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Scientology Inc’s ad-pushing service gets busted for spamming falsehoods and pushing psychopharma

Today’s post was inspired by a field report we got from one of our loyal readers. Thanks!

You may or may not realize that Scientology Inc pays an outfit called PRWeb to pump its vacuous PR and ads into cyberspace.

Back in June, after the Phoenix Ideal Org was Grand Opened, just about every press outlet in the Phoenix area ran the same prefabbed story about the grand opening, including exactly identical photos staged by the church to “prove” that “over 1500 were in attendance”. The susceptible media just ran the story, most of them word-for-word identical to each other, without fact-checking. Like fact-checking that there were far less than 1500 people were in attendance. And without fact-checking the accusations of Scientology Inc’s “seat-filling” and “photoshopping” event attendance in order to make things like Ideal Org grand openings look as well-attended as Scientology Inc was claiming.

We had a reporter live on-site for the Phoenix grand opening who reported only 400-500 attendees.

Based on that report and other reports, it was pretty obvious about 40-50 of those in attendance were Sea Org and hired security people. Another 100 or so were hauled in from Los Angeles in chartered busses.

That means that only about 300 Phoenix-area parishioners were in attendance.

That’s quite a bit different than the 1500 claimed in the Scientology Inc press releases.

If real media people had gone to the event, they would have found out that media people weren’t allowed in to the event. The security drones at the event didn’t allow photography, either. So where did the photos in the press release come from? That’s right, the photos came from Scientology Inc where they could have been photoshopped to death.

It’s a bit pathetic that an organization like Scientology Inc, with its history of documented lies can just get its press releases presented as fact, dodging media scrutiny.

Seems like OSA has figured out how to leverage the laziness of the American press to its own advantage.

Anyway, PRWeb has been busted for a couple of things.

Scientology Inc ad/press release firm also pushes psychopharmaceuticals

First, PRWeb is being used for the placement of spam pharmaceutical ads in places where news stories are supposed to go. And, you guessed it, some of that spam is for psychotropic drugs.

And PRWeb places plain press releases for companies that want to push psychiatric drugs! (prweb fluoxetine.com story  prweb juvenile depression story

So Scientology Inc is paying PRWeb to put out its press releases at the same time PRWeb is putting out fluff pieces for psychiatric dugs.

This is just more Scientology self-induced cognitive dissonance.

Here’s the key coverage on “PRWeb busted”.

As a Scientologist, did you know that Scientology Inc was paying parishioner money to the same firm that promotes psychiatric drugs?

I thought not.

This news makes Miscavige’s claims at the IAS event about beating the psychs and psychopharma industry quite suspect all of a sudden.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Bruce Pratt  on December 8th, 2012

Cognitive dissonance indeed!
Sheepdom or as Mike Rinder has been known to call it, “clubbed seal” behavior is just about the only end result from the incessant transgressions of not sorting this out for one’s self, by one’s self, with assistance as needed.

BillyBob  on December 8th, 2012

PRWeb is for agencies to publish press releases. These in turn filter out through hundreds of drone sites. It is a type of old school marketing which in the web world is called black hat. For 200 bucks you can say what you like and it will filter through what seems like legitimate sites but they’re not. PRweb has its place on the marketing world. It’s just not meant for a religious organization.

If you’d like to make a press release that says that DM is a DB and an SP accordomg to the Unified Organization of Independent Scientologists then have at it. It will go out on the same channels. It the lazy man’s way to do PR. When the PR piece arrives at its destination it looks important but it’s not. And no one will check its veracity before it gets blown out all over PRWeb’s robotic recipients.

Hapexamendios  on December 8th, 2012

I thought you might find that connection intriguing PlainOldThetan. :)

This is probably a dumb question given who we’re talking about but do you know if OSA counts paid PR like this in their stats for positive press?

Hapexamendios  on December 9th, 2012

Also, nice work on digging further to find the psychiatric drug connection. That certainly puts this in quite a different light doesn’t it?

Scientology Inc’s Slippery Slope: Pushing its own view of “Human Rights”  on January 23rd, 2013

[...] Oh, yeah. Don’t forget that prweb puts out press pieces endorsing psychiatry and psychotropic drugging. [...]

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