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This piece of promo for the 2013 New Year’s Event came bundled in my Advance! Magazine:

Seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?

But the naïve newbies in the Inglewood Idle Org obviously haven’t yet learned how to play the Scientology Inc game.

On November 29, this e-mail was sent out:


—–Original Message—–
From: Victor Caldwell <
[email protected]>
To: undisclosed recipients:
Sent: Thu, Nov 29, 2012 9:56 pm

You’re invited to the biggest Scientology New Years Celebration in the world!! It’s on Thursday, December 27th at the Shrine Auditorium. Doors open at 6pm, the event starts promptly at 6:30pm. The Chairman of the Board will be the emcee! Find out what’s in store for future Scientology expansion that will completely blow you away! This event is live and then broadcast all over the world!

Vic Caldwell
Extension Course Director Fdn
Inglewood Ideal Org

Then, six days later, we get this e-mail:

From: Victor Caldwell <[email protected]>
To: undisclosed recipients: ;
Sent: Wed, Dec 5, 2012 7:55 pm
Subject: Date change for live New Years Event!!!

The New Years event has been moved to Friday, December 28th at 6:30pm at the Shrine Auditorium! Please mark your calenders! This is the only live event in Los Angeles. We’ll get a recap on this year’s accomplishments and find out what the plans are for next year.

Vic Caldwell
Inglewood Ideal Org

So let’s dissect this foul-up bit by bit.

■ Poor Vic doesn’t know to spell “calenders”. Or use spell-check on his computer.

■ Let’s see. We can script at least the part of Miscavige’s talk in which he takes credit for this year’s “massive expansion”. Like Tom and Katie’s divorce. The Master. Vanity Fair coverage of wife-auditioning. Debbie Cook’s letter. Debbie Cook’s secret settlement. 25 years of private investigators harrassment exposed. 25-year PIs in out-of-court settlement. A three-year lease on a house to surveill Marty Rathbun now a waste.  Lisa McPherson resurrected…again…with sworn testimony about the $30 million it took to try to cover up her unnecessary death. Alexander Jentzsch’s rape at age 12 and methadone-linked death  exposed. The shrinking stats of the Church of Scientology. Wrongful death lawsuits linked to Narconon’s depraved indifference and lying to governmental oversight agencies. Homeland Security launching an investigation into Scientology Inc’s human trafficking.

He will report on this stuff, right?

Or is he going to parade around on the stage like a bantam rooster and only tell what he thinks is the good news? But 2012 was a year in which you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a media piece about Scientology Inc that was nothing but bad PR.

■ I was very happy to see the November 29 announcement of the New Year’s event being held on December 27.

I was happy because it was sent out more than 2 days in advance of the event itself.

So, someone at Inglewood’s Idle Org was more on their toes than most Scientology Inc staff toadies.

Anyway, this e-mail was received less than four weeks before the live New Year’s event. If you’re familiar with LRH policy on event promotion, you know it says It should be the primary concern of HCO (WW), Ltd. To increase the dissemination, activities and income of all organizations on a crash program basis. This should be done by:

6. Demanding long range, advance notice by HCOs to the field of coming functions and no more of this thirty-day notice of a tape play. Get a year’s schedule of special events ahead and published and then boomed ninety days in advance of each one. (ref:HCO PL 26 January 1964 HCO (WW) LTD. CENTRAL ORG ACTIVITIES)

So, the Inglewood Idle Org people were at least trying to get out the word about the New Year’s event more than Scientology Inc’s usual half-assed two weeks before a major event. (When the accouncement fell out of my Advance! magazine, it was…you guessed it…two weeks until the New Year’s event.)

But no, Scientology Inc had their nearly-dead Inglewood branch fooled. Six days after sending out the 27th date announcement, Inglewood sent out a “correction” for the date of the event, moving it to the 28th!

Possibly Helpful Advice for the dolts in the Int Event Unit: It’s not brain surgery. If you insist on violating LRH’s direct orders to not hold production-robbing Int Events, at least get a calendar and fill it out today with the postulated dates of the five Int Events in 2013 plus an indeterminate number of  “Maiden Voyage Anniversary” Events, er, uh, OT Summits. Then make sure that no Idle Orgs open within seven days of those events. Really.

You could probably hand the job of Int Base Calendar-Keeping and Scheduling to  one Sea Org member who hasn’t lost his sense of what time is in those parts of the planet that aren’t on the Int Base.

■ However, in their eagerness to get the date of the New Year’s event out, Inglewood crutched on the Extension Course Director to prepare and send out the promo pieces, using his own personal e-mail address.

So that’s five mistakes in one.

■ One mistake is identifying by name and post the wrong person on the org board who is preparing and distributing promotional material.

■ The next mistake is that this broadcasts that the org board at the Inglewood Org looks like a piece of Swiss cheese, with holes all over it.

■ It also tells us that the Extension Course Director is so idle that he can be thrown onto someone else’s job.

Another thing it tells us is that Vic Caldwell doesn’t have any experience with bulk mailing to a Scientology e-mail list, or he’d realize that the number of pieces of hate e-mail he was going to get in response would be sent to his personal e-mail address.

Yet another thing we know from this foul-up is that the Inglewood Idle Org can’t afford an e-mail address from which to send out the org’s promo.

■ And here’s my personal advice to Vic Caldwell. If Scientology Inc doesn’t send the pointless over-flashy event art with the news of an event, it means they haven’t committed to the date or location.

■ One thing I noticed in the flashy promo art is that Scientology Inc has given up trying to start an event at a certain time “sharp”. After twenty years of promising to start an event at 7pm “sharp” or 6:30pm “sharp”…and not delivering…they’ve just given up making the vacuous promise they can start on time.

■ Only in Scientology Inc can you proclaim something to be the biggest Scientology New Year’s Celebration in the world by virtue of the fact that you’re not holding it on New Year’s Eve. People who don’t have anywhere else to go on December 28, but who do have someplace to go on December 31 might as well go to the cattle-car New Year’s event on December 28.

Apparently ante-event boasting about biggest is more important than waiting for the actual headcount from this event, comparing it to actual headcounts from all the other Scientology New Year’s events, and with some actual numbers in hand proclaim it was the biggest.

■ Someone probably realized that the December 28 date would guarantee more seats filled as opposed to the December 27 date. That means that the seats could look filled on the video without having to rent as many non-Scientologist bodies to fill them.

■ And while we may now have some insight into why the event was moved from December 27 (a Thursday and a workday) to December 28 (a Friday), at the start of a four-day weekend in the US, we may see how Scientology Inc is painting itself into a corner with the schedule change.

■ Why was it scheduled for December 27 in the first place? It’s most likely because the December 27 date would give enough time for making and shipping the video discs to the four corners of the planet.

I think that moving the date to December 28 will make production and delivery of the event discs problematic, no matter how much slave labor Davey “Neutron Bomb” Miscavige can turn to the task.

■ And when you go to the event, don’t forget to leave your wallet or purse at home. The predatory salesmen and reges will be waiting for you. 

Happy blinkin’ New Year.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

Update 15 December 2012

Boy is their face red


Date: Wed, Dec 12, 2012
Subject: LA-New Years Event
Ensure you’ve ordered your tickets for the new date of Friday, Dec. 28th


Please Ensure You have the Correct Tickets!

If you have tickets already please check the date listed on the ticket and make sure it is for December 28th and NOT December 27th. Any tickets listed for December 27th will be INVALID the day of the event.


If your tickets DO say Thursday December 27th
Click Here to request new ones!


LIVE Scientology New Year’s Event

Re-Scheduled for Friday, December 28th


Order today while the best seats are still available!



  • Event reception begins at 5:00PM
  • Doors open at 6:00PM
  • Everyone must be seated by 6:30PM as this is a LIVE event, which is recorded for broadcast all over the world.
  • Buses will start shuttling at 4:30PM from LRH Way and CC Int

There are several parking lots next to the Shrine, which cost $10


Please Ensure You have the Correct Tickets!

If you have tickets already please check the date listed on the ticket and make sure it is for December 28th and NOT December 27th. Any tickets listed for December 27th will be INVALID the day of the event.
If your tickets DO say Thursday December 27th
Click Here to request new ones!

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So now we see that the foul-up has fall-out.

Apparently the goofball move to announce the live New Year’s event in Los Angeles on the 27th and suddenly moving it to the 28th has had repercussions.

Somehow, if you already had tickets for the 27th, they’re no damn good and you have to get all new tickets for the 28th.

In its inimical style, Scientology Inc forces a New Year’s event on its parishioners for one date and instead of simply accepting those tickets on a different date, the parishioners have the hassle of having to get new tickets for the right date enforced on them.


■ How many parishioners will show up on the 27th and not get in?

■ How many parishioners with 27th tickets will show up on the 28th and be forced to do some kind of routing form to get into the event?

■ How many parishioners with 27th tickets will show up on the 28th and rather than jump through Scientology Inc’s hoops, will say “Screw this! Let’s go have some drinks at the Bonaventure!”

■ How many Sea Org members will get RPFd because of this foul-up?

■ How many Sea Org and staff members will get assigned lower conditions because of this foul-up?

■ How many parishioners will actually see that the whole Int Event Unit is PTS to the gills, will assign the Int Event Unit Treason, and not getting acceptable lower conditions from the Int Event Unit will say to themselves, “No more Int Events for me!”

Not enough, I can assure you.

Everybody involved in this foul-up should be given a mandatory study assignment for HCO PL 27 January 1969 DEV-T SUMMARY LIST, HCO PL 12 March 1968 MISTAKES, ANATOMY OF, and HCO B 19 October 1973 MISTAKES AND PTSNESS.

Maybe these bulletins should be handed out to parishioners at the door to the Shrine auditorium, too.

Then everybody involved in the foul-up should be sent to Ethics  and Review to have 3 S&Ds run on them in order to find the PTS terminal — making sure it’s a BD F/N item.

And the people doing the S&Ds should let the person have the item, even if the item is David Miscavige.

Then the Ethics consultant should let the person actually handle or disconnect. And since the people won’t be allowed to handle David Miscavige, they should let the person actually disconnect from David Miscavige.

That means routing out of the Sea Org, of course.

That should empty out a lot of bunks in Sea Org berthing.

But at least if the parishioners saw Scientology being used to solve the problem of mistakes being made by PTS Scientology Inc personnel, maybe their confidence in Scientology Inc would come up.

— written by Plain Old Thetan


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looking4myself  on December 15th, 2012

December 27th or December 28th it doesn’t really matter. What they lack in bodies at the event they will probably make up with digital enhancement.
Photoshop is corporate Scientology’s friend!

PlainOldThetan  on December 15th, 2012

Scientology Inc does have a documented history of faking attendance photographs of Idle Org openings and Int Events to make attendance look better than it actually was. But for video of things with movement, they don’t have a history of adding CGI personnel to the audience. In that case, they add hired seat-fillers to the event. That’s probably for a couple of reasons. (1) they’re cheap (2) people who go to the event would look at the event and say “hey that’s lots fuller than it was when I was there” (3) adding a crowd of semi-individualized CGI people requires the budget and resources of someone like Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) or James Cameron (Avatar) or Wolfgang Petersen (Troy) or Steven Spielberg (Lincoln). (4) Trying to get a video of a New Year’s event on either December 27 or December 28 produced, edited, reproduced and shipped to the four corners of the world in time for a January 1 showing wouldn’t really allow for high-quality CGI crowd work.

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