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More orchestrated out-admin and out-tech from the Church

Back at the beginning of the month Marty posted a report from someone who’d escaped from being an auditor in the AO HGC at Flag, and we commented on the post here.

Yesterday, we read about a trained C/S and cramming officer who got entrapped into working at the Malmo, Sweden Ideal Org, working horrendous hours for no wherewithal, even though he’d gotten it in writing that they would pay all his living expenses. After getting it in writing, he then relocated from Israel to Sweden, only to find out that the Church had lied and continued to lie about paying his living expenses.

Rather than routing out, he then resorted to sponging off his family in Israel to pay his living expenses which they really couldn’t afford. After all, the policy that describes a qualified staff member (HCO PL STATISTIC CHANGE, HCOs AND QUAL DEFINITIONS, 1:95) as 10. Does not have huge personal debts that would immediately pull the person back out of the org.

You see, the church is so desperate for Ideal Org staff members that they forego following the most simple policies to cling on to unqualified staff. The appearance of ideal-ness is more important than actually being ideal.

When his staff contract was getting close to running out, he recruited and hatted a replacement, and demanded a Leaving Staff Confessional in plenty of time so he could get his butt out of Malmo and not have to pay for any more living expenses in Sweden and could return immediately to Israel.

But one of the Church’s new gimmicks is to deny a leaving staff member his confessional as a way to force him to stay on staff indefinitely. 

They tried it with this guy, but he went back to Israel when his contract was up, where they sent jackbooted thugs to “get him back for his confessional”.

The important things are that he reported on are

1) the Malmo Ideal Org didn’t expand; the BIS bodies in the shop remained about the same at 50 as long as he was there (which is more than San Francisco, at least)

2) the staff members at Malmo didn’t have enough money to live on

3) the tech staff had their life force sucked from them

4) even when the church puts it in writing it isn’t true

5) so-called “Flag-trained” tech terminals were the most troublesome for the C/Ses and cramming officers (in other words, they were “flat ball bearings”)

6) cramming is used in Ideal Orgs not as a technical or administrative instruction and correction but as political thought control

7) if you’ve got the idea that writing reports will get things brought into line with LRH tech or policy, disabuse yourself of that idea now. Especially before you sign a staff contract.

8) Scientology Inc has manipulated recruitment policy and staff departure policy to get people in based on lies and keep them in by denying them the actions that policy required…and then blame the leaving staff member for the problems created by the church.

9) and if Don’s family in Israel knew they would assume the crushing burden of financially supporting someone working like a slave for the “church” in a foreign land, do you think they would have supported him moving a continent away rather than living with the family at home?

 Anyway, the report yesterday by Don Schaul is as littered with Scientology Inc outnesses and crimes as the earlier report by Silvia Lloréns.

You should make sure you’ve read it. These outpoint/crime reports are coming thick and fast. And note that they’re coming from trained tech terminals with decades of service to the “church”.

 The tighter the church closes its fist, the more parishioners slip through its fingers.

What else did you see in Don Schaul’s writeups that I might have missed?

 — written by Plain Old Thetan

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Dan 351  on November 16th, 2012

Around paragraph 30 of Don’s writeup he says.

“As Qualifications Secretary, I encountered a hidden data line when auditors and supervisors who came from Flag did not agree to talk about the “New Bridge” as they were made to sign a million dollar bond.”

What is this “New Bridge”? This sounds like the complete opposite of KSW.

Is this the ultimate tech degrade-the old LRH bridge is replaced with dm’s new bridge?

PlainOldThetan  on November 16th, 2012

The “new Bridge” being referred to is the GAT (Grossly Altered Tech) found in the tech evolution called GAT II (or GAT III or GAT IV, or whatever).

We already have some hint of what that encompasses.

• Additional “EPs” for the Purification Rundown not found in any published LRH HCOB.

• “EPs” for Objectives processes based on the number of hours run (in the hundreds), instead of the EPs LRH documented in his HCOBs

• Having to study the entire set of ACCs before doing one’s Objectives, Grades, or NED

• Shortened Scientology Grades that now only require one or two or three of the handful of processes that are checked for read

• Arbitrary addition of the requirement that TA action on the “old, outmoded Grades” drop to zero in order for the person to be able to attest to the grade being complete (EVEN IF THE PERSON VOICED THE EP AND HAD EVERY PROCESS CHECKED FOR READ AND RUN IF READING)

• Finding past-life Clears unclear by the mere fact they’re asserting past-life Clear, have an OCA all above zero, and have had to be handled multiple times on being forced to overrun processes in this lifetime

No doubt other idiocies will emerge in the next few months as news about GAT II leaks out, no matter how many non-disclosure forms the church has people sign.

SamU  on November 16th, 2012

Always glad to read your posts. But why defame Darth Vader? I don’t get the connection between him and DM.

Darth Vader=Powerful Jedi
DM=Failed Auditor

PlainOldThetan  on November 16th, 2012

Sam: assuming you’re not just yanking the lanyard on my light saber, I don’t see Darth Vader as just a powerful Jedi. In fact, I don’t see him as a Jedi because he turned to the dark side.

Darth Vader = Dark Side “Jedi”
David Miscavige = Dark Side “Scientologist”

That’s at least how my A=A=A=A works.

More orchestrated out-admin and out-tech from the Church | Christian Web Watch  on November 25th, 2012

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