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A Tale of Entities and Acknowledgments

Phil Spickler is one of my favorite old time Scientologists because he truly loved Ron Hubbard but saw him clearly for who he was. This 1998 article is my Christmas gift for all of you who hope to help your fellow man or fellow beings. For more of Phil Spickler’s wit and wisdom, see http://community.freezone-tech.info/phil-spickler/articles/ […]

Happy Ironic Cynical Holidays

Earlier, I posted a scan of a “church” of Scientology Inc holiday card sent in by a staff member. This week, I received images of a 3D card sent in by another staff member. Like the earlier card, this one’s an expensive, ornate message, folding out into an embossed, foil-printed, die-cut advertisement for the “church” of Scientology Inc. […]

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