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Great news! Freewinds rates going up!

Hot on the heels of the 2012 IAS event comes the announcement that rates on the Freewinds are going up on November 1st.

The important information is that Class IX intensives on the ship are going from $5000 to $7800 each.

And 4-person-to-a-cabin shared accommodations are going from $700 a week to $1000/week for C-deck and $1200/week for A-deck and B-deck.

The rate changes affect all conventions and other activities done on the ship, too.

So, in an effort to change the ship’s occupancy from “sparse” to “non-existent”, the church is adjusting its rates.

Actually, the church is trying to force people to pay for ship services before the end of this tax year. So they hope that by raising the prices less than ten days after the IAS event, people will rush to make ship advance payments that the ship can pretend to deliver before January 1.

This wouldn’t be so bad, except that the ship is a monopoly, and monopolies have peculiar rules (“natural laws”) they operate on.

When not coerced legally to do otherwise, monopolies typically maximize their profit by producing fewer goods and selling them at higher prices than would be the case for perfect competition. [Wikipedia]

Quick, prepay four or five intensives before November 1.

So that when the Scientology Inc goes belly up, you won’t be able to get a refund/repayment for the $35,000 that the ship is holding for you (but not on “account”).

HCO PL 10 February 1961 PROFESSIONAL CHARGES says No mission or field auditor may charge less for services than the Central Organization for that continent.

Scientology Inc has monopolized itself out of the Scientology business.




From: Scientology Events [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2012 7:36 PM
Subject: HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! What they’re saying about the IAS Event in UK!! :)

The IAS Anniversary Weekend at Saint Hill just happened!!!

Chairman of the Board Briefed on MONUMENTAL accomplishments for us as the IAS–ENTIRE Countries adopting our programs, dissemination releases that will reach the BILLIONS, tear-jerking* and non-stop good news!

Here’s what one non-Scientologist guest from Cameroon said about it…

“This event was impressive, starting just with the number of people that are here tonight, the flawless organization of it and above all, the campaigns that you are running to make a better world.

“Coming here tonight I learned a lot about the psychotropic drugs as I work in the health sector. The pharmacist and medicine are a chain that has to be broken — the doctors are giving drugs too easily.

“I was also very impressed to see the dedication of people fighting for human dignity and freedom. I would like to have a human rights campaign done in my country too.

“As a last note, I was very thrilled and inspired from the speech and voice of Mr. Miscavige and I thank you for having invited me tonight.” – A.N. COB also announced the IAS Event Part II (the following day) which is the in-depth, hands-on briefing from Int Management executives on all our IAS-sponsored programs, and urged that ALL Scientologists attend. Call 888-841-7131 for details!


— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. It must be indicative of the ineffectiveness of Miscavige’s Int Events if the best success story that can be culled for Freewinds promo comes from a tear-jerked non-Scientologist from Cameroon.

*tear·jerker, n. Informal. a pathetic story, play, movie, or the like; an excessively sentimental tale.

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Bitter Defrocked Apostate  on October 28th, 2012

The tear-jerked non-Scientologist from Cameroon is also unfamiliar with Davey’s practice of hiring squads of seat-fillers to fill up the seats at events, jump up and applaud on cue and generally pretend to be one of the clubbed seals.

Bitter Defrocked Apostate  on October 28th, 2012

I would love to go to the Freakwinds and plunk down 5 thou or so to do their dirty work (i.e. free repairs and mest work) under the guise of a “Competence and Leadership” course. But there are so many unanswered questions here: Will I have to lick the engine room clean as an exercise in competence and leadership? Do I get free treatment for asbestos inhalation with my convention package fee? And I still have to donate a few more thou to the IA$ regges, right?

eileenclark101  on October 28th, 2012

Stupid is as stupid does, as Forrest Gump said.
Words of wisdom.

StatPush  on October 29th, 2012

Balderdash. “ENTIRE Countries adopting our programs” – how many times have we heard this? Too many, but apparently not too many for corporate Scientologists. They just lap it up.
“…dissemination releases that will reach the BILLIONS” – think about that for a second…BILLIONS – that’s a lot…a whole lot. There’s only a few events on planet Earth that have that kind of reach, the Olympics and the Football World Cup come to mind. So, you mean to tell me that ol’ DM has hatched a plan to trump that?? Yeah…okay

StatPush  on October 29th, 2012

Re: Freewinds raising prices – okay, so the economy has tanked, worst economic times since the Great Depression, so what do you do? Of course – RAISE your prices. Just sit back and watch ‘em line up.

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