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UK journalist crashes 2012 IAS-fest at Saint Hill

Journalist Amy Jones, of the UK publication The Sun, got through the barricades and into the IAS’ 2012 event at Saint Hill.

Amy’s revelations as to what revisionist history spews undigested from the stage at the event give great insight into the brainwashing techniques employed in the cult’s group indoctrination events.

As this site reported in June the “open to anyone” Grand Opening of the Phoenix Idyllic Org wasn’t “open to anyone”. There were uniformed police and plainclothes security agents making sure no one was taking pictures. There were trees in bit planting pots set up to ensure no one could see Miscavige speak from adjoining properties. If anyone stood on their own parked car and tried to get pictures they were rousted by jack-booted Scientology security personnel.

The irony in it is that the Phoenix Grand opening was a Public Relations event that was denied to the public.

Which prompted me to interview several attendees of the Phoenix grand opening and write a blog post to suggest an approach that journalists could take to get real news out of future grand openings.

If you looked around cyberspace after the Phoenix grand opening, all the news reports from the Phoenix Grand Opening event were exactly the same, merely parroting Scientology Inc’s official press release and showing the same single photo taken at the event.

As Amy shows us with her report, when real reporters attend the real event the reports that come out of the event are not very flattering to the constantly-PR-obsessed self-appointed iron-fisted Führer of Scientology.

Without the constant need to have an evil enemy looming over Scientology Inc that requires fighting, the brainwashed crowd ever fails to turn its combative gaze on the person who is the real enemy of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard: David Miscavige.

Remember that Scientology Inc needs Psychiatry. It needs an enemy to fight against – to raise donations to fight with, that is. It also needs Psychiatry to get the truly institutional cases out of society and into lock-up.

After all, such institutional cases are called Illegal PCs in Scientology and are not allowed to purchase or receive training or auditing (they can buy books, however). So society needs something to do with the cases that Scientology refuses to handle.

Having Scientology Inc constantly battle Psychiatry gives Miscavige something to crow about occasionally when the psychopharma-psychology  complex has a fail.

And it stirs up the psychologists and psychiatrists to battle Scientology Inc.

So there’s a never-ending battle. It’s right out of GPM technology.

I can think of one thing that would end this battle. That the psychopharma industry would come up with tests that would prove that a certain drug regimen would preserve the life of the patient yet provide therapeutic benefits. And they’d continue to gather statistics on how successful those tests were in ensuring that psychiatric drug users would stay alive and benefitted from psychopharma drug regimens.  Oh, yeah. One other thing. The FDA and APA would not approve “drug cocktails” that didn’t have a long history of being non-harmful. Right now, individual drugs get okay’d. Like Prozac. But there are no clinical tests and clinical trials that tell a patient what’s going to happen if a psychiatrist gives him Wellbutrin. There’s no clinical studies if the doctor then additionally prescribes Adderall to the cocktail. So if someone kills themselves or someone else while on said cocktail, the drug industry and prescribing physician should be guilty of depraved indifference. And it should be illegal to remove people who kill themselves or others from clinical trial results.

Many people assert that “antidepressants” and other psychophmarmaceuticals work. The problem is that psycho-pharmaceuticals depend on the placebo effect.  CBS did a “60 minutes” piece about the placebo effect phenomena from antidepressants not too long ago.

As reported just this week, film director Tony Scott killed himself in August, despite having antidepressants in his blood stream.

There is continually accumulating evidence that psycho-pharmaceuticals have one therapeutic effect: their administration makes government officials and mental health authorities believe that “something has been done about it”, when instead what’s been done is another sorry human has been delivered to the graveyard on the installment plan — all funded by someone’s health insurance.

Amy, if you look in Wikipedia using the search term “SS psychiatrist”, you’ll find a large list of Nazis who were also psychiatrists.

It’s not that the Nazis caused the holocaust and that psychiatrists didn’t.

The link is more like Nazis who were also psychiatrists provided the “genetic” and “scientific” justification to carry out the holocaust. Which could be the connection that Miscavige is leveraging.

Check it out, please.

Too bad we can’t see the actual event and judge for ourselves.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

Update 30 November 2012

Even though there’s a book that covers the Hitler/Nazi/Psychiatry connection (Psychiatrists: the Men Behind Hitler) serious people will no doubt want to reject any suggestion they read that book because of its covert yet patently obvious connection to the Church of Scientology (just look at the page after the title page).

Other ways a serious person can get an insight into the Hitler/Psychiatry/Genocide connection sans Scientology influence is to read the book The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing And The Psychology Of Genocide by Robert Jay Lifton.

One can also watch the televised History Channel documentary High Hitler which rolls around on their televised line-up. periodically (mostly in April in celebration of Herr Hitler’s death).

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slappy  on October 28th, 2012

And Tom Cruise showed up at the Patrons Ball with an unknown wog date. Obviously all the church actresses had flunked the wife auditions, so what’s a Big Being to do?

Bitter Defrocked Apostate  on October 28th, 2012

Did the wog date file down her incisors as proof that she was worthy of the company of a Big Being?

slappy  on October 28th, 2012

TC wouldn’t want her smiling and showing off her teeth – it might have stolen his thunder when “he” was the star on his “turf.” So she probably just kept her mouth shut and looked pretty.

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