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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Sea Org members get more and more prickly as production drops and the pressure to produce goes straight up and vertical

This was inevitable.

As more and more of Miscavige’s bright ideas turn out to be unworkable unbright ideas, production has dropped.

This has resulted in enormous pressure on Sea Org members to produce. Which in turn has resulted in more and more ill manners and rudeness, and a lack of perception of how Sea Org members’ prickly behavior affects parishioners. Which greatly affects how the Sea Org is perceived by parishioners.

We know for sure that many things have happened.

For example, the ACC lectures had to be produced in fifty-two languages, forty-two of which aren’t spoken by 99.2% of Scientologists. So the price of complete ACC lecture sets are now being sold for 47.5% discounts. The Basics book and lecture sets sold well and are now safely housed in parishioners’ garages and storage lockers instead of being used to disseminate Scientology. If you look on Ebay, you’ll find entire sets of Basics being sold for $200 or $250 (including free shipping) or individual Basics books being sold at $9 (including free shipping).

The LRH encyclopedic biography (or biographical encyclopedia – I can never tell) isn’t even being sold on Ebay because parishioners had enough of the Church’s hard-sell/no-result book campaigns with the Basics and the ACCs and didn’t buy 50 sets to sit in their garages.

The motto parishioners have adapted and adopted and carry close to their hearts when dealing with Materials Insultants is: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, I’ll never talk to you again.”

So LRH biographical encyclopedias are selling like ice cubes to Inuits.

Bottom line: the stats are crashed. Straight down and vertical.

This puts hideous pressure on Sea Org members whose only results are measured by an up statistic.

And the “reasonable” approach to explaining a Sea Org member’s down statistics would be “David Miscavige’s lousy management and generated bad PR for the church is why my stats are down.”

That’s not allowed, of course, but claiming that an SP is in the vicinity is allowed. Claiming the parishioner was the adverse effect of some web site is allowed, too.

As a result, we get e-mail exchanges of this flavor:


From: Patrick Howson [email protected]
Subject: Parishioner, are you game?
To: [email protected]
Date: Friday, September 7, 2012, 10:40 PM

Hi Parishioner,

I have a new and exciting challenge for everyone reading this message…

You may not realize this but you are part of a single group of Scientologists who regularly receive our LRH Quote of the Week newsletter service.

The other day, this number peaked out at just over 83,000 people across the planet…

That’s pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Can you imagine such a large group of Scientologists who are all singly connected through one comm line? What would they be capable of?

So, the other day, as I was congratulating myself for breaking the 83,000 mark… I got to thinking about this!

What if all of us (ie, YOU reading this message) were to do one single action that would create a BIG positive effect for this planet?

That’s when I thought of this brilliant game.

Create a better world with a single five dollar bill…

How much is $5 worth to you? A cup of coffee? Fast food lunch? Tip at a restaurant?

I think we can all agree that a 5 dollar bill is a fairly small and insignificant amount.

But if 83,000 people were all to combine their efforts with a simple 5 dollar donation towards a good cause… it becomes a significant impact for planetary change.

The Game: 83,000 Scientologists Make a single $5 donation to the International Library Campaign…

I personally believe that everyone reading this message is capable of an immediate and small donation of this amount.

And combined as an overall team, this will help us make some major targets on our international library campaign!

Remember, you belong to a elite group of 83,000 people and it’s time to “flex our muscles” as a group and show everyone what we’re capable of!

Why the International Library Campaign?

Bridge and New Era Publications are the sole distributors of LRH materials to libraries across the world.

For example, we are right now wrapping up the Way to Happiness DVD campaign to schools – all across the world – which is already getting in rave successes from teachers and principals who are using the non-religious moral code in their class rooms.

And the newly released Ron Series has already been distributed to the top 10% of universities world-wide and is now being delivered to all General Public Libraries by March 13th.

By a simple combined donation of $5 from everyone reading this we could give a bright new future to millions of men, women and children across the globe who will discover LRH for the first time…

“It has been said a single Dianetics or Scientology book is more valuable to the human race than the discovery of the wheel or fire. That is because it could halt man’s own decline and personal demise.” – LRH, from HCOPL 9 May 1982R, BOOKS ARE ASSETS

I think this is brilliant, don’t you?

So, the question is: Are you game?

Let’s do this.

Let’s send a message that we can – as a combined force – create some serious impact.

We’re a force to be reckoned with!

All you need to do is make a $5 minimum donation and your part is done!

“If the combined power of all of us and all organizations were exerted as a shoulder to shoulder effort, we would take this planet just as we were and with no more than we know.” – LRH, from HCOPL 29 Oct 1959, SERVICE

Donation Options:

Please make one of the following donation amounts (minimum $5):

Make your $5 donation on-line here <—

Make your $10 donation on-line here <—

Make your $25 donation on-line here <—

If you would like to make a larger donation then contact us at 323-899-1034.

Our Gift in Exchange: Donwnload The Way to Happiness eBook in any of 100 languages.

Once you finish the on-line donation we will give you access to download the eBook instantly!

Thanks very much in advance for helping to make this idea a success!


Patrick Howson Mail Order Manager

Bridge Publications, Inc. (323) 899-1034

(c) 2012 Bridge Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. For trademark information, please click here: http://www.bridgepub.com/tmnotice.html


From: Parishioner [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, September 08, 2012 1:03 AM
To: Patrick Howson
Subject: Re: Parishioner, are you game?

Dear Patrick,

LRH says in HCO PL Org Ethics and Tech:

GET RID OF DISTRACTIONS FROM SCIENTOLOGY in your org. Baby-sitting or raffle tickets and such nonsense.”-LRH

Yet these distractions are rampant as they are being used as fund-raisers to get money for the huge quotas being issued to fund the “Ideal Org”.

“If the org slumps… don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money. Just make more income with Scientology. It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.”

“For orgs as for pcs, ‘Solve It With Scientology’.

“Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in more Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.”

HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II, Org Programming, (OEC Vol. 7, p. 930)

What is the policy you are operating from?




From: Patrick Howson <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: Parishioner, are you game?
To: “Parishioner” [email protected]
Date: Saturday, September 8, 2012, 1:49 PM

Hi Parishioner,

Thanks for your comm.

Before I answer your question fully and send you the specific LRH references, you need to answer one question for me first: Which SP web site or individual are you connected to in some way that gave you the data you sent me?

If you truthfully answer this one question first, I will be more than happy to proceed.




From: Parishioner [email protected]
Subject: RE: Parishioner, are you game?
To: “Patrick Howson” <[email protected]>
Date: Sunday, September 9, 2012, 4:57 AM

Dear Patrick,

Your comm was not the answer I had expected. I only requested you quote the reference you are operating from.

I resigned myself to the fact that I maybe declared an SP. But the answer to your question is I have not been connected with anyone you might like to KR. I have been living on the mountains in Asia for the past 5 years. And I mean mountains. Mining and logging.

Since when did it become an outpoint to request a reference from source?

I home you continue to send me the LRH quotes of the week.




So, what do we see from this?

We see that this Sea Org member’s stats are down.

And, as correctly pointed out by Parishioner, the “solution” to the Sea Org member’s down stats is…donations!

And when asked for the LRH reference that endorses that approach, the Sea Org member gets all bristly and accuses the parishioner of consorting with an SP.

An SP like…I dunno…L. Ron Hubbard!

What you can’t see is that the S.O. member must be getting Qual help or orders from uplines telling the S.O. member to presume that a public that wants to know the reference for something…and is citing an LRH reference…is an SP or associated with an SP. This is bad advice at best, and suppressive at worst.

And of course, the parishioner missed the S.O. member’s withholds.

This is such an iconic modern-day example of a church member interacting with his church that I couldn’t resist posting it.

I would feel guilty that it might get Patrick RPF’d except it’s reflective of a half-a-hundred exchanges I had with Patrick over the past 16 years…all to the same no-result.

Remember the two rules for happy living as found in “New Slant on Life”, a book written by L. Ron Hubbard:

1. Be able to experience anything.

2. Cause only those things which others are able to experience easily.

Apparently, these rules don’t apply to Sea Org members, only parishioners.

Sea Org members don’t have to be able to experience anything. Parishioners have to be able to experience rudeness, out-ARC, out-tech, out-ethnics, entheta, no-auditing, no-service, off-policy, out-exchange, and rules that apply to them but not to Tom Cruise.

Sea Org members don’t have to be aware of what they cause, so they can be rude, out-ARC, out-tech, out-ethnics, entheta, deny service, deliver no auditing, do off-policy things, be out-exchange, and apply rules to parishioners that don’t apply to Tom Cruise.

That’s another distinction that gets made in Miscavology.

LRH’s rules and advice are ignored when ignoring them can make a parishioner wrong.

Nobody in the Sea Org is allowed to listen to a parishioner ask a question that asks for how it can be that the Sea Org member is contradicting LRH policy or tech.

And nobody in the Sea Org is allowed to listen to a parishioner ask a question like “Which SP or individual are you connected to in some way that gave you orders that contradict LRH’s policy?”

It’s not allowed.

Because the answer is David Miscavige.

— written by Plain Old Thetan


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Dan 351  on October 23rd, 2012

It’s a sign of the times that Patrick could be confused whether or not a person quoting LRH could be reading Bridge-produced LRH books, or a person quoting LRH could be getting the quote from an SP web site. Naturally, though, instead of presuming the parishioner was quoting from an Bridge-produced LRH volume, the set-a-good-example Sea Org member dived straight for the jugular and accused him of getting the quote from an SP web site. Such a sorry state of affairs.

D'Anne  on October 23rd, 2012

I like seeing this exchange. It’s exposing the truth.

This is a SANE website. SP = Sane People. :-) Whew.

And I have my boxes of $7,500 worth of ACC lectures packed up in the garage taking up space. Wow. Sane me.

Hapexamendios  on October 23rd, 2012

So I take it that Patrick thinks that LRH is an SP? Because he is the source of that data. How can one be so brain dead and totally miss the point of the subject? So sad…

Crane  on October 24th, 2012

Evidently Patrick Howson doesn’t believe that it is
“better to light one candle, than curse the darkness”. I have to conclude that he never really
understood LRH.

SKM  on October 25th, 2012

Plain Old Thetan,
you’re so mean.
You are using policy to stop.


Just kidding? No, that’s how the Sea Org and smaller Orgs operate.
If you use LRH Policy to stop off-policy actions, you’re an SP.

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