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The Laws and Causes of Money Seminar…again

With so many Scientologists filing bankruptcy, or backing out of Scientology Inc, or in foreclosure, or losing their jobs, or filing for refunds/repayments, or not buying and donating ridiculous numbers of sets of LRH biographical encyclopedias to libraries all over the world, the formerly engorged income channels of Scientology Inc are depleted and sapped.

So what does Scientology Inc do in response? Let’s look in Davey’s playbook.

1. Don’t come clean with the media and parishioners.

2. Continue to deny any evil exists in the upper echelons of Scientology.

3. Keep spending scads of money on lobbyists to keep the Feds at bay, and more money on lawyers to keep critics silent.

4. Hinder evidence discovery in courts that are trying to get justice for the victims of Scientology Inc.

5. Continue to harass so-called apostates, spending hundreds of thousands of church dollars a year.

6. Keep Heber imprisoned.

7. Retain the COB in power despite how many positive things would occur if he were declared and all his assets seized.

8. Keep running worldwide “salvage mankind” campaigns in countries that are so far off the beaten path that no one wants to go there and find out if the campaigns are working. (Peru? Really?)

9. Keep lying about “limitless expansion”.

10. Continue pushing the product-free Ideal Org campaign.

11. Investigate what it will take to get the COB moved to Bolivia which has no extradition treaty with the United States. (Why do you think so many ex-Nazis moved there?)

And then there’s this beauty.

12. Get the parishioners of Scientology Inc information and drilling to convince them that in a the suppressive environment created by Scientology Inc, it’s possible to make scads of money that can be donated and bail out Davey Miscavige’s ass.

To: undisclosed recipients
Subject: How to Create YOUR Financial Future – With Gavin Potter

Hi Theta Buddies,

If you haven’t gotten to see this seminar yet, you really need to get to this. It will help put you in control of your money!

Click here to confirm

Speed Your Progress up The Bridge!







The Laws and Causes of Money Seminar


Get the LRH Tech to create the energy you need to go OT now!

Find out:

  • What factor determines how much money any man is going to make?
  • What is the recommended therapy LRH gives a Scientologist to increase his income?
  • What are the exact laws of money?
  • How to create the future you always dreamed of to get your family up The Bridge!

Tuesday November 5th at 6:30pm At the Los Angeles Org In Seminar Room A Refreshments will be served and admission is FREE

Please RSVP with Alexandra 323-244-6547 or Click here to confirm

Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Consultants
1308 L. Ron Hubbard Way
Los Angeles California 90027 USA


The next time that the LA area Flag Office puts on this seminar, will someone attend it, film it, and grab any handouts or documentation that answer these points? Please?

Because I rember twenty years they were putting on these seminars and only about one out every hundred attendees had some kind of miracle occur that resulted in the church getting tens of thousands of dollars on account.

I’d love to document what Davey’s trying to get away with now.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. “if you keep repeating the same experiment and keep expecting different results, you are an idiot” — attributed to Einstein, perhaps in slightly different wording.

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One Comment

Jeff Siebrand  on November 13th, 2012

These seminars are just to get people in an org to then be regged to go to the Freewinds for a convention.

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