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Tom Cruise’s latest Shan Fitting

Today’s post of more from Chapter 8 of Marty Rathbun’s book The Scientology Reformation is really the other shoe hitting the floor.

The excerpt describes more about Miscavige’s use of the Church and its employees to audition wives for Tom Cruise.

What I noticed for the first time was in the excerpt was the degree of Tom’s participation in the wife-auditioning process. Prior to reading this post, I had been willing to write off the wife-auditioning nonsense as an independent fabrication of Miscavige’s. No longer.

It also chillingly describes Tom Cruise’s assumption of David Miscavige’s valence, including physical violence and grandiose self-deceptional conclusions about David Miscavige, himself, “degraded beings” and “big beings”.

After having a couple of years of reports…and testimony…about the severe treatment and conditions at the Int Base, this excerpt is really the other shoe hitting the floor. And it’s a big one.

Marty has given Tom Cruise a chance to see the light and smell the coffee and come clean. In fact, he’s given Tom several chances to come to his senses. Since it’s obvious that Scientology Inc and Cruise’s representatives watch and read Marty’s blog, Marty is not blindsiding Cruise and Miscavige and the apparatus backing them up.

Today’s bombshell from Marty will no doubt be the impetus for further revelatory articles about Tom Cruise and the “most intense bromance in history”. Miscavige could keep the association off the covers of magazines and off the morning news shows for a while, but his delusional ego couldn’t keep it low-key forever.

And even though Tom Cruise managed to eke out a continued career after the Paramount/Cruise split for “erratic behavior”, it’s going to be much harder now for Cruise to make his child support payments as studios don’t want their stars under weekly anal-examination by the media and tabloids.

Tom had a chance to get out in front of this latest story about his relationship with Scientology Inc and Miscavige. But he believed the Scientology Inc advisors who told him to pretend it wasn’t happening.

But it’s happening.


Attaboy, Davey!

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. Don’t forget to go to Marty’s site and read the excerpt. And follow the link in that post to read Tony Ortega’s take on the situation.

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