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Possibly Helpful Advice

Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

The Upcoming Church of Miscavige Implosion

Willing to Confront Anything? :-[ – not for the squeamish

Cult FinaleIt is only a matter of time until a critical mass of staff and supporters realize that their personal survival depends on escaping the clutches of the CofM and take action.

Many have had the realization, but are still hanging on in the hopes that someone will save the day and “make things better”. It is not going to happen. Those in the church who could have done this are locked up in Hemet or are degraded shadows of their former selves.

The movers and shakers that remain are firmly in the valence of Dear Leader and are screaming and slapping faces in an effort to get staff to stand tall and make more money for the church.

This constant abuse can drive someone down into the Robot band where they need orders and are completely other determined. Read Robotism, 10 May 1972, to get the true horror of what is happening to CoM staff members and public today.

They are so deeply conditioned that it is virtually impossible to get them to listen to any voice but Dear leader’s.

If you thought that Orwell’s 1984 was a flight of fancy, you have not been watching the CofM closely. I have dear friends and an ex-wife who respond violently when asked if they know about Heber or abuses at Hemet. These are OTs who worked with Heber or were his friends!

If Dear Leader says Heber is an Unperson, they put all memory of Heber out of their minds. They are bloody Clockwork Oranges with loose bits of contrary data clinking around in their heads.

Since we are not likely to be able to penetrate their conditioning directly, our best and most humane solution is to cut off their money supply.

When the money supply drops below a certain level, and beatings do not change the downtrend, Miscavige’s lifestyle will be impacted enough that he will either (a) declare the church to be infested with incompetents and leave for greener pastures, (b) start to recognize what he has caused and pull in a serious motivator, or (c) insist on being right and do a “Jonestown” in his bunker.

Looking at the recent church promo, it seems that they have entered an alternate reality where stats are up, staff is highly motivated and Scientology is making inroads all over the planet. They are on a collision course with reality and the result is going to be quite painful for all remaining staff and public.

I doubt that Dear Leader and his followers will still have an operational cult by Christmas. The negative public relations created by Independents publishing the truth will cut new donations and recruitment to a trickle. The pressure on the faithful will escalate until there are more Rex Fowler disasters and that will be the beginning of the end.

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lunamoth  on June 28th, 2010

Wow, David. I do believe you’re right about dm’s remaining choices. I only hope the collateral damage is minimal.

Han Solo  on June 29th, 2010

While I have some disbelief regarding your predicted schedule I fully agree on the direction of the trend.

I believe that the demise will be more slowly, because Scn is backed up with a strong theta factor. Many blind followers will do literaly anything to keep their church alive. This will extend the agony of its dying.

When the going gets tough I assume DM will pull a white rabbit out of his hat, like “now with all these ideal orgs we can release OT 9″ or “the IAS war chest will contribute in a big way to a planetary dissemination campaign”, or maybe another version of “arbitraries cancelled”.

Such a teaser might restore some morale.

But it cannot repair the trend.

And what’s going to happen when the church goes down ?

I guess we are going to see some really unprecedented things in the independent field … :-) :-) :-)

When people try

OldAuditor  on June 29th, 2010


The strong theta factor will definitely prolong the agony.

As for the white rabbit, when DM pulls that festering disaster out of his “hat”, there will be those who will wonder if OT9 produces cancer faster than the current version of OT8.

When they learn the the all-new OT9 comes with a battery of Sec-Checks and a mandatory insurance policy with the CofM as beneficiary, their worst fears will be realized.

I think DM has used up his credibility, except with the permanently damaged people he has already sucked dry. Where will they get the money he wants? There are only so many who wish to give their lives and reputations up for Scientology. How many Rex Fowlers do you think are left?

Myself  on July 12th, 2010

I don’t like DM either but I also don’t like the violent picture that you are painting.

OldAuditor  on July 12th, 2010

Dear Myself person,

What part of the world do you live in?

How much additional violence do you need?
Are you aware that brutal beatings have been the normal behavior pattern within Int Management for the last ten years of so?
Have you read Amy Scoble’s book or Blown for Good, or Counterfeit Dreams?
Are you aware that OTs are getting cancer at higher rates than the general population?

I am truly sorry if my words bring a shade of discord into your peaceful life, but Scientology staff members are being abused every day by the cult we used to think would save the world.

I was a an active scientologist for 20 years and saw the criminality cascading down from the top beginning in the eighties. I withdrew during the nineties and tried to adopt a wait and see attitude in the hopes that the management people I knew would turn things around. After 15 years of watching things get worse, I finally came out and started taking a stand to help those who were being harmed by the Church of Miscavige.

The violence you abhor has continued for more than 20 years without abating. I am only projecting the final trajectory of the church based on my training and personal observations. Management continues its insane course of action at full speed regardless of the abuses that are exposed. It is only a matter of time before this organization collapses under the weight of its overts.

niteroi  on October 2nd, 2010

Our responsibility is, first and foremost (1.) to use the tech we have been taught and which is available to us, (2.) to promulgate it and (3.) to, above all else, preserve it.

We do the latter by doing the first two things mentioned — not merely by making lots of copies of the processes, which is also a good idea.

Tt does not matter, much, what the CofS/CofM or the yellow monkeys in the zoo are doing, so long as we are doing the three things mentioned.

And, in the end, it doesn’t matter whether we are doing them inside the CofS/CofM or as independents, although from my very recent experiences from inside the CofS, one is apt to not be able to do and of the three inside the CofS.

Suppression, whether in the form of gratuitous violence, or keeping the tech hidden and what is not hidden altered so as to make it Black Scientology is, of course, something to be handled. But, you don’t handle SP’s by shooting them (at least you don’t handle them terminatedly by doing that, you only postpone when you’ll eventually have to handle them), destroying their buildings, destroying their organizations or, really, harming them. You handle SP’s by handling yourself and your fellows so that you, and they, aren’t susceptible to them. And this requires both training and auditing.

TO THE EXTENT that you can’t get standard auditng and training because of the actions of SP’s, then you have to handle THAT situation, and maybe eventually if they get to be really rabid, you do have to ‘shoot’ them. But, that’s last resort.

The first resort is to raise one’s own individual responsibility and confront by availing oneself of the standard tech which is available from Independent Ethical scientologists.

The airlines tell us, when we board, to, in case of an emergency, put on our own oxygen masks, before helping others.


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