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Scientology Magic promises shortcut to Hollywood greatness

It’s a bit late to publish this, but I wanted our readers to see the further divergence of Scientology Inc from Scientology.

“If you come to this workshop you will be magically endowed with the ability to get on Hollywood Comm Lines and become a success and with all the money you made by hiding the fact you’re a Scientologist you can give it all to the Church of Scientology Inc and move up the Bridge”


LRH said in HCO PL 31 January 1983 THE REASON FOR ORGS that The only reason orgs exist is to sell and deliver materials and service to the public and get in public to sell and deliver to.  The object is totally freed beings.

Apparently what makes an org these days is the noise…the distractive, non-Scientology things that don’t sell materials and don’t make auditors and don’t get people up the Bridge.

I wouldn’t be so skeptical about this kind of thing except it’s being held on church grounds and it’s not about totally freed beings.

But is that conclusion the correct one?

If it was held offsite, like at some Quinceañera Hall, didn’t use the church’s comm lines and didn’t promise products that will never be achieved I’d probably let it go.

But I know people that for the past 20 years have gone to “seminars” and “gatherings” at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, hoping to bask in the glow of successful people, only to get cornered by some voriacious registrar and jammed deep into some ruin that wasn’t solved by the seminar. The ruin was only restimulated and hammered into the person by the registrar.

So I can see past the veil of deception in this ad. It was sent out to get the hopelessly naïve Scientology parishioner into a place where they could be descended on by savage registrars and heartless Materials Insultants.


— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. Before you say but “Materials Consultants would be selling materials, right?”, please tell me how a vacuous sixteen volume set of LRH encyclopedic biographies is going to get a person trained as an auditor or moved up another notch on the Bridge.

* Quinceañera Halls are found all over the Los Angeles basin. They are small dance/party locales used primarily for holding the Quinceañera celebrations of Hispanic-heritage families when a daughter turns 15. They could just as easily be rented out for seminars to promote “how we made it in Hollywood and you didn’t”.

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AnonLover  on December 16th, 2012

“It’s a bit late to publish this…”

No, not at all. It is never too late to report on promises of being “magically endowed” with abilities. (LOL!)

The Scientology Inc Conundrum  on February 22nd, 2013

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