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Clandestine Scientology document reveals release date of Super Power

After six years of the diminutive Pope-on-a-Box promising that the Super Power building will be open “this year” or “next year”, I finally got my hands on a church internal document that tells us the real release date of Super Power.

You can follow the endless updates on the opening of the Super Power building and release of Super Power by tracking these web sites. (they aren’t the only websites that cover it, but they do give a taste of how a 1978 release turned into a…never, ever release.)

December 17 1978 September 28 2011
2000 November 21 2011
January 2004 November 21 2011
May 6 2006 January 8 2012
August 29 2006 January 9 2012
September 11 2006 January 17 2012
September 2007 January 18 2012
January 2011 May 20 2012
January 2011 June 2 2012

We covered the latest delay of the opening of the Super Power building here.

But at last here’s the hidden top-secret Church document that gives the published official release date of Super Power and the schedule for the Super Power building.

Is it possible you figured out why this document is classified top-secret?

It’s because it was issued on 6 February 1993. But the announcement was months earlier than that, according to this document.

“As announced by the Commanding Officer of CMO International at the Auditor’s Day Event of 1992, held at Flag, this amazing new rundown will be released as soon as the new technical delivery building is built across from the Fort Harrison!”

How convenient. The release of the rundown is based on the completion of a building. That runs splat into LRH’s cautionary notes about “having to have before you can do”.  (refs: HCO PL 27 January 1969 DEV-T SUMMARY LIST, HCO PL 30 April 1965 EMERGENCY, STATE OF)

But the completion of a Super Power building is based on the flighty micromanagement of David Miscavige.

Is it possible that the continual delays in the building and the continual “renovation” of a new building are just ruses to keep the building from being completed?

What reasons could David “Neutron Bomb” Miscavige have for delaying the completion of the building and therefore delay the start of delivery of Super Power?

Let’s see.

1) The longer he delays, the more OT VIIs and OT VIIIs will reach the end of their body’s life expectancy, thereby relieving him of the responsibility of delivering their prepaid Super Power rundowns.

2) The longer he delays, the fewer OT Vs, VIs, VIIs and VIIIs will be Super Power completions and therefore there will be less clamoring for OT IX and X.

3) The longer he delays, the more hope he can hold out that he can actually staff the Super Power building. (It’s a thin hope, however, based on his failure to properly staff the Idle Orgs over the past two years.)

4) The longer he delays the more hope he can old out that he can have enough parishioners coming up the feed lines from outer orgs that can be milked dry at the dozens and dozens of reg stations in the Super Power building.

5) The longer he delays the more hope he can hold out that more people can be milked for donations for the Super Power building…after all, if the doors open, he’ll have to keep the place running on actual income from actual delivery, and if the Idle Orgs have taught us anything, that’s not a strategy for financial success in Scientology Inc.

6) The longer he delays, the more possibility that the Super Power documents at the four corners of the globe won’t be gathered together in a way that people receiving the rundown will be able to tell they’re not getting what LRH wrote.

7) He’s already not making auditors in sufficient numbers to man up the empty Ideal HGCs. So if Super Power works as originally intended by LRH, Super Power would have to be delivered to all Ideal Org and Ideal Mission auditors, delaying that evolution by decades. So if he wants to fill the HGCs with auditors, he would be compelled to not make Super Power available to staff. Therefore Super Power should be delayed until…forever.
I am reminded that the US Apollo space program that put a man on the moon in 1969 was launched with a speech from President Kennedy on May 25, 1961 after Alan Shepard’s suborbital flight. He reiterated that goal on a speech he gave at Rice University September 12, 1962. And the construction of a working Vehicle Assembly Building at Cape Canaveral was completed in 1966. (The VAB is the largest single-story building in the world, and was the largest building in the world until it was superseded in 1974).

Admittedly, the Apollo program cost an estimated $145 billion (in 2007 dollars). The work at the Merritt Island launch facility required a massive effort that resulted in the VAB (with enough space to simultaneously assemble four Saturn V boosters) , a Launch Control Center, two Crawler-Transporters, four Mobile Launch Platforms, and two launch padsLC 39A and LC 39B)

But the speed at which the buildings at the Cape were built (that didn’t exist in 1961) boggles the imagination.

 Yet a single six-story 127,000 square feet building that garnered about $180 million in donations yet some estimates put the actual expenses at $50 million, grossly bloated because of repetitive redesign of the interior.

And it took (depending on the way you count it) thirty-five or twenty-odd years to build it.

And it isn’t just a Super Power delivery building.

It’s an uber-church. No Scientology delivery facility requires (for example) a mocked-up museum-type display of a section of the Apollo’s deck, complete with lifeboat. And we’re all waiting for news of theDisneylandAbe-Lincoln-like talking animatronic Ron display.

Let’s get this straight. The president made a promise in 1961 and five years later the largest building in the world was completed to support that program.

Then three years later men landed on the moon using spacecraft and launch vehicles assembled in that building.

That’s a project conceived of, run by, and executed by those incompetent wogs.

So dedicated, steely-gazed Homo Novis Sea Org members with superior IQs and abilities exceeding those of mortal men (and no case on post) should have completed a simple building with no real technical requirements (like liquid oxygen or liquid hydrogen storage and transport and pumping, or giant computer complexes to control and monitor the five million parts in a Saturn V launch vehicle and Apollo spacecraft)…well, they should have been able to get a Super Power building finished in six or nine years. Right?

And consider this: Where’s the church’s program documents for the Ideal Org fiasco? It’s very likely the church depended on solely verbal communication to effect that program, as having the documents around twenty years later with nothing but empty Ideal Orgs to show for it would be quadruple-embarrassing for Miscavige.

Very few in-churchites have run the Ideal Org program through the HOW TO DEFEAT VERBAL TECH CHECKLIST HCO B  9 February 1979 R II. It doesn’t say anywhere that the HOW TO DEFEAT VERBAL TECH CHECKLIST applies to everything except dim-bulb ideas issued by David Miscavige, right?

Anyway, I hope my discovery contributes to how people view Miscavige’s failure at delivering Super Power.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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