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29 March 2014: Scientology on H2’s America’s Book of Secrets

Last night there were two showings of the Scientology episode of America’s Book of Secrets on the History Chanel 2. I watched both showings. (Videos posted at the end of the text) I for one was not impressed. Maybe the show will keep a number of people from “being recruited” into the “church” of Scientology Inc. […]

Masturbating in Scientology: Aye, there’s the rub

Karen de la Carriere’s Surviving Scientology YouTube channel is hosting a video featuring ex-Sea Org member Chris Shelton. Karen and Chris discuss the criminalization of masturbation in Scientology, and how the practice is leveraged to keep Sea Org members subjugated as well as to extract hundreds of thousands of dollars from parishioners. I recently read […]

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