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Check your CofS account balances for unauthorized charges

In my recent article on getting your money back from the Church of Scientology, I neglected to mention that creeping criminality has infested the church at all levels now. The pressure on staff to get money for the trumped-up IAS emergencies has caused some of them to resort to the time-rested method of removing funds from accounts that haven’t been used lately.

The bottom line is that your money “on account” is not set aside for your services to begin with and may have been diverted illegally without your authorization to handle the insatiable demands of the IAS. Your unused account balance may have been siphoned off to send Way to Happiness booklets to the Colombian Police or to send Basics books to another unhappy library.

I first ran into this a few years ago when a staff member who is a dear friend from my distant past called and asked that I donate some money to send WTH booklets to the Colombian Police. I thought it was another load of IAS BS, but I was not using the money and was never going to do any more services at the CofS so I said sure and agreed to give $1000 to another lost  cause so my friend could meet his goal and get some sleep. He then asked if I could donate $2000 as it was “really needed in a good cause”. I told him he could have $1000 and that was it.

A few hours later he called back and confirmed that I had donated $2000 to the lost cause and I corrected him. When I got another call from somebody else confirming that I had contributed $2000, I said this would be the last contribution they would ever see if they could not keep the amounts straight. I got a mumbled apology and heard nothing more. I never did get an accounting of my donation so the amount could have been anything they chose to take.

When I requested, and got, my unused account balance back from the church, there were several other deductions from my account that I had not authorized. For example, I bought the Basics package and was asked to donate a similar package to a library, I already knew about the library scam and I refused to allow that useless donation to occur.

When it came time to get my money back from the church, I was checking my account balance and discovered that money for a second Basics package had been taken from my account. I was quite insistent that I had not authorized that donation and they removed the charge from my account. Since they had to cover the shortage somewhere, they may have  put the charge on your account.  :-[

These are not the ethical staff members we once knew. These poor bastards are desperate to stay in compliance with Dear Leader’s wishes.

I have a number of people who write me about getting repayments from the church and one of them recently discovered that the CofS had taken $12,000 from his account without authorization.

If this has happened to you, you need to demand that they show how you authorized the withdrawal and if they can’t they must remove the charge from your account.

If you are no longer interested in doing services at the Church of Miscavige, you would be wise to recover your unused “money on account” before it disappears altogether. The only protection you have right now is the LRH policies on Refunds and Repayments. Dear Leader has already canceled LRH policies in other areas and could wipe out your unused balances with the stroke of a pen claiming that your non-use of your money on account was a sign of your suppressive non-compliance and declaring the money was to be forfeited for use by the church as you are now “Fair Game”.

Staying below the radar is getting to be more difficult every day. Grudging compliance is not enough. If you are not screaming enthusiastically, “Yes Sir! Can I donate more?” you are toast.

Fortunately, the free world awaits outside church walls and High ARC  services become more available every day. The Bridge that we were promised is still being delivered all over the world by highly trained professionals who cut their teeth delivering Very Well Done Auditing hours before the CofS became a cult. Free Range Scientology is good for you and you get case gain without financial ruin!

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PlainOldThetan  on June 3rd, 2010

David: A close personal friend of mine spent hour and hours on the phone with PAC base “materials insultants”. At one point, the insultant asked my friend “don’t you agree that it would be important for people to get and listen to these ACCs?” My friend replied, “yes”, even though he wasn’t going to get the ACCs. A few days later 21 boxes of ACC lectures showed up on his doorstep. When he investigated, his account at AOLA had been debited $7500 for the ACC lectures WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION OR AGREEMENT.

Yes, David. It is criminal.

Per HCO PL 12 May 1972 R PTS PERSONNEL AND FINANCE an ‘enforced overt-have’ means forcing upon another a substance, action or thing not wanted or refused by the other.


Renegade  on June 3rd, 2010

Because of Church finance policies it places an extra burden on the staff too.

Do you know that the staff have to raise the money to cover the debit to pay for the books? If not raised, they cannot get pay or use any income made for rent and utilities.

That money newly made gets paid to Bridge FIRST and is like a bill until it is covered.

It is another covert way to raise income for Management with no regard for any hardships it creates for the staff and public.

The org also lessens its own liability towards refunds and repayments.

Dont’t debit your account or allow it.

My accountant also said the money used for tangible goods is now NOT tax deductable. Doesn’t this qualfy as putting Scn at risk?

lunamoth  on June 4th, 2010

…now refer to your title of 4 posts ago: No wonder staff members are upset with you – you keep missing their withholds!

Suzanne  on June 4th, 2010

This is absolutely correct, David. After 5 months of sending letters to the ASHO Treasury Sec, I finally received a statement (I think it’s because a new Treasury Secretary was just posted and he doesn’t know yet that you ‘aren’t supposed to send statements’ to people. Just a guess.)

Anyhow, my husband and I have a joint account with about $16,000 remaining on it. Well, to make a long story short, they debited part of an ACC package and also debited auditing (which they never delivered) for my niece whose name is not on my account and was never authorized to use my account. Basically, they wiped out my account to a ZERO balance, not ONCE calling or checking with me. Shocking! Thankfully, I have some old statements from 10 years ago and I am requesting the full sum be returned to me. These guys have really lost it. I know they aren’t criminal at heart, but have been driven to acts of desperation. Very sad.

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