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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Rumors of Cruise departure from Scientology just that

Tony Ortega,The Sun, Framecrawler, Huffington Post and now The Examiner have all reported that Tom Cruise showed up mid-accolades at the Saint Hill IAS-fest.

So the carefully planted rumors that he was abandoning his BFF Miscavige after fielding Katie Holmes’ divorce slap-in-the-face were just that. Rumors.

Tom Cruise’s mouthpieces have sued The Sun for what they say is The Sun’s continuing malcoverage of the Holmes/Cruise split.

I notice that no lawsuits were filed against those who reported that Tom had seen the light and was considering quitting Scientology to reconcile with Katie. That’s because those stories were planted by Cruise’s PR people and weren’t undesired by them.

Today I found a newspiece that the Church of Scientology has placed large Cruise lookalike posters promoting Scientology in the New York subway station that Katie uses. More harassment, Scientology style. You can bet that Miscavige will claim that Scientology’s (ineffective) advertising budget went for “New York Subway Ads” at the New Year’s Event.

The Hindustani Times recently published a summary of the latest Holmes/Cruise reports.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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