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PTSness follows Miscavige wherever he goes

This week’s post by Tony Ortega telling us about what happened to the squirming weaselly Tommy Davis missed some key points.

Tony talks about Joe Feshbach, one of the trio of Scientology brothers who came to fame by “proving” that Scientology can make you rich beyond your dreams. If you read Marty’s book about the Scientology Reformation, you’ll read about the Feshbachs’ questionable profit-making schemes that Miscavige endorsed and actually leveraged to attract people to Scientology. The Feschbachs were Miscavige’s BFFs until the questionable-ness of their practices started getting U.S. government attention.

I don’t want to rehash here the story that Marty has covered perfectly well in his book.

What I want to point out is that Joe Feshbach collapsed and died on a bicycle ride in August 2011.

The other thing the article says is that Jessica Feshbach’s illness was what caused Jessica and Tommy to route out of the Sea Org and take up residence in Texas.

Whether or not you subscribe to Scientology theology, it is written in HCOB 10 August 73 PTS HANDLING that

There are two stable data which anyone has to have, understand and KNOW ARE TRUE in order to obtain results in handling the person connected to suppressives.

These data are:

1. That all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition.

2. That getting rid of the conditions requires three basic actions: (A) Discover; (B)  handle or disconnect.

(yeah, I still have trouble parsing it. So please don’t ask me what the two basic data are or what the three basic actions are…it just says what it says, okay?)

If it says what it says, why aren’t Scientologists following it? Why aren’t they seeing what they’re supposed to be seeing.

Good, stolid, dyed-in-the-wool Scientologists should be predicting where I’m driving the truck now.

The illnesses attributed to these people are glaring, blinding, white-hot indicators of PTSness.

Now, who were these people connected to that might be SPs (suppressive persons)?

Well, Tommy was definitely connected to David Miscavige. And he was also connected to DM’s entourage. And he was also connected to the various persons on the Int Base that DM has “spot-declared” to be suppressive persons but were allowed to stay on post.

He was also within shouting distance of the Hole, the on-Base incarceration center for the 80+ persons declared to be beyond recovery and to be eternal suppressive persons.

Jessica was Tom Cruise’s in-home spy for Miscavige. And, being associated with Tommy Davis, who, like TC, assumed big slices of Miscavige’s valence, Jessica had no escape route from Miscavige’s influence.

The rest of the planet, even if they know what an SP is, don’t find them very much. Most strangely behaved people are not SPs; they’re assumed a condition of PTS as the result of their association with SPs.

(SPs have been labeled Toxic Personalities by the mental health professions for years, by the way. The mental health professions have no way of curing an SP or PTS in a codified methodological way, of course, continuing to rely on luck or disconnection.)

Recently, a non-Scientology book called The Sociopath Next Door (its author is Martha Stout) has surfaced as the next-higher echelon in understanding SPs. One reader has used it to label DM The Sociopath of Scientology.

I’ve already written about the forcefully warped alterations in PTS tech due to Miscavige’s influence.

In the church’s sphere of influence, you can never, never, never, never name Miscavige in a metered PTS interview.  Never.

The item will not be accepted. You will not be given the item. You will therefore not be asked to handle or disconnect. And you will not be given life-relief auditing on the item.

But you will be scheduled for endless intensives of confessionals, because part of the alterations, the false datum has emerged “if you name a good hat, you’re a suppressive yourself”.

Nobody can look at Miscavige as an SP and remain in the church.

Even if it’s true.

Even if it kills you.

Even if it kills your wife.

Oh, well.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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AnonLover  on October 25th, 2012

Haven’t enough church members died from untreated illnesses? Didn’t Alexander Jentzsch die while under the suppressive influence of Scientology Inc and Miscavige? Who’s next?

PlainOldThetan  on October 25th, 2012

AnonLover: That’s exactly what the sarcasm around the PTS tech citations were supposed to point out. Any indoctrinated dyed-in-the-wool I’ve-done-the-PTS/SP-course-three-times Scientologist SHOULD be able to see that the illness and death surrounding Miscavige are indicators of an SP being present, BUT THEY DON’T. And they WON’T, not while under the svengali-influence of Miscavige. The indoctrinated are not using the data they’ve so willingly paid to have jammed down their throats when the evidence that they should be applying it is right in front of them.

AnonLover  on October 26th, 2012

OK, Gotcha POT. My apologies for the rant and thank you trimming that down to just what matters.

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