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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

The iconic television show Lost In Space ran on CBS from 1965-1968. It featured a helpful talking robot which was officially designated as B9, played inside the robot suit by actor Bob May (who died in 2009) and voiced-over by actor Dick Tufeld (who died in early 2012).

After the nefarious enemy agent Dr. Smith sabotaged B9 and the space family Robinson’s colonizing mission, the robot was repaired by brilliant adolescent Will Robinson and was turned into a bodyguard/sentinel in addition to its environmental duties. Part of those duties inevitably evoked a famous phrase: “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

Well, that’s the phrase that came to mind when I saw this promo piece from Scientology Inc:



From: “Bridge Publications, Inc.” <[email protected]>
Sunday, September 30, 2012 8:19 PM
Subject: E-Meter Colors


25% discount on following colors:

Royal Red
Enlarge image<<
Order information <<


  Midnight Blue
Enlarge image <<
Order information <<


Enlarge image <<
Order information <<


Enlarge image <<
Order information <<


Enlarge image <<
Order information <<

(c) 2012 Bridge Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. For trademark information, please click here: http://www.bridgepub.com/tmnotice.html



Note: This offer is only available on remaining colors you see here. For a very limited time you can purchase any of the following E-meter colors directly from Bridge Publications and receive a 25% discount. Click on any specific color to order on-line or call the numbers given below. Regular Price: $4,650 Special Price: $3,487.5 You save: $1,162.5 Call to find out if you qualify: (323) 899-1034 or (323) 888-6236

  • Free Fedex delivery to anywhere in the world
  • No sales tax outside California
  • All meters are brand new and come with a two-year silver cert
  • Includes all meter accessories (five pairs of cans, leads, E-Meter shield, cleaning wipes, shoulder strap, e-meter lid, charging cord and resistor card)
  • Matching Remote Tone available on request


Why would a cash-hungry organization discount its most popular meter colors when it’s spent the past decade emptying its warehouses of the specialty-color meters? Like periwinkle blue, or chestnut, or classic grey, or brown, or orange county orange, or standard tech red, or misty fern, or granite, or french vanilla, or crystal blue, or caribbean blue, or hunter green, or canary yellow, or sandstone. (These colors were all offloaded in May 2009, price unspecified in the church e-mail about it.)

Let’s see. E-meter production volumes were established in the ’90s, when people were still getting auditor training in the church, and people were moving in larger volume onto the OT levels, and church co-audits were actually drawing parishioners.

The reasons for having the production volumes at the ’90s levels are long gone, so the church has basically been sitting on a warehouse of decaying Mark Super VII E-meters for about 17 years.

If you’ve paid attention to church materials offerings over the past 17 years, you know that the church never, ever, ever discounts anything that’s moving.

The church discounts materials that aren’t moving.

Did you notice that the cash-hungry Scientology Inc hasn’t taken to pricing materials by what the market will bear…based on survey? Church materials are priced based on the gross profit demand of Miscavige. Otherwise the Basics wouldn’t have cost what they did when they were released. Or the ACCs wouldn’t have cost a hugely exorbitant price only to have the price dropped to 50% of that amount only months later.

More astute Scientologists have noticed that the Bridge has now been priced out of reach, which is one minor contributing aspect to why Bridge traffic has dwindled to a trickle.

I recently did a post about the church’s E-meter problems here. Besides the church illegally confiscating the meters of people who have been declared, there are now manufacturers producing micro-miniaturized all-electronic e-meters that can be plugged into a computer’s USB port that cost about one-eighth of what the church charges for an e-meter.

The only thing that’s keeping E-meter prices as inflated as they are is that Mark Super VII meters are the only ones allowed to be used in church training or in church HGCs or with the church’s SHSBC supervised auditing system or on the church’s privacy-invading look-in systems.

(It’s a well known economic phenomena that a monopoly keeps the prices of things artificially high.)

But the message that’s echoing in my skull right now: “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!” is because the church has a notorious history of discounting materials right before the latest revision of those materials is about to be released.

In 1991, suddenly, there was a half-price sale on the 1980-1984 vintage tech volumes.  Three months later, we found out why. It was because the 1991 vintage tech volumes were being released Auditor’s Day 1991. So we learned a new rule: The church also discounts materials that are about to be not-moving.

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

In this case, the “latest materials revision” is the Mark VIII Ultra E-meter, which will no doubt render all Mark Super VIIs obsolete and need to be purchased from the church if one is to stay on auditing and training lines at a cost exceeding $4000. Read about it in snippets at these sites: (1) (2) (3) (4)

Marty reports that he piloted the Mark VIII movement in 2003 and that Mark VIIIs have been in hot-dry storage (rotting the rubber feet and seals and case linings) since 2005. Anticipate that the roll-out will be accompanied by the boast that the Mark VIII Ultra is the latest, greatest technology ever seen on the track and Planet Earth.

Basically, the evolution of E-meters has been based on sensitivity. We were told the Mark V was only sensitive to a certain level and wouldn’t register above Clear. So then arrived the Mark VI which we were told wouldn’t register the highest OT levels. Then there was the Mark VII which we were told would register the highest OT levels. Somehow, around 1995 arrived the Mark Super VII Quantum which…had an automatic sensitivity adjustment circuit depending on the Tone Arm position.

“The Hubbard Professional Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter automatically adjusts the sensitivity as the Tone Arm moves in session, thus displaying the true size of a read at any TA position.” (ref: Understanding the E-Meter, Addendum)

This statement is blatantly untrue and easily demonstrated to be untrue by taking a preclear whose wet palms cannot be easily chemically corrected and putting him on the meter. After a half hour on a dating drill, the student preclear’s TA will be around 1.0 and the reads will be artificially small and unreadable as attenuated by the automatic variable sensitivity circuit. So, the reads are NOT kept at the true size; they are instead a falsely small size at low TAs.

Additionally, the automatic variable sensitivity circuit cannot be manually bypassed by the E-Meter operator, thereby making setting the correct sensitivity on valid high TA and valid low TA cases impossible.

So, the last big technological leap for E-meters was pure hokum. And its introduction into Scientology produced the kind of upheaval and damage only found in the wake of a tsunami. Yet, somehow, we need a Mark VIII Ultra.

Of course, Miscavige will mismanage the roll-out so that the maximum amount of charge will be bypassed on parishioners.

 When the Mark Super VII Quantums came out, the E-meter police went from org to org, opening up e-meter cases and inspecting the meters therein to ensure they’d been Quantum-ized. Those that weren’t got a large obnoxious note anonymously left in their meter case informing the owner that the meter had not been Quantumized and would not be allowed to be used for auditing until it had been Quantumized.

It’s very likely that the connectors on the Mark VIII Ultra won’t match the connectors on the Mark Super VII Quantum, so parishioners’ Mark VII meters won’t be able to be used in auditing rooms, on student video systems, on the SHSBC Supervisory system and other places. So the roll-out will likely freeze production at orgs for an indeterminate period until the Mark VIII Ultra compatibility kits have been installed. (Miscavige will pretend it’s all going to be done overnight. But it won’t be.)

I remember when the Mark Super VII Quantums came out and everyone had to send their Mark VIIs in to Gold to be Quantumized. At the event, Miscavige promised it would be a one-week turnaround. That turned out to be a lie. I wisely only sent my VIIs in one at a time to be Quantumized, and they took eight weeks each to come back to me.  And on one of my meters, the case came back without the Mark VII Quantum logo on it because “the case is scuffed and the technician is not allowed to put the new logos on degraded cases”.  What horseshit.

I have no idea what impact the Mark VIIIs will have on the Solo auditors out in the world, but I presume that if any discomfort is involved with the Mark VIII Ultra, it will be the maximum for the parishioner and the church will assume the attitude necessary for it to take the maximum time to resolve.

Quantimization was a relatively inexpensive process compared to the $4000+ necessary to throw your old meter out and totally replace it with a new, unnecessary meter.

Welcome to Scientology Inc, the place that forces you to stall on the Bridge at every opportunity.

Possibly Helpful Advice of the Week

Use the release of the Mark VIII Ultra E-meter as your milestone for getting out of Scientology Inc and away from its suppression.

1. Before the next Int event (New Year’s), take your meters home and put them out of sight. That way Scientology Inc can’t confiscate them from your courseroom storage or auditing room.

2. Figure out how to take a month off course or auditing starting around Thanksgiving and do so.

This way any crush-regging for IAS donations or new materials associated with the New Year’s event will likely be done to someone else.

3. Stop answering your phone the month before the New Year’s event and let all calls go to voice mail unless you recognize the caller-I.D. as your boss or wife.

4. Start answering the phone again sometime about January 20th.

5. Ease out of the church as non-abruptly as possible; take days off your Basics until you’re only doing one period on Sunday afternoon; then when the holidays come, take that day off, too. I know one guy who’s going to service equipment at a Greenland Air Force installation over Christmas, in order to be unreachable by phone around the New Year’s event.


5. Finish your current action as fast as possible and don’t re-sign for another action, promising you’ll be back on January 20th. Then forget to show up on January 20th.

6. And be wary: you might have to stop answering the door, too, because the obnoxious out-ethnic crazy-pushy Scientology Inc staff members will be quota’d to get a billion dollars in donations after the New Year’s event and won’t be allowed to go to sleep that night until the quota is met.

It’s only going to be crazier in the next few months.

Be prepared for it.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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melted cheese brain  on October 22nd, 2012

Good advice about exit plan. Knowing all current e-meters will be junked soon is a good tipping point for auditors.

Careful about out-ethnic staff; which ethnic is “in”? NOI? (interesting typo)

PlainOldThetan  on October 22nd, 2012

I see how you might think out-ethnic is a typo. But in Scientology, out-ethnic means to do, say or present something contrary to the local customs and conventions. For me it was showing up unannounced at my house after one event hammering on the door at 2:30 am to sell me the latest lecture set.

Trying to open a Church of Scientology in Bogota, Colombia was out-ethnic. That’s why the Scientology Org there isn’t called a church. It’s called Centro Cultural de Dianetica – Bogota.

Check out the list at http://www.scientology.org/churches/regions/latin-america.html.

Apparently the U.S. of A. is one of the few places where Scientology Inc can get away with insisting it’s a church.

I’ve already harped about the questionable taste of Miscavige trying to ally Scientology with the Nation Of Islam: /?p=8865 and /?p=3464.

Melted Cheese Brain  on October 22nd, 2012

Ah, so out-ethnic *not* a typo. It makes sense now that you explain it.

Any idea why after all these years of trying to promote itself as “secular” in Israel, Scientology is now aggressively promoting itself as a “church” after opening its new Ideal Morgue there?

PlainOldThetan  on October 23rd, 2012

I’m not sure that Scientology is aggressively promoting itself as a church in Israel. I did a few internet searches trying to verify that and didn’t find any evidence of “aggressive”.

What I found a lot of was articles like this: http://www.haaretz.com/culture/arts-leisure/alhambra-cinema-in-jaffa-reopens-as-scientology-center-1.461570

In those articles the Ideal Org was called a “scientology center” or “ideal scientology center”.

If you look on the site http://www.scientology.org/churches/regions/latin-america.html and check other areas, like Russia and its former states, you’ll see that Scientology Orgs aren’t called churches, either.

SomeoneElse  on October 25th, 2012

Forgive me if I’m being dense, but surely a talented auditor could get results with a meter several iterations old, as long as it was kept in good order? I mean, Ron never needed a SuperInfinity Ultra-Deluxe Over9000 Special Edition E-Meter with Drop-Handlebar Cans and Float-Faster Stripes on the needle… And I’m pretty sure an FZ friend of mine still uses his meter from back when he was “in” during the 80s.

PlainOldThetan  on October 25th, 2012

SomeoneElse: Precisely my point. You don’t need a new meter, especially if you’re not auditing at Flag. Or if you want to hang onto 4000+ dollars. But the monopoly called Scientology Inc won’t let you get away with using your old meter.

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