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Bad Control: Reverse Scientology – by Plain Old Thetan

Some Confront Required :(

Plain Old Thetan has written an interesting analysis of the 2010 Maiden Voyage Video. For copyright reasons, we cannot include a link to this video, but if you are curious you might find it on YouTube or in your nearby CofM org.

I watched the part of the video Plain Old Thetan describes  and was oddly disturbed myself. The video was beautifully done and used professional effects and actors and is a stunning example of how to use an aesthetic product to attract and fascinate the rubes and to lead them into the jaws of the cult.


I woke up this morning fuming.

Last night I watched the amazing fantastic hyperbole-laden Maiden Voyage event announcing the new Division 6 routes onto the Bridge.  During the video, I was inexplicably upset during the presentation of the magic hands-off video example explaining the Anatomy of Control for use during the Personal Efficiency Course.

Even though I was disoriented by this video during the event, I couldn’t explain WHY. I must have figured it out while I slept.

Because I woke up this morning fuming.

The part of the video that demonstrates “bad control” goes like this:

Narrator: Good control is certain, positive and predictable. For example, imagine being moved around in a room by somebody.

First, he tells you to go to the desk. To do so, you would have to start, change your body’s position, and stop yourself. Then he tells you to go to the chair, and you do so. Then he sends you to the door.

Now, oddly enough, you wouldn’t mind this as long as you are able to complete each cycle of action before you started another.

But let’s take another look at this.

Imagine for instance, someone told you to go to the desk, but before you arrive there, he tells you to do something else.

But before you did that, told you to do something else, and then claimed you were wrong in not having gone to the desk.

You would be confused and upset. This would be bad control, since it does not permit you to finish any cycle of action before another cycle of action is demanded of you.

Bad control is uncertain and unpredictable.

There can be so much of it that some of us begin to believe that all control is bad. Which is not true.

Actually, there is no such thing as bad control. It is actually NOT control, because one either controls something, or he does not.

Why did I wake up fuming?

Because DM was very proud of this video and his audience on the Freewinds actually applauded… and when the rubber meets the road, all you see is a dictator who is just plain evil surrounded by a bunch of robots who are both blind and stupid.

Let’s see why I say that.

People who completed OTVIII years ago have nowhere to go on the Bridge.

OTVIIIs now have to go back and redo OTVII.

People who completed a Purification Rundown had to go back and redo the Purification Rundown.

People who years ago completed OT III had to go back and do OT III Expanded.

People who did extensive FPRD programs had to do the FPRD Rundown.

People who did the PTS/SP course had to redo the PTS/SP course. And then, just for good measure, redo the redo of the PTS/SP course.

People who completed the TRs and Objectives course…or completed Objectives on their Grade I…have to go back and redo their TRs and Objectives course.  Or get their Objectives redone at HGC rates.

People who attested Clear and did part of the upper Bridge have to go to AOLA and get NED at AOLA rates because they weren’t really Clear, but they’ve seen advanced course material.

People who audited to Clear last lifetime have to get audited to Clear this lifetime in violation of LRH Tech Bulletins on this.

People who trained to Class IV, or Class V, or Grad V, or Class VI or Class VIII have to return to the beginning of their training Bridge and redo everything. Metering, TRs, internships. Everything.

People who received a gold seal cert for their training level were told it was “no good” and that they’d have to start over.

People who donated for Super Power were told not to wait for it but to do something else, whether it was on the Bridge or not (“do your ACCs”).

People who studied the basic books on their Solo Auditor Course, or SHSBC, or auditor training were told it didn’t count and they’d have to start over.


He doesn’t let parishioners complete a cycle of action.

He’s even worse than the lousy manager in the Personal Efficiency Course’s ANATOMY OF CONTROL video.

So DM, standing on the ship, proudly boasting his video and watching it himself, is playing a nasty joke. He’s smugly showing everyone exactly what he is doing to everyone and laughing no one gets it. It’s the ultimate in arrogance.

It’s all done under the pretense of world-shattering expansion. But is having the actual effect of total collapse.

He’s the biggest violator of GOOD CONTROL Scientology has ever seen.

He’s running Scientology in reverse.

– written by Plain Old Thetan

If you get a chance to see this Maiden Voyage video, you will be struck with the contrast between the apparently on-purpose and uptone message that is being portrayed and the bizarre abuse that is visited upon Sea Org and church personnel on a daily basis. You can see the cruelty in David Miscavige’s face even when he brags about delivering what LRH wanted.

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Jc  on July 18th, 2010

Couldn’t find the video on YouTube. Have a link?
If not, could get more details about this “awesome” (cough) new “release”?

Centurion  on July 18th, 2010

Great observations. This has been a watershed week. So much more than I ever thought could be revealed, has been.

What a travesty.

OldAuditor  on July 19th, 2010

You will just have to visit your nearby org. :)

Tom  on July 19th, 2010

Wow…talk about telegraphing his evil intent….

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