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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

“It’s very different than what I imagined Scientology would become when I entered in 1988”

An astute reader sent us this URL to a web page that lets us know that not everyone in Clearwater is a rabid foaming-at-the-mouth Miscavige-defending Scientologrist.

It’s an odd thing but it seems like every time I’ve been in a Scientology Org, an atmosphere of us-vs.-them existed. Us in the building; them outside the building. When an us/them paradigm exists, it’s easier to think of “them” as disreputable reprobates. In Clearwater, the us/then mentality means the thinking goes like this: “They’re only wogs and we don’t care what happens to them”. It’s another sign of the Miscavige-era “only one” valence that’s not done Scientology any good.

In addition to what the article says, I can add to the perception people have about Downtown Clearwater.

The article says that one Downtown Clearwater businessman is so tired of not having the business activity he thinks he should have that he put up a sign:


He reports that community support has picked up so much he has formed a coalition of other business owners in the same straits. When their membership reaches thirty, they’re all going to erect similar signs on the same day.

I showed the article to a friend of mine and his response was: “It’s very different than what I imagined Scientology would become when I entered in 1988”. Yeah, I remember feeling that way when I first got in: “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was a Scientologist”. Of course, now I’m saying, “Whew. Thank heavens not everyone is a Scientologist.”

The actual article is here. But I have the full article on this site as a huge graphic.

Just click on the thumbnail at the beginning of the article to see it.

The thing I want to add to the article is that church attendance has dropped so much, and that Flag staff get paid so little, that downtown Clearwater is getting to be like a ghost town, one empty storefront after another. Remember that the Flag stats have mysteriously fallen out of the Birthday Game events.

This is one way the remaining few businesses in downtown Clearwater can fight back.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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