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Vanity Fair wife-auditioning article now online in its entirety

One of the big shit-hitting-the-fan events of the month was Vanity Fair’s publication of the story of Miscavige’s orchestration of a wife search for Tom Cruise.

Like Tom Cruise needs Scientology Inc and its so-called leader (who is aberrated like hell on the second dynamic) to find him a girlfriend or a wife.

Lots of places around the internet, including this site, have profited from the proliferation of publicity from the Vanity Fair article.

And poor disingenuous Scientology Inc Karin Pouw has done nothing but lie about the church’s involvement in the orchestration. Including lying to the women that were being auditioned for the role of Tom Cruise’s girlfriend/wife.

But the good news is this.

The full Vanity Fair article is now online.

So if you didn’t buy a copy, go to this address and read it online.

The internet is probably the only place you can read it now, anyway.

In every store I’ve gone into in the past week, the Vanity Fair issue was sold out.

So much for Miscavige’s ineffectual clandestine fraudulent wife-locating operation.

Above case gain is competence.

Below Miscavige is incompetence.

— written by Plain Old Thetan






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elizabeth hamre  on October 3rd, 2012

I read all of it… what can I say: human behavier control for used to gain… power at play

bboy  on October 3rd, 2012

Love it! And love all the news reports today about Scientologists being pissed off re Tom’s “special treatment” by Miscavige. What did they think the BFF was gonna do – treat Tom like your average humanoid? It all is adding up to … “the party’s over…”

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