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1997 British documentary about LRH and Scientology resurfaces

Tony Ortega over at the ortegaunderground has posted a UK channel 4 documentary about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology from a TV series called Secret Lives.

It’s the kind of coverage that Scientology Inc hopes the world doesn’t see, because it paints LRH in a very different light than the Messiah-like infallible God that David Miscavige would like LRH to be shown in.

If LRH is worthy of unquestioning worship, then of course so is David Miscavige.

I found it actually chilling and not a little creepy to hear the testimonies of former associates of LRH that talked about how they saw him as Godlike and worthy of worship.

I’ve always known that L. Ron Hubbard was human and fallible so I never fell into the worship of David Miscavige headset.

As a bit of advice: if you’re a member of the “if I hear one word about what’s on OT III, I’ll go blind and die” camp, don’t watch the documentary.

As a second bit of advice: if you’ve gotten gains from Scientology and hope to in the future, you may wish to skip reading the commentary on Tony’s site. It’s unmoderated and is full of some of the most venomous invective…and falsehoods…about Scientology and LRH I’ve ever seen.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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aotc  on December 22nd, 2012

When I was first shown around my Org in the UK I was asked if I’d seen the recent documentary about LRH on Channel 4 because if I had they had a documentary response to show me. I said I hadn’t but I wouldn’t mind seeing it to get a different perspective on Scn than what I was getting from the lady showing me around. I remember the look she gave me when I asked that, as if to say, why on earth would you want to get another perspective?!?

Karina  on December 28th, 2012

Highly influential Religious/Cult leaders all have one thing in common: the unmistakable charisma.

Personally, Ron Hubbard was a remarkable man, in his own way, but I credit it to his vision, knowledge and intelligence – but this wouldn’t lead me to think he’s some kind of Savior. His outstanding strengths are worthy to be followed but perceiving him as God is an entirely different thing.

Polymath  on January 3rd, 2013

I was on staff in 1997 when this was aired in the UK.

My father had asked my mother to video it for him to watch when he got home from somewhere, and she had mentioned this to me. I told my seniors in the Org and they were adamant that I had to prevent him from watching it. I asked my mother to “forget” to tape it, but she refused.

So I pointed out to the org execs that the only way I could stop it was if I was physically at home when the show was aired so I could take the tape out of the slot or lose it or something. A battle ensued, between the people who wanted me to HANDLE the video situation and seniors who insisted I MUST be on post. I think in the end I got away a bit “early” on someone’s insistence (i.e. on time, as opposed to ridiculously late at night as usual).

As soon as I got outside the building I called my mother saying I wanted to vet the tape for content first, I was on my way home, and I needed that tape. But it was too late. Dad had come home a bit earlier than expected and had already watched the documentary.

That’s how insane it was on staff on a daily basis.

PlainOldThetan  on January 3rd, 2013

The way I see it, the irony in your story is that the people at the org were trying to stop the documentary from being recorded and you and your dad from watching it was based on the unwritten Scientology Inc maxim that “non-Scientologists can’t think for themselves”. Now the coin has flipped sides and we have “Scientologists who can’t think for themselves”.

More irony comes from the fact that the org terminals tried to STOP something and created a problem for themselves, and mom, and dad, and you. This is how parents learn the nature of Scientology. Nowhere does LRH say that the way to handle a black PR article is to create a set of ridges in a family with unsolvable problems embedded in it. Remember that the TA doesn’t move when a problem is present. (Ref: HCOB AUDITOR’S RIGHTS)

So making a huge problem out of the video situation actually contributed to its unsolvability!

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