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Here yesterday, gone today

As posted on this site July 18 and 2 October 2012, this site has long deplored the use of Miscavige’s bimonthly “Int Events” to keep the sheeple still in the Church of Scientology Inc. thinking and acting as a brainwashed mob.

One reason we’ve abhorred Miscavige’s Int Events is their similarity to 1930s events held by Herr Hitler.

Another thing we resent about Miscavige’s Int Events  is that they’re promoted to the Scientology parishioners as PR events. But they aren’t made available to the press in video form. Neither are know media members allowed in to see them. They’re obviously propaganda events only for the “initiated”. (Lemmings!)

If the events are Public Relations events, why can’t the Public see them?

It’s because they’re only intended to keep the “true believers” of Scientology Inc steadfastly on the narrow but untrustworthy path paved with Miscavige’s lies.

Yet Miscavige’s Int Events are loaded with lies and misdirection and misinformation and disingenuousness that fly in the fact of LRH’s rule to  NEVER USE LIES IN PR. (ref: HCO PL 13 August 1970 II THE MISSING INGREDIENT)

In the July, we announced the availability of an offshore FTP site holding a number of videos of those events, and appealed for any additions to that collection.

The internet address of the repository was ftp://cofs-events.org.

The site was updated on October 2 with events contributed by patrons of this site.

According to a message we got from the site’s founder, the Church of Scientology International found some greasy-weasel third-world ethics-for-sale attorney to threaten the ISP providing those videos with legal action based on copyright violation.

The site’s founder assured us that when he signed up for the URL, the terms of agreement for the site had no mention of copyright enforcement. So it looks like tactics taken by Scientology Inc were to get the ISP to change the terms of service without notification to their current users, then to threaten the ISP with legal action if they allowed the events to stay available.

So ftp://cofs-events.org is now offline.

And if you didn’t grab your copies of the ISO files while it was up for the past seven months, you missed your chance.

I figure it’s okay.

I advised everyone that the site could be taken down at any time.

And anyone who wanted copies of the available Scientology Inc Int Events has already downloaded them, since the site’s founder tells me that the number of downloads has dwindled off in the past month.

We also got e-mail from journalists in Europe and the USA telling us they’ve downloaded the whole set for use in news coverage they’re preparing.

And we also got some e-mail from attorneys in the US telling us that they downloaded the events to prove that Miscavige’s claims that (for example) Scientology Inc doesn’t have anything to do with Narconon…or that Scientology Inc doesn’t do business in Texas are pure bald-faced lies.

So the impact has been made, and will continue to be made.

Thank you.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. The site’s founder would like to put up the site again, so if you know of an ISP that won’t cave to the Church of Scientology Inc’s lawyers, please let us know.

P.P.S. If the church maintained a site with the videos of the Int Events, he’d be glad to stop waging this war against Scientology Inc.  Word to the wise, Davey.

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Hapexamendios  on November 28th, 2012

Sad to see it go but it really was just a matter of time. I’m excited to hear that journalists have gotten them to use for research. That’s pretty promising.

Their best bet is probably to encode them in the mp4 format getting their size down to around 10% of the original and then create torrents to share on The Pirate Bay and the like. Put them into the cloud so to speak.

I can’t see the cult ever putting these online since they’re such ridiculous and shameful displays of patently false claims. I had never seen the Tom Cruise event until a few months ago (while I was still in up until about a year or so ago I had stopped going to events about 8 years prior). That was a cringe-inducing display of creepiness.

looking4myself  on November 29th, 2012

Just the fact that DM doesn’t want these events available to anyone who wishes to view them is proof positive to me that he knows the data contained in them is pure BS, as any reasonably self-determined individual could figure out with a minimal amount of investigation. It also tells me what little regard DM has for his fellow Scientologists that this drivel is aimed at.
If Scientology was doing as well as these events claim that it is they would gladly let anyone who had a desire to disseminate the videos have free rein in doing so.

John Doe  on November 29th, 2012

Well, the events are out there now, regardless of current instantaneous availability. And future events will probably become available shortly after they are produced. The dam is riddled with holes.

What is interesting is that the event video site was rapidly shut down, while the tech search site mentioned in a post from a few days ago is still up and running. If “copyright protection” was the biggest concern of the church, wouldn’t they be more interested in restricting access to the writings of Hubbard rather than a collection of dated events?

One other thing: Miscavige’s brags in the event videos about all he does is sure to come back to bite him regarding the Narconon lawsuits. These days, I imagine a long-range helicopter is on stand-by, a moments quick flight from the Int Base…

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