentzsch, 80, […]

Doc Whittaker has great advice for those who are still stuck in their Scientology, Inc. betrayals

If you wish to get on with your life after leaving the church, you should find Doc’s advice very helpful. The only thing holding you to past betrayals is your own considerations. His advice may be the key to experiencing new freedom Quit bitching about Ron “The basic test is whether it is true for […]

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