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We have all heard the tales of abuse in the Sea Org and at the top management level of Scientology, but we are just beginning to see the true extent of the depravity and outright criminality that is being visited upon loyal public Scientologists who have dedicated their lives to supporting the church and to becoming more spiritually aware.

Chris submitted this as a comment to my thread “CofS Repayments – Get your unused account balances returned“, but I thought his comments were important enough that he deserved a posting of his own.

July 24,2010 at 6:04 am


My name is Chris. I was a Scientologist involved in church services for 25 years. For about 12 years of this, I was receiving “CCRD setups”. This included one auditor literally falling asleep, telling me all about his sexual escapades during sessions, etc. I changed orgs but was not able to complete the countless years of CCRD setups so that I could receive my CCRD. I could not train during this time as the CS said I could not do the Pro TR’s course clay table auditing until I completed my CCRD. I tried my best, submitted LRH tech showing the out-tech, did knowledge reports, and nothing productive came of it. Watching this sad decline of the church and getting nowhere myself, I finally pullled the plug and called it quits. I don’t feel I am an ex-Scientologist, but rather a Scientologist that does not want to associate with a corrupt, out-tech group – the church.

So, in February of this year (2010) I initiated a repayment to get my money back from the church. I started with getting a full accounting of my funds on account. I received a complete list of debits and credits over the last 10 years. It totaled $12,348.35 and I was informed “and that has been the stable balance since Dec of ’08.” (Their accounting is missing a Pro Tr’s course as well.)

So, I started my repayment cycle. After five months of active, almost daily communication and lots of forms filled out, etc. I was told I had zero money in my account. Seems the church wiped my account clean with sending out materials without my knowledge or authorization. They even gave out materials to someone else and debited my account, telling me that I knew him, (which I did) and he said it was ok. I asked them if they had anything in writing, and of course they do not. The church said they have to get back their materials back before they give me any money. Of course, that is their problem, but they are refusing to give me back my money. I informed them that I was going to initiate a lawsuit if they do not fulfill their obligation. There has been no response. I will be suing for fraud as well.

I have been working with Chris on his repayment cycle for some time and this is definitely the worst violation of the Scientology-IRS agreement I have seen. This is an ASHO repayment cycle and those of you who have useful information to share with Chris are welcome to do so. I am sure that he will also appreciate any information you have on getting legal representation in this cycle.

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lunamoth  on July 24th, 2010

Unf-ing believable. The criminality is so overt and their is NO remorse expressed and no sense of responsibility.

Tell me, did they tell you that their “hand did it?”

This is a live demo, folks, of the attributes of an antisocial personality being expressed by an organization where it is “command intention” and the only safe way to operate that every individual be in dm’s valence. Sorry that this is a rant response and not helpful information, Chris, but really, it has to be said.

I wish you success in getting your money returned.
Maybe you can resolve your CCRD in the independent field.

Suzanne  on July 25th, 2010

Chris –

Very similar story here. ASHO has sunk to real levels of criminality. My husband’s entire Briefing Course account has just “vanished”. Doesn’t exist. Recently, my niece tried for one year to get auditing at ASHO using money from my late mother’s account. They put her through all kinds of hoops, took money off MY account (WTF?) debited ACC’s, etc. all for NO PRODUCT. They could not/would not get this girl in session. She finally gave up. In the meantime, our accounts look like a Japanese fishing town after a Godzilla attack. It’s a disaster.

Thankfully, I have an old statement from 1999 which was the last time we did services there and I’m using this statement as a basis for my repayment. Nothing since that time has been authorized, so this is where I’m digging my heels in.

I actually always liked ASHO – especially the sups, but something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. Chris, if you want to PM me, my e-mail address is [email protected].


Chris  on August 24th, 2010

Chris here. I have an interesting update. I don’t live in the states, so it took awhile to get back here in order to resolve this. I’m here now, and today, I went to ASHO and got my statement. I was floored. All the information I got about my account this year, via email, was made up. I got my account in writing, finally. Here is exactly what they did:

I have not stepped foot into an org since 2001, until today, August 24th, 2010. When I got a printout of my account it showed my account balance of $14,869.77 and no activity since that time (which was correct) UNTIL May 2010 – DURING my repayment cycle. On May 29, $8,530.50 I was debited for OT Preps and Eligibility. Well, I was 5,000 miles away from the org in the middle of my repayment, AND I have not even been given my CCRD yet. But it gets worse!

On that same day, my account got debited for a “Public Tape Play” for $1,125.00. Must have been a hell of a tape play, huh? AND…. I was ripped off, oh, I mean debited another $2,692.85 ON THAT SAME DAY for “1 ACC”

And that was how ASHO ripped me off.

BUT, they will now have to answer up in court, and not just for my $15,000 but I will be suing them for fraud as well. My next step is to research which cases against the church have been successful, and which law firms were used.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be suing the church. But I have clear proof of the fraud. And I won’t tolerate it. And that is my story and how the church will have to add another lawsuit to their list.

If anyone knows of a good attorney that has experience (and success) in going after the church, please let me know. Also, I welcome any comments, questions, or if I can help in any way. My email is [email protected]


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