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Miscavige’s next multimillion dollar farce: making ASHO “ideal”

Apparently satisfied with the sluggish non-expansion and non-delivery at the so-called “Ideal” Class V orgs around the planet, Miscavige has decided to take a few attention units off the dropping income and Bodies in the Shop at Flag, the Freewinds, and those DBs in the non-productive Class V orgs to concentrate on the next echelon Sea Org orgs and target them for Ideality.

Remember that to Miscavige, “Idealness” doesn’t have to do with the Well Done Auditing Hours or Auditors Made production.

If thePhoenix experience is any measure, “Idealness” doesn’t have anything to do with staffing the org properly, either. (A friend of mine was getting “join Phoenix Org staff” phone calls three months after the Phoenix Ideal Org grand opening because the staffing was nowhere near complete.)

Instead, it has to do with the amount of glitz and gilt and glamour one is overwhelmed by when one enters the front door.

Here’s an idea, Davey. Put the OIC (Organization Information Center) in the hallway across from the elevators on the first floor.

It’s cheap and doesn’t involve any gold.

Just overwhelm us with the actual statistics.

How abut this, Davey? I never, ever, ever hear about the Vatican getting massively renovated. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t, but it means to me that the Catholic Church isn’t obsessed with the perceived appearance of its churches anymore.

Have you ever been in Notre Dame Cathedral, Davey? That edifice was built to last. Its construction was basically finished in 1345. The Catholic Church hasn’t seen fit to “gut it” and “redo it” every 20 years. I remember walking up the stone steps to the roof parapets and noting that 700 years of people walking up those stairs has worn visible depressions in the steps. It took 700 years for routine human usage to have an adverse effect on the original construction.

After the first seven years’ use after ASHO’s renovation about 1995, the carpets were worn, the woodwork had started to fall apart, classrooms had been torn up to make them work in the GAT framework. The furniture was threadbare and the cerramic demo kits were broken. The elevators regularly didn’t work, and the air conditioning was intermittent at best.

For an organization that claims to “work in eternity”, Scientology just doesn’t measure up to other organizations that actually “work in eternity”.

Here’s another idea. Make it attractive to join staff at Sea Org orgs. I don’t know what that entails, but I’m sure I know what it doesn’t entail.

It doesn’t entail dragging ASHO Sea Org members off post to do pointless inspections into what is going wrong in the Pasadena Org, Inglewood Org, orOrangeCountyOrg.

It doesn’t involve pulling ASHO Foundation staff off their posts or shutting ASHO Foundation down six or eight weekends a year so their production crashes unfairly while ASHO Day’s production lies unaffected.

It doesn’t involve berthing ASHO staff in berthing with broken windows in the wintertime.

It doesn’t involve “convincing” parents of 14- or 16-year-olds to “turn over” their offspring before they’ve graduated high school and who haven’t achieved the age of majority to an uncivil and obsessively cruel paramilitary organization that abuses them and denies them the spiritual enhancement that’s “verbally promised” during the recruitment phase.

It doesn’t involve sucking recruits into a socially isolated cult that gets people to believing that “in-ethics” is making decisions and taking the actions that are the greatest good for the Sea Org, and not the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

Anyway, the “big news” is that ASHO is going to be changed to an Ideal Org.

Which only has to do with renovation and buildings and wallpaper and carpet. And doesn’t have one whit to do with what LRH described as an Ideal Org.

Anyway, here’s the e-mail that was sent out this week about ASHO becoming “Ideal”.


Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2012
Help ASHO go Ideal


ASHO is working on becoming an Ideal Org. This is very exciting. Soon all the students will have to move into new quarters on the Base so that the org can be renovated from top to bottom.

There are so many ways to help them achieve Ideal Org status. One way is to flow towards your next service, or start course, or increase your IAS status, or join the Sea Org! It’s really a great game for a great org.

Please help out whatever way you can.



So, they’re going to move to new quarters on “the Base” so ASHO can be renovated from top to bottom.

Where will that be?

It could be the empty Class VIII rooms over at AOLA. It could be Lebanon Hall, transmorgrified with partitions. It could be the Pac Renos mill space, not needed any more since the Bandini Road fabrication facility is now operating. It could be in the giant tent they erect in the parking log every time they want to have a Miscavige Int event but can’t afford the Shrine.  Maybe it will be in the basement below LA org where the Cedars of Sinai Morgue used to be. Or maybe ASHO’s delivery facilities will be moved into the parking structure at the corner of L. Ron Hubbard Way and Fountain.

My original suspicion was that ASHO would be temporarily move into the disused Inglewood Idle Org, except there’s a mantra in Scientology that comes from HCO PL 11 August 1971 II: DON’T UNMOCK A WORKING INSTALLATION.

Uh, like ASHO I guess.  And how can they prove Inglewood is a working installation?

I’m hoping our readers will keep us appraised of the “new quarters” as well as the changes made to ASHO.

Cellphone cameras are a wonderful way of getting us the illustrations we need to watch the antics.

Wow, can’t wait to see the renovations complete. Again. And then we can see the empty ASHO in Miscavige’s promo pieces.


— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. Will Karin Pouw and the other OSA drones try to pass off the renovated ASHO as a “new org” that’s the result of 70x expansion?  You know they will…

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