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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

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An Online Information Retrieval system for every Independent Scientologist

Revised 4/21/13 to include mention of a superior search engine and links to the upgraded augmented library which is currently posted online under the title of: Directory Listing of /Scientology Materials/ History of the Directory Listing of /Scientology Materials/ The Church of Scientology had created a Source Information Retrieval system (SIR) but it was not […]

Going our own way as the Church of Miscavige fades into history

BUMPED (Originally posted by OldAuditor on June 30, 2010) I published this some time ago, but I feel it is worth revisiting as we enter another year with renewed hopes for a saner future.  In the future, I expect to see many leaders in the field, not just one or two. We will be going […]

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