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Phoenix Ideal Org already enmeshed in stat-pushing

The Phoenix Ideal Org has been sending out lots of e-mails advertising charged-for introductory services lately.

There’s too many for me to post; but I thank our readers for sending them in.

Phoenix has been rhetorically asking “Now What?” in their promo for months now, without answering it.

The latest blast of e-mails from Phoenix leads me to conclude that the answer to the question “Now What?” is “push and pad the stats”.

And they’re getting away with it by using an off-policy trick.

The trickery is winding and snakelike. Follow the story below and I’ll sort it all out for you.

Take a look at the e-mails first:



Join us for a Dianetics Lecture

Where  3875 N 44th Street,
            Phoenix,AZ 85018

When Wednesday, October 24 @7:00 p.m.

Bring Your friends and family

Delivered by Les Koel

Les is a highly trained and experienced Dianetics auditor who will answer any questions you may have on Dianetics.

$8.00 Admission


Call 602 954-1417 and reserve your seat now.

Copyright © 2012 Church of Scientology Phoenix
All rights reserved.
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Our mailing address is:

Church of Scientology Phoenix
3875 N 44th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85018


 Announcing Source Night @ Church of Scientology of Phoenix

every Thursday night at 7:00

From the riches of the Golden Age of Knowledge and the recovery of lost tech come the individual gems of singular power, scope and reach: The Classic Lectures. There are 52 Classic Lectures for beginning and veteran Scientologists alike. Each Classic Lecture is a monumental advance of the mind, the spirit and life itself. Each has an introduction giving when and where Ron delivered the lecture and the circumstances and setting surrounding it.

NOVEMBER 1ST -“The Story of Dianetics & Scientology.”

How could one man discover the source of all human aberration and provide an actual technology by which Man could rise to greater height of honesty, decency and personal freedom? The answer is here, in Ron’s personal account of his long journey to bring about a new state of being Man had dreamed of for over 2,500 years.

NOVEMBER 8TH – “Scientology, Its General Background.” Since time immemorial, Man has sought to liberate the soul from the body and so achieve immortality. In this account of the religious heritage that stands behind Scientology, Ron recounts the extraordinary story of Man’s epic quest for a way to attain that goal




3845 N. 44TH STREET

 SCIENTOLOGY and DIANETICS are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and used with its permission
Services relating to Scientology Religious philosophy are delivered throughout the world exclusively by licensees of theChurch ofScientology with the permission ofReligiousTechnologyCenter, holder of the SCIENTOLOGY and DIANETICS trademarks. Scientologists is a collective membership mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology.


Copyright © 2012
Church of Scientology Phoenix
All rights reserved.

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Our mailing address is:

Church of Scientology Phoenix
3875 N 44th Street
Phoenix,Arizona 85018


So, what’s happening at the Phoenix Ideal Org?

These e-mails are advertising Introductory Services.

Let’s see what LRH has to say about Introductory Services.

This next image is of what is called the Intro Services Mult. “Mult” is slang for “multiple Telex”. At the time of transmission, a multiple Telex contained multiple recipient addresses in the text of the message. Telex addresses were of the form “@5121021”; multiple telex addresses are in a list in the header of the telex: “@5121021;@29103”. You can read up on Telex jargon and operations here. The addresses were stripped from the mult before its issue as a SMI INT  ED.

So why did I bother dredging up the Intro Services Mult?

Well, it says right in the issue that Intro Services are defined as immediate, fast, free one evening or 1/2 to 1 hour services.

The key word in that definition is free.

By charging $5 or $8 for an introductory service, the Phoenix Org is padding their stats.

They get income; that’s GI  (Gross Income).

They have to write an invoice that goes in the files; that’s NNCF (New Names to Central Files). It’s also a PRPS (Public Registrar Paid Start). It’s also a Body in the Shop (BIS).

The person completes the paid-for service, so that’s PDC (Paid Completions). It’s also a Division 6 Completion (Div6Comp).

If it’s a new person, it counts on the NPI (New People In). And it counts as a FSS (First Service Start).

They’re counting it as an Intro Service, so the Division 6 Intro Services Delivered stat is bumped up (Div6Intro).

And, depending on the voracity of any FSM, there would be an FSM Commission paid (FSMCPd).

So that means, by the fact that they charged for the Intro Service, they can count the person on up to ten stats:

GI (Gross Income)
NNCF (New Names to Central Files)
PRPS (Public Registrar Paid Start)
Bodies in the Shop (BIS)
PDC (Paid Completions)
Division 6 Completion (Div6Comp)
NPI (New People In)
FSS (First Service Start)
Division 6 Intro Services Delivered (Div6Intro)
FSM Commission Paid (FSMCPd)

If they didn’t charge for the “Intro Service” (LRH says they’re free), it only counts on these two stats:

NPI (New People In)
Division 6 Intro Services Delivered (Div6Intro)

So, by the “trick” of charging for a “immediate, fast, free” introductory service, an Ideal Org can pad its statistics. All for the benefit of being “upstat” in the eyes of Int Management. If they end up being upstat, that is.

I’ll also make another plug for an axe I grind periodically. LRH said that each org should have ten missions surrounding it in the LRH ED 340R Int for the 1982/1983 Mission Birthday Game. So what this “Ideal Org” is doing is the job its 10 Missions should be doing. And since it doesn’t have 10 Missions around it, it can’t really be counted as an Ideal Org, can it?

It’s also proof that the “Field Of Dreams” approach to the Ideal Org program is just that: a dream. If you build it, they still don’t come, Davey.

Since the Phoenix Idyllic Org only opened in late June 2012, that means that five months later, it’s resorting to unusual solutions and questionably ethical actions to be “upstat’.

After reading Silvia Lloréns’ story about Flag’s manipulation of staff, parishioners, and stats, I realized that this is just another example of the Miscavige out-valence evil criminal mentality leaking down the lines into lower orgs, resulting in tacit out-ethics on the part of more and more unwitting Scientologists.

Well done, Davey.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. Did you note that both of the e-mails from the Phoenix Org stated “you signed up for this list”? The only reason they would have to note this on every e-mail is if people were calling them to tell them they didn’t sign up for the list and wanted off, off, off. In other words, they’re padding the stats of the number of people in their bulk mailings by putting people on the list who didn’t know they were going to end up on a Church of Scientology bulk mailing list.



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D'Anne  on November 3rd, 2012

This is like watching the Titanic as it hit the iceberg. Veerrryyy interesting.

Marianne  on November 3rd, 2012

After reading Silvia`s writeup, I`ve no doubt they have come up with this in pure self-defense. Besides, the Advanced Tech VSD is probably about to crash. There are only so many folders to cull to get that stat up. Management`s got to have something that they can say is upstat at those events and Marty et al have been harping away on public div stats sucking the big one. Sad.

StatPush  on November 4th, 2012

Disgraceful. Having seen (and participated in) similar stat pushes, though not nearly as bold and overt as Phoenix, I can assure you their “solution” will soon become their problem.

These “bright ideas” NEVER pan-out, and ALWAYS come back to bite you. At some stage the poor staff will have to face up to reality, which means doing real Scientology. It has nothing to do with the stat, and everything to do with the product.

This is the type of stuff that will land on the desk of a data evaluator (if they still exist), and get them scratching their head. Stats don’t match the reality.

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