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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Going our own way as the Church of Miscavige fades into history

Some Confront Required :(

In the future, I expect to see many leaders in the field, not just one or two. We will be going many different ways and creating many different futures.  I think this image is a fitting metaphor for what will happen as we realize our true potentials. Think of it as life after the CofM becomes history.
We will go many different ways
An organization such as the Church of Scientology is bound together by agreements. With a charismatic leader like Ron Hubbard, there was enough affinity for the professed goals that people of all persuasions joined together to make that goal a reality and agreed to put the organization ahead of their personal interests.

When the agreements of such a group are violated enough by the leaders, the group wakes up out of its trance-like state and starts to disintegrate. This is not an easy task because the group members have a strong sense of duty and that sense of duty is exploited by the leadership to keep members captive as long as possible.

When members publicly leave the group, they are made to feel degraded and are often convinced that their self worth is meaningless.

This why many people are leaving by degrees instead of coming out and making a public declaration. They are too “busy” with work to get more auditing or training. They have business trips that prevent them from attending events. They find “legitimate” excuses for being less involved as an active Scientologist. As they spend more time away from the church, the frenzied registration cycles and meaningless stats seem more and more unreal to them. They may still make donations to the Idle Org campaigns and to the IAS, but it becomes a protective measure to avoid being singled out as an SP.

Either way, the person eventually finds their way to the Internet and their conversion to rationality is only a matter of time. They see that they are not alone and their observations of wrongdoing are not unique. Eventually they come out and the transformation begins.

The path back to being a normal human being takes a fairly standard trajectory.

The first step is to withdraw and try to recover from the shock of separating from the church. During this stage, the person may be vulnerable to entreaties to return to the cult and all will be forgiven.

The next stage as the shock begins to wear off is to become angry at efforts to disconnect them from friends and family. All sorts of social pressures are employed by cult members and cult-related employers to get the escapee to return to the fold.

The next step often involves intensive study of the actual facts about the Church of Scientology. This starts with reading about safe things like staff member abuse and criminal registration cycles. Then it expands to reading about church criminality, disconnection, and Fair Gaming of those who spoke out about the church.

At this point, the person has begun to discover truly unsettling things about the church and Ron Hubbard which shake almost every stable datum they have. Some cut and run to find security in groups that assign all blame for the current church to David Miscavige. This gives them a safe group where they can discuss their feelings and share their experiences.

Others find that this treasure trove of reports going back 40 years validates what they always suspected and a curious divergence of activities occurs.

Some feel such revulsion and betrayal that they abandon Scientology completely, either moving on to a more acceptable philosophy or becoming outspoken critics of the church, of Hubbard, and of the entire Scientology philosophy.

Some decide that the church urgently needs reform and become committed to exposing the crimes and human rights abuses of the CofS. They may protest with Anonymous or support blogs like Ex Scientologist Message Board, Leaving Scientology, Scientology-cult, and Marty Rathbun’s blog where their primary focus is on bringing the abuses to an end.

There are others who see the primary need as one of rehabilitating the hardworking staff and loyal public who have finally woken up and are making a new life outside of Scientology. I happen to be in this category and my newest priority is helping rehabilitate auditors as they are a priceless asset which is urgently needed in the Independent field. I see this entire rehabilitation effort as the great long term need outside the church. Thousands of Independents will surface this year and they should have auditing gains to look forward to.

I think we can make this happen. Not as a giant concerted action, but by rehabilitating individuals one at a time using standard processes under the Auditor’s Code with C/Sing and programming designed to benefit the Preclear, not anyone else.

The takeaway from the CofS debacle is that Independent scientology does not need a leader – it will have many leaders. We are not going in the same direction from here on out. We are free to chose our direction and our friends. We will see a lot of new leaders and many interesting ways of delivering spiritual freedom. We may even see people dedicated to seeing that this cult madness never happens again.

I hope to be taping new paths while continuing to use what we have found to be workable in the past. That is the game I have in mind. Creating a game for others. There are a few of us doing that already and there will be more in the future.

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Fancy  on July 1st, 2010

I hope many will take a look at the Venus Project to bring that new direction the tech needs to take. It is the next stage of society and I would like it to work and I consider the tech is an important part of that.

It is a resource based economy not based on money. It removes the lowest motivator there is in man.

Also limits the SP’s in the damage they can do because of greed and power grabs.

I consider the tech is so far behind because of the church that it needs help to go forward. To have a future for the tech and man.

Penny Krieger  on March 28th, 2011

“I think we can make this happen. Not as a giant concerted action, but by rehabilitating individuals one at a time using standard processes under the Auditor’s Code with C/Sing and programming designed to benefit the Preclear, not anyone else.”


Your “care” factor here really shines. I have been devouring your recommended links for a month or so and the learning continues. Particularly enjoyed listening to Phil Spickler. Watched all his videos, read his blog, etc. Enlightening to find out what went on behind closed doors so many years ago and how and when it began to change.

Communication and freedom are what got me in and now communication and the seeking of personal enlightenment and spiritual freedom are what got me out of the Church. My quest is not over, as I erroneously thought in the beginning (the shock stage) but will continue!

You are right. Independent auditors are needed as the demand will only increase over time. Excellent site and my thanks.

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