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Refund Denied

I received an e-mail from Robert Berrington of South Africa and it contained evidence of the off-policy scam that the Church of Scientology is playing when someone requests a repayment of their money on account.
As Robert puts it, “It is a letter of blatant criminal intent, whereby the cult is refusing to refund me.”
Please take note of the highlighted area in the letter . The church is claiming that because Rob has been excommunicated, he cannot enter the organization to do the routing form they insist he must do to get the repayment.

Now that Mike Ellis, the current IJC for the Church of Scientology, has put the insanity in writing, he can expect to hear from public who have read and understand the actual Refund Policies. See bottom of this page for policy references.

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Important documents for a repayment cycle

Getting Repayments from the Church of Scientology is covered in two Policy Letters:

Refund Policy 23 October 1963


Refunds and Repayments 9 November 1974R.

Here are the important parts to remember:

A Repayment is a return of money without the service being taken.Both Refunds and Repayments are covered by the policies I have listed.

Robert also received his Suppressive Declare from a friend who grabbed it from the files of a local church.
To see his declare, read: Scientology Excommunication: Documents the Church Usually Keeps Under Wraps on Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker.
Many thanks to Robert Berrington for sharing these documents.
If you know Robert, give him a shout. He will probably be surprised to find out how many others are in the same boat.
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PlainOldThetan  on November 10th, 2012

I covered this scam a while ago in blog post /?s=bunko&submit.x=0&submit.y=0

It’s nice to have the documents to back it up.

Remember that the refund/repayment policies are partly why the IRS granted the Church of Scientology tax exemption.

Since they lied to the IRS, the tax exemption should be rescinded.

SomeoneElse  on November 12th, 2012

What we need now is a US Citizen to get one of these letters.

Because even though IJC is based in the US, the cowards at the IRS will no doubt use the fact that Mr Berrington is a South African national as an excuse to do nothing.

Unless I’m mistaken (and, believe me, if it leads to the Cult of Miscavige getting its tax exemption revoked, I would dearly love to be mistaken!)

PlainOldThetan  on November 12th, 2012

First: we’ve gotten plenty of reports from Americans who have been on the receiving end of this shady practice. What we haven’t got is scans of the letters that they’ve received. We’d love to post the moronic responses the IJC is using to defraud people wanting to leave the church.

After all, when you make an advance payment for services, you’re not required to sign something that says “even though this is an advance payment for a service, and the church told the IRS there were refund/repayment policies, I will never, ever, ever expect the church to honor its own policies and return the advance payment, no matter how dissatisfied I am”.

Second: Mr. Berrington has not taken advantage of the legal system of South Africa to get his money back, such as suing the church for fraud and misrepresentation by not returning his advance payment. That doesn’t depend on the IRS so much as it depends on LAW and FAIRNESS.

Third: The church’s published policy is to refund immediately anyone who threatens suit. See the post I referred to above /?s=bunko&submit.x=0&submit.y=0

Fourth: this “you can’t come into the church if you’re declared” is an innovation designed to thwart people who want a refund or repayment. It really isn’t in policy anywhere.

Fifth: The agreements and waivers and other nonsense you sign when you route on to service in Scientology say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about “if you’re declared you can’t get a refund”. If you find yourself a lawyer (er, solicitor) versed in contract law, they’ll tell you that the church can’t invoke a document NOT CONTAINED IN THE AGREEMENT such as some routing form that the church can change at a whim. IT MUST BE PART OF THE CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT. So there’s another reason to get a lawyer involved.

The church must have aggrieved plenty of lawyers in plenty of countries. Find one and use him.

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