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I finally finished Blown for Good – vital insights into the church mind

Blown For GoodMark Headley was a street-wise kid who survived the Sea Org and became a tough minded and resourceful adult while learning valuable skills along the way. He has written an important book, Blown for Good.

His book, in my opinion, has more informative about the built-in inefficiencies of the Church of Scientology organization than any of the other books by ex-scientologists.

His book clearly shows how a suppressive top down management system  sows the seeds of its own destruction.  The daily  meetings and the endless rants by Dear Leader reminded me of the 8 hour rants of Castro and other dictators.

This book shows David Miscavige to be an incompetent and irrational manager. I lost track of the vast sums ($Millions) of parishioner money that DM wasted because of his lack of planning and foresight.

Mark never dignified DM by making him out to be a person of real importance,  merely showed him to be a daily source of terror  for those who had to work around him. It would appear from Mark’s book that the Sea Org has adapted to Dear Leader’s oppressive rule by being totally obedient to his face and then reverting to whatever actually works when Dear Leader leaves the scene

The description of the False Reports from Marc Yager and Guillaume Leserve in the 1980s was most revealing. I finally learned where the true reporting of stats gave way to MEST descriptions. Yager invented the means to cover up falling student completion stats by saying that if you took all the course completions and stacked them end to end, they would reach halfway around the moon! (Page 234)

This was Marc Yager’s solution to reporting that student completions were 12,000 instead of 15,000 the year before. I remember reading that description and never thought of what it was concealing.

I did not realize until six years later when I was a Mission Holder how the stats were being padded at every level in the management structure. Our seniors at Scientology Missions International would pad the figures we gave them and ignored our efforts to correct the final reports.

This book is a great read and I felt it was best consumed in small bites because there were revelations in every chapter that I needed time to digest.

I urge all of my friends who are still hiding below the radar to read this book. It will help you formulate your own Doubt formula.


lunamoth  on July 6th, 2010

I really enjoyed that read. Despite the fact that so much of what Mark Headley recounts in his book was just appalling, there was so much truth revealed, so many moments of “So THAT’s what was going on …,” that I believe I got case gain from reading it. Plus, it was just plain interesting.

I sure hope he got some from writing it, too, because what he went through was hell. And judging from the complete lack of WHINING in his story (well, dm does a lot of whining, but Mark does NOT), he didn’t just survive it, he came out on top. GOOD FOR YOU, MARK!!!


TheEmperorIsNaked  on July 6th, 2010

Interesting you mention this as a good book for someone coming out of the church. I agree. I was pretty much out and at some friends over the Christmas holidays and got booted out early from a game of Risk. They felt bad and were going to quit the game or start over and I said “hell no, give me BFG”. I read the first chapter right then.

The next day I bought it. When I came in the mail I read it in two days (working days).

Very, very eye opening. Wonderful story of a big thetan overcoming supression and triumphing. I was almost crying in the last chapter when you know what happened.

Having read the ’82 Mission Holders conference transcript on friendsoflrh.org I already had a super low opinion of Marc Yager and Guillaume Leserve and the stat thing only served to confirm it. Reading that conference transcript shocked me – after finishing I said that’s the end of Scn right there (beginning of the end anyway).

Another shocker was the out-qualness of Sea Org personnel in general as evidenced by Mark’s own out quals. First based on the PL Sea Organization Personnel, but also just based on common sense and general policy understanding. You have to be a Scientologist first, only then could you lead it or join the “priesthood”. No slam on Mark as he was heavily recruited and would not know this. IMHO the extreme top down ness you site is very much exacerbated by these follow blindly kids who execute and enforce orders without much context to know if it forwards Scn or not.

Reading your blog David I see you are an actual Scientologist as I would expect. That must come first. You have witnessed and experienced OT phenomenon and trained and audited. Is that not a prereq for leading other Scientologists of equal or lesser Reality on the subject? I think it is.

Anyway, I like this post, keep up the good work.

Ditto on hoping Mark did great on book sales. He very much deserves it.

Anonymous for Now  on July 8th, 2010

I just finished reading Blown for Good. It was so well written that I could not put it down. The book really captured what happens to the children of Scientologists, who are recruited for the Sea Org. I had a very similar experience.

Mark I really appreciate that you told your story. Reading it helped me strip away the layers of brainwashing. I am no longer invalidating myself, that I am not part of the Sea Org. I am sure this book is reaching thousands of others with similar experiences. One day we will have Scientology back the way LRH intended it to be. Once David Miscavage is Gone for Good!

Thanks again and good luck to you and your family.

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