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“Big Being” Tom Cruise makes waves from speculation he’s dumping bromance buddy Miscavige for Katie and Suri

Splashed all over the internet yesterday were articles reporting that Tom Cruise’s disenchantment with Scientology may have reached the point at which he’d rather be a “former Scientology insider” than abandon his family.

“Yesterday” is 14 October 2012. I found easily a dozen articles on the first 2 pages of search output from Google when asking for “Tom Cruise scientology 14 oct 2012”.

Remember that last week I tried to find information on church sites about the 2012 IAS event at Saint Hill and found nothing from the church in the first 2 pages of search results, instead finding only news about protests and objections and opposition to the IAS event.

The internet is Miscavige’s burr under the saddle, partly because Miscavige doesn’t know how internet works. Still.

Anyway, here’s the top dozen or so sites reporting on Cruise’s considering dumping Scientology Inc to get his family back.










Most of the articles quote one original article, so there’s lots of repetition. But if you’ve been paying attention lately, Scientology Inc can’t get coverage for what they want no matter how hard they try.

But, “You can’t buy PR like this.”

Apparently there’s some recognized maxims about what not to do  when trying to get PR, as documented here. None of them are actually contra-opposed to LRH PR principles as far as I can see. But they’re mistakes Miscavige makes just the same.

Scientology Inc, Miscavige, and Cruise are getting loads of PR lately. It’s just not the PR that Miscavige wants.

Maybe he should have thought about that when throttling Mike Rinder.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

Update 16 October 2012

Tony Ortega has published an analysis of what went on with the Cruise-leaving-Scientology-for-Katie story.

As I pointed out in my post, most of the articles that appeared on this topic appear to have been sourced to a single article. Tony points out it was an post done on the web site of the British tabloid The People.

Tony went to Marty and between them apparently concluded that the news about the Cruise leaving Scientology for Katie story was most likely a piece planted by a Cruise damage control party, in order to make any internet story about the Cruise/Scientology connection suspect.

That viewpoint would seem to have some credibility, as this site has experienced commentary-attacks from what are obviously OSA-trolls in the past 48 hours, seeking to perpetuate the story without any substance. (Those comments were not approved.)


As much as I would like to believe that that Cruise has come to his senses and realized the damage that his association with Miscavige’s Scientology Inc has done to his career and dynamics, we’ll just have to wait to see how this plays out.

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