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Thanksgiving potluck at L.A. Org

Scientology Inc must think their parishioners have absolutely nothing to do on Thanksgiving.

The rest of the country thinks it’s a time for families to get together and share some affinity with each other.

In my family, we get together on Thanksgiving so that we can spend time with our spouses’ families on Christmas.

But Scientology Inc’s arrogance and hubris can’t see beyond their own stats and their own income. All the church sees is a “day off” when the country is taking a day off. And in Scientology Inc think, a “day off” is a day wasted in clearing the planet.

(Of course, if Scientology Inc were actually clearing the planet, this criticism would echo hollowly.)

The only third dynamic allowed for a parishioner to have in Scientology Inc is the third dynamic called Scientology Inc.

In fact, in the ‘90s, the PAC-wide Thanksgiving (and Christmas) activities didn’t require you to bring your own holiday food. The food was provided by the church.

But this Thanksgiving, if you want to share a holiday with Scientology Inc parishioners, you have to bring your own food.

This is of course in violation of the staid Scientology maxim: If you feed them they will come.

You’ll note the maxim is not: If you make them make their own food, and drive it 35 miles to PAC base, and if you make them feed themselves and each other they will come.

So the introduction of the LA Org potluck is a solution to the PAC base not having enough money to do what they did for decades. And they hope no one will notice.

Never mind that there’s a Hometown Buffet 15 miles closer to your house than LA Org. Never mind that Denny’s sells a decent Thanksgiving dinner. Never mind that there’s probably a Golden Corral serving Thanksgiving dinner nearer to you than LA Org.

So if you aren’t with family on Thanksgiving, you can have a Thanksgiving meal not requiring dish-washing and a 35-mile drive to LA Org.

And you can have your Thanksgiving meal in peace without some chattering IAS registrar in your left ear while some Materials Insultant is babbling in your right ear.

Possibly Helpful Advice of the Day

Go see your family and grab some long-overlooked Second Dynamic time.

Or take the day off. Sleep. Scout your neighborhood over the next few days and locate a good restaurant that serves a Thanksgiving dinner.

I remember on holidays seeking out famous Jewish restaurants like Langer’s (704 South Alvarado St, LA 90057 (213) 483-8050) or Canter’s (419 North Fairfax Av, LA 90036 (323) 651-2030) or Factor’s (9420 W Pico Bl, LA 90035 (310) 278-9175) or Billy’s (216 N Orange St, Glendale 91203 (818) 246-1689).

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can try The Original Pantry Café (877 South Figueroa Street, LA, (213) 972-9279) I say adventurous because going to the Original Pantry is always a bit of a gamble: Will there be enough parking? Will there be a three-hour line? But the food and the price can’t be beat.

Oh, yeah. If EVERYONE is WELCOME, that sounds to me like an invitation for all declared persons to come to LA Org and fill up on food brought by in-churchites.

Just have my list of restaurants in your pocket when you figure out there’s no food at LA Org’s potluck.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. Isn’t a Scientology church having a Thanksgiving potluck a little like a Islamic mosque having a Passover pancake breakfast?

P.P.S. Note that the copyright date on the promo art is 2011. Apparently the church generates promo with crank-turns. Especially when it’s promoting a half-baked event at the last minute.

Update 20 November 2012

Celebrity Centre is having a Thanksgiving dinner, but they’re charging for it:



The Renaissance Restaurant  does make some pretty tasty fancy-schmancy food, but my observation is that it’s a place to be seen as much as it’s a place to eat. And this inquiring mind wants to know, can a DECLARED person go into the Renaissance and eat? All you really need do is to flash your IAS membership card and claim you’re on a Basics Book course at Inglewood org. And all those being-seen Scientologists will be in proximity to…gasp!…a declared SP!  How many of them will get sick or throw up their Thanksgiving dinner or wreck their cars on the way home or leaving the Manor Hotel?

The Phoenix Org, on the other hand, is offering a traditional Scientology Thanksgiving meal…apparently, one that’s supplied by the org:



Similarly, I wonder if the “old friends” can include a DECLARED person?

Possibly Helpful Advice of the Week

Drop by your local org. Carry a concealed audio or video device that can capture your experience. Send us the video. If you get hassled by security or get ejected, we’re especially interested in that footage.


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SomeoneElse  on November 19th, 2012

But of course the drones will come! They have to give thanks for the glorious expansion being overseen by Tiny Dave!

And if they don’t, well, Sea Org Santa can just leave them Declares in their stockings on Christmas morning (though now I think about it, based on Indie testimony about thwart relief of being kicked out, helping hand towards the exit might be the best gift possible…)

bboy  on November 19th, 2012

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Now where have I heard that before?

John Doe  on November 19th, 2012

It’s mostly just sad. Sad for the poor staff who have to be there instead of home with their friends and family, sad for the public who have no where else to go.

ronbible22  on November 19th, 2012

I have been to the Orginal Pantry a time or two for Thanksgiving it was a great place.


Dan 351  on November 20th, 2012

I remember Thanksgivings back in the 70′s, at my local org.

The week prior, everyone was really busy getting stuff done so that they could be off for a family day.

Of course the org was open, since it never closed. There was a skeleton crew. And yes some people would show up for course or to hang out.

Someone in HCO would get the final stats for the week sent off. There would be no regging. No GI that day, so what.

Staff and public were mostly home with family. No one was concerned that someone might use holiday leave as an oportunity to blow. There were no sec checks before you left or when you got back.

In fact people always came back because the org was really about the most fun place that you could be.

That was the Scientology that I saw back when LRH was management. It was fun.

DM might say we were a bunch of namby pamby pantywaist dilettantes, PTS to the middle class etc.
But that org’s stats back then were much much better than its stats now. It was a busy org then and now it’s nearly dead.

OldAuditor  on November 20th, 2012

I remember when Miami Org was the place you wanted to be during most of 1976 to 1980, because it was fun to be where uptone gathered. We had Saturday night parties at various places and it was truly a magical time.

I was training during those years and periodically leaving for LA and Flag to do my OT levels. Miami was higher-toned than any of the Advanced Orgs and that should have given me a clue about what was to come.

Polymath  on November 21st, 2012

This kind of thing always made me spit. Especially once I was on staff, and I had to be on post on the public holidays. Fellow travellers on the train would be dressed as if they were going out for the day or off to see their families, and I would be going on post to service the handful of publics that would likely be in the org.

Bullying staff and public to be in the org when the cultural expectation is that they will be spending the holiday with their family is out-ethnic, out-Public Relations and serves only to create antagonism in the scientologist’s family members. But we were told “Don’t go into agreement with this wog think,” or “Don’t be PTS to the middle class”.

I remember one year being bluntly told by my senior that I could either have Xmas Day or Boxing Day off, but not both. Xmas day was out of the question both transport-wise (no buses or trains) and with regard to my family, so I got steamrolled into agreeing to come on post on Boxing Day.

I ended up having a stand-up argument with my mother about going to the Org to be on post that evening instead of spending the whole day with the family. And although the buses and underground trains were running in the middle of town, I lived right on the outskirts and there were no local buses or overland trains running at all. Because it was Boxing Day it cost me £12 for a taxi just to the nearest underground station.

I think there were about 4 students on course that night, and when the ED saw 3 of us in the course room she said we couldn’t have 3 staff for 4 students and one of us had to do call in for the New Year’s event. Being the most junior of the three I drew the short straw and spent my Boxing Day evening talking to people’s answerphones instead of even being on my own post, let alone at home with my family, and it cost me £12 for the pleasure.

If I’d known in advance that call-in was what was needed and wanted I could have had the list faxed to me at home and I could have made a few calls while the family were sleeping off their Boxing Day supper. But no, there’s always this “you’ve got to be here” aberration.

Thanksgiving? Pshaw! The Scientology Begin-A-Boom Bookathon Starts TODAY! | ortegaunderground  on November 22nd, 2012

[...] We weren’t the only ones who noticed that it might not be the most family-friendly policy to encourage church members to spend their Thanksgiving manning tables to sell books. But what do we know. We don’t have a planet to clear. [...]

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