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Letter to a former Scientology staff member

I am continually receiving requests from former staff members who want help getting their money back from their personal accounts. This is based an actual letter with the name redacted to bring you all up to date on the current state of affairs in the church:

Hi Suzy,

Thanks for writing and thanks for all that you did while on staff.

I wish I had better news about the repayments but the church seems to have gone into a frantic denial on repayments and their handling is to instantly declare you, without Comm EV, as soon as you request a repayment and then claim that you have no rights as a declared SP.

Do not hang your hopes on getting your money back. As a staff member, you know how little income your org was generating and how many staff are moonlighting to survive. According to COS policy, your refund comes out of current org income and you already know what FP looks like. It is probably not enough to pay all of the current bills, let alone the money you have on account.

In spite of all this, you can still do something that will let you end cycle on your situation and get on with your life. I have written 5 or 6 articles that describe the entire process for requesting a repayment. You can do it all by email and you do not have to go in and do the routing form.

Read the articles, request your payment with a simple email and a filled out Release and Waiver and send them follow up emails every two weeks or oftener. It will only take minutes and will keep the pressure on for them to do something.

If enough people keep doing this, the saner staff members will cognite and leave corporate Scientology for services in the independent field.

As you probably know, you can go up the Bridge outside the church with affordable services from an increasing number of professional auditors. I would venture to say that we are already delivering more Releases, Clears and OTs out here than Flag does.

Read all of the Repayment articles on my site by searching for Repayment, Refund, Release and Waiver, etc. Send in your emails and get on with your life.

Get some Repair auditing from an independent professional auditor and start enjoying life again.

Warmest regards,

David St Lawrence

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Penny  on October 10th, 2012

In May of 2010 I decided to look around online and see what was up with SCN Inc. After going into “shock” for a couple of weeks of reading non-stop I moved forward, wrote a letter of resignation to the AOLA, with my reasons, requesting a return of all my AP’s. I quoted the agreement and statement on file with the IRS AND indicated firmly that if neccessary I would use whatever legal assistance was warrented to achieve the return of my funds on account. I called often, at least every few days…and continued. I did not give up and within a little less than a month and a half, the check arrived. If you have read the LRH policy on the return of AP’s, the current incarnation of Corporate SCN is violating the policy completely. I recommend making it very uncomfortable for the org not to return your funds. You might even contact some of the lower priced legal services available to assist you. Hope that helps.

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