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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Be prepared – the CofM does not give up Repayments easily

Some Confront Required :(

If you have been reading my articles on getting your money back from the church and have followed the instructions, you have been operating according to LRH policy. But as you may have learned, the Church of Miscavige operates on its own policy.

In Australia, they wait until the money is approved and is ready to pay out and then they attempt to spring a surprise on you. They send you a Deed of Release to sign and they claim that you have to sign it to get your money.

Do.  Not.  Sign.  It.

This Unacceptable Deed of Release has all sorts of off-policy clauses in it which you must not sign because you are promising not to enter into suits against the church or to criticize the church and are agreeing that they can sue you if you do either.

Here are a few examples of the off-policy clauses in the deed, the full document can be seen at the link above:

3. Escapee agrees to keep confidential and not disclose any knowledge, information or material acquired by him directly or indirectly concerning the Church… This is nonsense

4. Escapee agrees not to testify or otherwise participate in any judicial administrative or legislative proceedings adverse to Scientology or the Church…
This is nonsense – Do not sign away your rights.

5. Unless required to do so by statutory lawful process Escapee agrees not to discuss his experiences or knowledge or information derived directly or indirectly concerning the Church of Scientology Australia Incorporated or its associates. This is nonsense – Do not sign away your rights.

10. Escapee agrees not to disclose the contents of this Deed and that in the event that any comment is made or required to be made concerning the terms of settlement that comment shall be only that the parties have amicably settled their differences. This is nonsense – Do not sign away your rights.

11. Escapee acknowledges that he has no entitlement to the refund of the monies and that the refund is being given in consideration for the promises contained in this deed. Escapee understands that should he breach the terms of the deed, then the monies paid by the Church to him in accordance with this deed are agreed to be liquidated damages and will be a debt due and payable to the Church for which the Church can sue. This is arrant nonsense – Do not sign away your rights.

If you receive this kind of document, tell your church contact that you will only sign an agreement that resembles this one: An Acceptable Deed of Release

If you receive one of these documents and are still unsure what to do, send me an email at [email protected] and I will be happy to suggest a course of action.

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Renegade  on June 28th, 2010

Another reason repayments may take a long time to get from individual orgs, is because the staff have to reg this money and then pay it out.

The last Basics campaign has left huge debts to Bridge to pay for the books debited off accounts already. Now add the repayments to that and the org staff are really suffering the brunt of all the demands for money.

This money stress is in addition to rent, utilities, event costs, demanded newly released book stocks, back bills/creditors, fsm commissions, service completion awards, general delivery costs like purif vites, and staff pay.

OldAuditor  on June 28th, 2010

I think you have the order right.
Staff pay is the last item to be considered. They get what is left. :(

Once again we need to look at our personal code of honor.
Leaving your money on account denies you the ability
to get on with your life and turn your attention elsewhere.

Cults typically treat those who serve them as expendable resources.
They use them up and then discard them when they can no longer produce.

The sooner we drain the CoM of income sources, the sooner staff will cognite that
they need to be elsewhere in order to survive.

If anyone raises the issue that staff are being deprived of their livelihood, the
correct answer is that they are allowing abuses and out tech to continue
by covering up for off-policy actions. They are either remaining willfully ignorant
or are complicit in hiding the human rights abuses of others.

If they want to carry out their original mission of helping mankind, they need to
join the independents who are actually doing that.

ottocscotto  on June 18th, 2011

I suggest that, if you intend to sign any kind of “Deed of Release” (which is not a valid term in American Jurisprudence so far as I’ve been able to learn in the 30 years I’ve been a litigation attorney), you need to vet it with an attorney. A real attorney. Pay them to look over the document and advise you.

Having said this, there is no valid legal reason for the CofS to insist on anything called a “Deed of Release” or anything like it. All they need to do is make you sign a receipt. The rest is just an attempt to get the drop on you. As I’ve said, sign such a document only AFTER you consulted with an attorney.

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