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Somebody is giving the church a bad name??

The latest update of the Flag Event Entry Card email is arriving in parishioner and indie mailboxes this morning. This is so over the top that it can’t possibly be an official document, but on the other hand, the questions are SO familiar. Could it be that some indie mole in the church is giving […]

Flag Event Entry Pass – beyond parody!

We just received this order from Wig Adams, Group Officer FSO. We knew you would want to share this exciting news with your friends. Read the first line… From: “ThetaNews” <thetanews@thetaburst.org> Date: Sep 4, 2013 9:35 PM Subject: New FLAG Event Entry Pass To: <loyalparishioner@gmail.com> Cc: Due to dubious activities from bitter defrocked apostates operating on […]

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