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Scientology Inc covertly changes its own rigid policies about promoting secular products on ecclesiastical lines

In the 80s, Scientology Inc was so obsessively paranoid about people calling Scientology “not a religion” that Orgs and Missions were not allowed to have LRH fiction works in the bookstore or in their Qual libraries, lest someone be able to point at the presence of these works and say “see! not a church!”.

But the overwhelming temptation to accumulate more and more hard dollars leads to slippage in such hard and fast rules.

Not only are church facilities used for promoting LRH fiction works (like the LA Org Meeting Room/Chapel) but church communication lines are used to organize and promote the sales meetings and presentation of LRH’s non-religious materials are being used as “Intro Services”.

(Clue: “Bring your non-Scientologist associates, friends, and family”)

Check it out:


From: Los Angeles Day Org <[email protected]>
Subject: Author Services Events at LA Org This Weekend
Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 4:05 PM


The first thing that can be seen is that Scientology Inc has once again torn down the pretend firewall between Scientology Inc’s secular and ecclesiastical publishing functions. By doing so, the church is broadcasting that stats are down. Only when stats are down have we seen Scientology Inc change the rules so blatantly. (“GAT-2″, “New Grades”, “Ideal Orgs”, “Purif and Objectives re-dos”, “instant declares”, “instant Clear un-declares”, “three swing F/Ns”)

Second, John Goodwin is the president of Galaxy Press, the Scientology Inc branch that’s supposedly dedicated to the promotion and sales of LRH’s fiction works. (From Wikipedia: John Goodwin, the president of Galaxy Press, stated that the sale and marketing of the books is not intended to recruit people into the Church of Scientology.)

Yet John Goodwin is showing up this weekend to push LRH secular works at a church. So much for the façade of separating church-related functions from non-church related functions.

Third, this three-day lie-fest at the LA Org Chapel is apparently the kick-off event in a “Author Services Inc World Tour”. Apparently Scientology Inc has decided that “it takes money to make money”.

Too bad they still won’t advertise on TV. Too bad they still won’t place LRH books in places like Costco and Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club.

Or maybe the definition of “World Tour” is to drive around to the Orgs in the LA basin in a 30-year old rusty Toyota Celica.

I trust that some alert reader of this site tells us when the Author Services World Tour arrives in Dubuque, Iowa. Then we’ll believe it’s really a world tour, instead of merely being a hyped-up title for a non-event.

Breaking rules in the name of the almighty stat

We see that once again the church has changed its own rules regarding pushing secular properties at Orgs and on church comm lines.

I made noise about this back in April, when I wrote a series of posts about the use of church comm lines to desperately bolster flagging attendance at the Writers of the Future awards banquet. (2)(3)(4)

The church now tells lies so loudly and so often that it must not think anyone is going to look and see if oh-so-honest Sea Org members have publicly told what are now clearly seen as lies.

In this case, the lie is about a firewall between the church and the church’s secular activities.

But we can’t overlook Scientology Inc’s employing “The big lie”, a propaganda technique in which one uses “a lie so colossal that no one would believe that someone could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”.

The technique was, of course, described in Adolf Hitler’s 1925 book Mein Kampf.

— written by Plain Old Thetan


P.S. If some of my readers are offended at the use of the image of Hitler in a post about David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc, please remember that the church uses Hitler imagery for its own propagandish ends. Turnabout is fair play.

You may recognize the book to the left that Scientology Inc was pushing several years ago. (A non-religious book, by the way.)







Update 12 January 2013

Scientology Inc is still promoting LRH secular works on ecclesiastical lines.  This promo piece was just sent to us from the Phoenix area.

Maybe David Miscavige is happy with people saying “Scientology is not a religion”. He’s certainly taking the actions (like this promo piece indicates) that Scientology Inc is nothing but a money-oriented 24/7 hustle.

Am I being unfair? Then tell me how this Golden Age Theater presentation actually gets anyone up the bridge.

And since when is Golden Age ___________ (fill in the blank) any kind of assurance of tangible production from Scientology Inc?


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