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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

The Scientology Underground is growing stronger every day.

There are a growing number of people who have not announced their independence, but are Independent Scientologists at heart. They are the new Scientology Underground.

These hard working and loyal Scientologists within the church realize that something is terribly wrong with the Church of Miscavige but have made the decision to work from within the church as long as they can. They provide support and encouragement to those who are working outside the church while they do their best to serve in a useful capacity within the current church organization.

Some of these people realize that their church has become a cult, but they are doing their best to be sane and stable terminals in an increasingly chaotic organization. I know several who are still holding staff positions or volunteering while doing their best to follow the basic precepts that originally made Scientology a shining hope for the future.

They are torn between their loyalty to their friends and family and their growing awareness that there is no future in attempting to move on up the Bridge. These people are living under constant suppression and yet they are still  making things go right.

Like members of the Resistance in an occupied country, these future Independents harbor hopes that some day they and their children will be free again. The time is coming closer with every action they take to spread the truth about what is happening with the church.

Some of these future Independents provide valuable observations and information to Independent Scientologists who are active outside the church. I receive emails almost every week with information that is not publicly available. If some one desires to tell their story or share their observations, I am happy to publish their  stories and to encourage them in any way possible.

These people are not cowed by the suppression they face, but the sad truth is that they are intimately connected to a sociopath or to people controlled by a sociopath. They face the constant risk of exposure and possible discovery by true believers who will stop at nothing to protect the church leadership that has them in thrall.

We who are active in the field owe these underground Independents a debt of gratitude for their continuing support and timely advice. When they finally make their declaration of Independence, they should be recognized as the determined heroes and heroines they are.

I have the feeling that the few honorable activities that occur in the Church of Miscavige are the result of interventions by these Underground Independents.

We look forward to the day when they are free to speak their minds and live their lives as free Scientologists.

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Maria  on July 28th, 2010

Thank you for that.

Snicks  on July 28th, 2010


Thank you so much for posting this. It brought a few tears to my eyes because you were talking about me.

Even though I know of many others like me who have the same viewpoint that “something is wrong” they won’t say anything or write anything up.

I don’t judge them. I show them LRH. I tell them to look at it for themselves.

I knew a long time ago that things weren’t right, so I went back on staff to do what I can do in my sphere.

Everything you said is true, but let me add one more piece of data that I use.

The only thing an SP can do is enturbulate, so if you know you are in a difficult and/or suppressive situation, you just keep applying LRH and stay at cause.

To me the cause point is KNOWING it’s bad. It’s what you don’t know that nails you each and every time.

Thanks for being there and giving me such a perfect ack.

PlainOldThetan  on July 28th, 2010

David: thank you for recognizing the conundrum and letting guys like me deal with the situation the way they feel best.

I have had indies accuse me of being PTS because I won’t “come out”, not realizing that my power and ability to effect change for the good would be diminished by full disclosure.

I do look forward to the day when I don’t have to concern myself with jack-boots kicking doors in, followed by Church acolytes brandishing warrants or judgements. Not just for myself, but for all freedom-loving persons.

The Church may be proud of it’s “image” advertisements as shown in the Maiden Voyage events. But even as “theta” as they might be, they are actually OFF POLICY per HCO PL AD AND BOOK POLICIES OEC (2:266)

4. Only books may be advertised. Processing, training, and services may not be advertised.

Certainly the robotic entrhalled toadies applauding these ads at the Maiden Voyage event hadn’t studied LRH’s POLICY on such things.

In the meantime, I can SET A GOOD EXAMPLE inside the Church and show people what it means to be a good, practicing Scientologist.

Snicks  on July 28th, 2010

Plain Old Thetan,

I didn’t realize you were in the same position as myself. I’ve seen some of your postings on other blogs.

Well, it’s nice to “meet” you and I’m glad you are doing what you’re doing.

It’s not easy for us, is it? Nice to have someone to talk to.

Centurion  on July 28th, 2010

I am glad our ranks are expanding.

It shows that people are winning in session and that tech is in.

LRH said that stats will rise if tech and ethics were standardly applied.

I can only imagine what the Church would be today if it was running per LRH – with no IAS, fancy building – ideal org, crush regging, high prices, squirrel disconnection, GAT retrainig, OT level redo’s, OTVII off policy six month sec checking, etc…

Well, we are creating that ideal scene out of that environment.

To those inside but aware of the above, I understand your positions. It is always good to have people on the inside. However, if you feel your life is going to spiral out of control, get out.

I had to get out since my life was literally crashing and my very life was endangered. Simply disconnecting mentally gave me a NEW LIFE.

There are different catagories of status as a Scientologist in present time, staff and public.

1. Those who were never in, but got in as independents.

2. Those that are in. This includes the fanatics and the unsuspecting.

3.Those who were in and are now out, publicly.

4.Those who are out but not publicly.

5.Those who are in, but know.

6.Those that are out in all respects.

Nomatter your status, it is clear that the balance is shifting as David has written.

I am a number 4 and doing better every month.

Thank you once again, David.


top of the vale  on August 29th, 2011

Thank you David. We talked on Skype once and you know my position and thanks for the ack!

One day we will break free!

Watchful Navigator  on August 30th, 2011

Yes, there -are- gradient scales of Independence, and I am “Moving On Up a Little Higher” on it, myself. No longer going in to post. Feels great.

Solo auditing. Feels even better. Actually, that is the way I picked myself up from “broken piece”, at “effect”, back to “cause” over my case and my staff post. Co-auditing would be even better. I’m looking forward to that.

Have some family members to bring up to understanding before I can “come out” all the way. But they know enough to be wary of the traps they’ve now been warned about, and that’s a lot better than the unaware have it.

Most importantly, we’re not feeding the monster anymore. No IAS reges allowed around here.

Like POT points out, “Setting a Good Example” is a very helpful support action, and along with those other ones, “Support a Government Run for All the People”, “Seek to Live With the Truth” and “Be Competent”, are all highly applicable precepts to be followed on the Underground Railroad to Total Freedom.

Any actions that withdraw support from the tyranny will hasten the day that it falls and we only then have any chance of getting a decent religion back out of it all.

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