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Crying Wolf…Scientology Style

Look at the e-mail below. It’s begging for donations for toys for children of criminal alien border crossers…er, uh…migrant workers.

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 6:32 AM
Subject: Help create a great Christmas for 400 children.

Click on the Donate button to enter in the amount of your generous donation. We thank you, and the kids thank you for making their 2012 Christmas the best ever!

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This is so typical of the Church of  Scientology. There are dozens of organizations providing toys for children at Chirstmastime. One of the most well-known is Toys for Tots.

Leave it to Scientology Inc to replicate something being done perfectly well by the US Marines. If you go to the link for Toys for Tots, you’ll see there’s an attached literacy program and a Native Indian program to assist the Navaho nation and other Native American tribes with toy and book donations.

Scientology Inc could put toy collection barrels in the reception area of all orgs and local orgs could campaign to get toys donated.

No, Scientology Inc has to do it another way.

They have to get their hands on your money, skim “commissions” off the top, find some toys for children, and then not account to the parishioners for how the money was spent.

If you were to actually donate toys, it would make the skim scam ever so much harder. But no, Scientology Inc wants money.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself when preparing to make a blind toy donation this season:

□ Do you believe that the US Marine Corps will use your donated money in a genuinely charitable way to make the season more enjoyable for indigent children?

□ Or do you think that the Church of  Scientology of the Valley will waste your donated money to help Miscavige while posturing to help indigent children?

That’s right.

So you can donate a toy or money to Toys for Tots.

Write I AM A SCIENTOLOGIST on the toy or on the memo line on your check.

Now you know where to put your seasonal donation. In a Toys for Tots donation barrel.

— written by Plain Old Thetan


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Dan 351  on December 6th, 2012

I have a similar personal experience.

I have been very much a Scientologist since 1975 and have liked to disseminate my beliefs.

Back in the 1990′s, I met a young law student,from Africa, here in the U.S.

He had a huge ruin, which was the constant war and civil strife in his home country in West Africa.

The more we talked, the more we became friends and the more I learned about the conflicts in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

As a scientologist,I really believed I had the answer for him. This was the mid 1990′s.

He really loved “The Way To Happiness”, the sections in the Volunteer Ministers Handbook on affinity,reality,communinication,study tech etc.

He and I thought, they could really use this stuff back in the orphan homes and refugee camps in his home country. Teachers there really needed books.

Time goes by and he graduates from law school in the U.S.

Upon his return home, he is given a high ranking job in government by the president of his country.

At this time, he wants a Scientology mission put in his country.

I make sure high level people in the church know this, because it looks like a whole lot of people could be introduced to LRH tech on the comm lines of his government.

Money was raised for a mission package ($30,000) at Flag which was never used for its orginal purpose.

Money was raised for a VM tour, which was done and was very successfull according to my friend. Several thousand people attended over a one week period.

Also, money was raised by the IAS for “Youth For Human Rights” events. Some events were done in West Africa by dedicated Sea Org members and volunteers and were well received according to my friend there.

Looking back on this, I believe a great deal of money (many many thousands) were raised but very little of it (small change) made it to it’s intended purpose.

The Sea Org members doing the work never seemed to have any money for expenses. Little money ever made it’s way to orphans and refugee’s in war torn West Africa that I know of and I was right on the point of contact for 10 years.

AnonLover  on December 6th, 2012


Well stated POT, and thank you for yet another insightful debunk of the bogus fundraiser propaganda the Church of Scientology seemingly mass produces like gigantic spam monster.

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