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Are you an Ideal Org expecting 70x expansion? Hurry up and wait

 If you remember the 2011 IAS event, Davey “Neutron Bomb” Miscavige asserted that every sector of Scientology Inc had experienced 70x expansion in the years 2001-2011.  He even had a fancy PhoneyGraph “proving it”.

But behind the façade of the PhoneyGraphs and the loud music and flashy CGI, real expansion is still not visible.

The only thing that seems to have been genuinely going up is square footage.

In the meantime, people coming into orgs has dropped drastically. People don’t go into Missions, because there’s fewer and fewer Missions to go into. Flag has dropped out of the Birthday Game. The L’s HGC is a mausoleum. Just about every week we get another newly-awakened person telling us that the Emperor has no clothes.

And another indicator of no-expansion is this exact-same e-mail being sent out weekly (or more frequently) from the Phoenix Idyllic Org.

The important thing is that it says that all of the actions needed to open an Ideal Org haven’t been done, and won’t be done until all the funds for the Phoenix Ideal Org Non-Existence Campaign have been gathered.

As I already wrote, the Orange County Ideal Org Non-Existence Campaign has a long way to go before it gets any traction.

That’s because at $500 per leatherbound commemorative Phoenix Ideal Org edition thousands have to be sold before even one billboard can go up.

But it’s part of Neutron Dave’s plan to make the Scientologists in Phoenix come up with the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for the non-existence campaign.

(By the way, do you see the problem with calling something a Non-Existence Campaign? Is Phoenix campaigning to be in Non-Existence?  If they are, it’s working. And in typical Miscavige “I can’t read my own Ethics book” style, the Non-Existence campaigns don’t find out what’s needed and wanted. Ideal Org Non-existence campaigns know-best what’s needed and wanted and stuff if down your throat. It’s another example of “Fifty-five Minute Cleaners is just the name of the store, Mister”.)

So let’s start by looking at the e-mail from the Phoenix Org.

From: Ideal Org Phoenix Arizona <ideal.org.phx.a[email protected]>
Sent: Thu, Oct 4, 2012 12:00 pm
Subject: What is Left to Launch the Phoenix Ideal Org Campaign?

What is Left to Launch the Phoenix Ideal Org Non-Existence Campaign?

Phoenix’s Non-Existence Campaign will be launching,
promoting the new org and its services to the entire
community of Phoenix! All that is needed is the
completion of funds raised through the sales of your
Ideal Org Leatherbound! Own a piece of history and
contribute to driving hundreds of new public into
the org and onto The Bridge to Total Freedom!

Recent Successes from Orgs Now Running Their Campaigns

Since the launch of Inglewood’s Non-Existence Campaign in April, the org has had over 300 people come in from the campaign. This is approximately 40 new people per week!
Tampa recently launched their Non-Existence Campaign. Since then, they have had an increase of people walking into the org interested in service. Also, the ratio of sign-ups from testing is higher than in previous weeks. Due to the campaign, new people are coming into the org to find out about Scientology and to start on their first services. This couple came in after seeing one ofTampa’s Scientology billboards. After the wife signed up for four courses and purchased two books, they returned to the org for the PE Course and the husband signed up for four courses himself, in addition to purchasing the Beginning Books package.
Cincinnati has launched their Non-Existence Campaign. This includes ads on buses traveling on major routes throughout the city.Here is just one story from their campaign: A group of 21 people arrived at the org, who were from the Church of Christ. They are a Bible study group, and the wife of the pastor had heard the Cincinnati Org’s radio ad daily. Every day after hearing the ad, she would say to her husband, “What is the Church of Scientology? We have to go there and find out!” They then decided to come into the org. They received a tour, and watched the information panel on LRH. A staff member from the org had this to say about the Non-E Campaign: “I have never seen so many people walk in, and the Non-E Campaign definitely makes a difference in promoting the church in this area.”

CALL NOW 602-954-1417


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Click here for copyright and trademark information.
Mailed fromChurch ofScientology of Phoenix
3875 North 44th St.,Phoenix,AZ 85018

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Okay, let’s dig in.

This is one of the many e-mails sent out in October for the Phoenix Org’s Non-Existence donation solicitation.

It’s the exact same e-mail that they’ve sent out since June 26, Grand Opening day.

So that means for five months, the same ineffective, non-producing promo has been sent out.

Have you ever been in the check-out lane in a supermarket trapped in front of a cart containing a child holding a candy bar who keeps repeating to Mommy…

“Can I get this?”

“Can I get this?”

“Can I get this?”

“Can I get this?”

“Can I get this?”

After a minute you figure out what Mommy’s already figured out.

And you, too, tune it out.

It’s like no one in Phoenix Org has ever stood in line in a supermarket.

Next, because it’s the exact same e-mail for five months, the time-sensitive information in it has expired and is definitely out of date.

For example, the Cincinnati Ideal Org opened in February 2012. So while the news about it may have been fresh in June 2012, it’s definitely stale in November 2012. That goes for Inglewood and Tampa, too. Inglewood Grand Opened in November 2011 and its Non-E campaign didn’t move until April, so that news is seven months stale. Tampa GO’d March 12, 2011 and yet “recently” started their Non-E campaign.

Is Inglewood still getting an average of 40 people per week? Odds are there was a huge head count on GO day, that’s tapered off to practically nothing now. But “on average” there was 40 people per week back in June.

Next thing that I see is that the laggardly performance of these Non-E campaigns proves, once again, that Miscavige’s claim that “It’s all been piloted” continues to be one BFFL. Big Fat Freakin’ Lie.

There’s nothing like signing a contract for indentured slavery at an Ideal Org to find out five or seven or 21 months later that the grandiose promises about a “massive flanking PR campaign” driving “thousands of people into the org” just hasn’t happened. Just ask some staff member from Dallas.

The final thing that I noticed is something I shout from the rooftops about on a regular basic.

The promo piece says there were 300 new people in, but doesn’t tell me how many of those 300 people started and completed a service and re-signed for another service.

300 “people in” is not a stat (no product) so much as it’s a sub-stat.

If the Int Marketing people wanted to prove that Non-E campaigns for Ideal Orgs worked, they’d give us a 6-month honest graph of NPI (new people in) and FSS (first service starts) and PRPS (public registrar paid starts) for each of these orgs.

Instead, they give us pictures of billboards of busses, bus stops, and billboards. Those are sub-products, guys. If you want us to believe that what you’re doing is working, show us the products.

Show us the real stats. Not the PhoneyGraphs that Miscavige shows at int Events. Show us the exact same graphs that get pored over on Thursday night and Friday morning at Int Base.

It’s not hard to evaluate the veracity of the vacuous promises of the various promotional pieces sent out by Scientology Inc.

All one has to do is look.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. Oh, yeah. I didn’t sign up for this list.

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StatPush  on November 7th, 2012

Notice the perversion of the Non-E formula? Have they found out what is needed and wanted? No. They are telling you what “they” need and want. They need your donation.
40 people? Really? And they are bragging about that? Geez, back in the 80s, in my Div 6, a single PCS and a public volunteer could do that easily – with almost no budget.
The omitted relevant stats speaks volumes. Their copy is so carefully worded to avoid the mention of anything meaningful.

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