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Your Knowledge Reports Make you a Target in the Church of Miscavige

Willing to Confront Anything? :-[      -  not for the squeamish

I was talking to an ex-Sea Org member who has been frustrated by the lack of response to her well-researched and carefully written Knowledge Reports. Like many loyal and hard-working staff members, she was trained to believe in the Scientology Justice system and in the power of Knowledge Reports.

She hasn’t realized that in today’s CoS, Knowledge Reports of wrong doing single the writer out for “special handling”, usually verbal abuse and Security Checks because revealing off-policy activities or outright criminality embarrasses the Church and may inconvenience some high-rolling criminal from getting his OT8.

Writers of Scientology Knowledge Reports generally suffer the same fate as whistleblowers in the US Government and for the same reason.Top executives are more interested in covering up wrongdoing than bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Right now in the Church of Miscavige, money is king. If you are a potential source of major money, the church will avoid looking in your ethics file and will ignore documented Knowledge Reports of child abuse, spousal abuse, kidnapping, and a host of other felonies. If you do get pulled off an OT level because the heat is on, you can get reinstated by a suitable donation and nothing will ever appear in your ethics file.

On the other hand, if you are a troublesome Knowledge Report writer, you will have an ethics file full of manufactured false reports and will be subject to endless Security Checks at your own expense. If you continue to pester church management with requests for justice, you may end up being threatened with Scientology’s lawyers. Scientology maintains a large stable of attorneys to fend off the Justice Department and to keep troublesome parishioners in line.

The Scientology Justice system went south many years ago when David Miscavige first ascended to power. Church justice is what DM says it is and nothing more. Any hope you have of obtaining restitution or justice depends entirely on the whims of the sociopath calling himself the COB.

So, what is an ethical Scientologist public or staff member to do?

Your only hope of regaining your self-respect and taking control of your life, is to take your story to the Internet where you alone control the communication channel. You can set up a website (free in many cases), or post on a forum like the Ex Scientologist Message Board , or post comments on any of the high profile blogs like Scientology-cult, Leaving Scientology, or Moving On Up A Little Higher and your story will reach thousands of people and the Church of Miscavige can do nothing about it.

Once you are published, you also keep publishing every attempt to stop you from reporting the truth. This is the last thing that the church wants to see as it drives away new prospects and encourages other staff to report wrongdoing also.

Stick to the truth and tell what you know without excessive drama. You may be distraught at what the church is doing to you and your family, but people will read an account when it is factual and will remember the facts you present. You really don’t need to appeal to reader’s emotions by telling them how awful you feel and how badly you have been treated. Say what has happened and they will be able to connect the dots themselves and draw their own conclusions.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or for help. There are plenty of us who are willing to help you get back on your feet. Most of us are still getting over the fact that we helped to build one of the worst cults in recent times and we know how hard it is to snap out of the indoctrination we all bought into for many years.

One of the first steps you might consider is looking at what condition you have let your First Dynamic fall into. If you are like many staff members, you were convinced to abandon your First Dynamic years ago. If you are not working up the conditions on your First Dynamic, all of your efforts to right the wrongs you have experienced will be in vain.

Write your Knowledge Reports on the Internet where they will be read and understood.


Fellow Traveller  on July 9th, 2010

I think per policy KRs are not acknowledged. They are just filed. Then acted upon. Could be a bit fuzzy on that point of policy.

KRs should still be written.

Just info the Scientology-Cult site and or Marty as well.

It won’t lower your profile at all. In fact it will likely put you somewhere between “person we recommend you do not communicate with” to declared. With all the disconnection trimmings. But it will help. And if you need help, do what David says.

Bruce Pratt

OldAuditor  on July 10th, 2010

Bruce makes a good point. You should not avoid writing KRs if you witness wrongdoing. Failing to write a KR makes you complicit in the wrongdoing.

Just realize that your KR will bring you to the attention of those who are trying to hide evidence of wrongdoing and they will try to make life miserable for you.

Turn the tables on them and publish broadly n the Internet for your own safety.

What are you doing in a suppressive environment anyway? Move out to where life is saner and safer.

Han Solo  on July 12th, 2010

Yes, I have observed that too : write too many too keen reports and YOU will get attention ( not your reports ). Particularly true if you report about higher executives on an international level.

Become a “squeaky wheel” and they’ll try to make you silent. Like in Orwell’s 1984.

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