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Confusion reigns as orgs can’t get their IAS event schedules straight

I got very confused this week by getting multiple notifications of multiple IAS events being held in various locales.

First, this came from the Phoenix Ideal Org:


Be In The Know On Our 4th Dynamic Campaigns!

This Saturday, October 27th!

Doors Open @ 6:00pm
Event Starts @ 6:30pm in the Phoenix Org Chapel


Then, this came from Pasadena Ideal Org:



Part of the confusion is this: is the Pasadena Ideal Org showing part I of the IAS event on October 27 or 28, and are they expecting to pull the same numbers on Monday November 5 for part II? Or are people supposed to show up on November 4 for the LA basin showing of the IAS event and then again the next day on a  J. Random Monday for Part II?

This is apparently the kind of “coordination” that happens when you fill your Org’s OT committee with steely-gazed dedicated OT VIIs and OT VIIIs. Your public is dragged off to divert students and preclears from yourorg’s delivery and then a day later your premises get used for non-production, non-expansion activities that distract from real production and real expansion. And you have to decide to go to Pasadena on a Monday night, which can be a 40 or 60 mile round-trip in the LA ara.


— written by Plain Old Thetan

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