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Scientology Inc vultures continue to circle over Sandy Hook

The Newtown massacre isn’t the first time that Scientology Inc has tried to leverage a very visible tragedy for its own nefarious ends. See my earlier post on Scientology Inc Vultures picking at the Corpse of Whitney Houston.

Our pal Tony Ortega over at the ortegaunderground did a little coverage of the descent of Scientology Inc vultures on the Newtown massacre. (Check out this newspiece at about offset 2:18.)

Wisely, the presence of Scientology at yet another disaster has been questioned by some whose eyes are open.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers continue their brash in-your-face self-serving promotion of The Way To Happiness in the Newtown area.

Apparently Scientology Inc’s way to deal with death, disaster, horror, and mayhem is to pass out booklets telling people how to live.

Isn’t it a little late for that? Hasn’t the damage already been done?

What proof…verifiable statistics…can Scientology Inc show us that proves that passing out booklets decreases violence and crime?

After all, they passed out one hundred million of the damned little books and the Sandy Hook massacre still occurred.

They passed out ten million of the books in Colombia and Colombia still exports drugs to the United States.

Scientology Inchasn’t even tried to mass hand-out TWTH booklets in one of the most crime-ridden criminal-occupied places in the world…the US-Mexico border.

Just imagine if Scientology Inc would try their TWTH book “change the world campaign” in a place that was in full view of US media. Like Ciudad Juarez. No, instead Scientology Inc has to pass out millions of TWTH books in remote locales like Peru and Colombia. Even Mexico City is far enough from the US-Mexico border to be considered “remote” by US media.

That’s really the best way to ensure that the efficacy of The Way To Happiness campaigns can’t be monitored.

This is an e-mail that was sent out last week to (what else?) convince Scientologists to make TWTH donations for Newtown distribution.


Thursday, December 20, 2012 6:47 PM
Seeking info regarding VM’s Near Sandy Hook

You’re right, assists are needed.

The New Haven org is 40 minutes from Newtown, where a couple of OTs live, by the way. We have been in the town passing out The Way to Happiness, of which we need a lot more. There are also plans for more direct activity as our Dianetics Foundation I/C is heading up most of the trips out there. And the Youth for Human Rights I/C went to the schools last months and delivered the videos to them.

Please call the org 203-387-7670 and donate for TWTH and/or gas money or other expenses the staff and VMs might incur. You know that always helps!

J. Random Robot
New Haven, CT


Let me run down my list of reasons why this is horse-hockey.

■ Once again, the church is gathering money from people in such a way that the parishioners can’t tell what it was spent on. If you remember the London Olympics fiasco, scads of money was donated for the distribution of TWTH books at the Olympics, yet not one Olympics attendee reported seeing a single TWTH book!

At least the reporterette in Tony Ortega’s report was actually holding up a TWTH book.

■ The Newtown CT area is of course suddenly overflowing with fraudulent rip-off “alleviate the massacre” operations. And, of course, people have given money to those scam artists that will never make it to the people that need the help.

■ Scientology Inc is just riding the coattails of legitimate organizations in order to suck more money out of its own parishioners.

My advice is: if you want to help with cash, give a donation to the Red Cross or United Way. More of your actual cash is likely to result in actual help by doing that.

■ Wow, some OTs live in New Haven (or Newtown, I can’t tell which). Maybe those OTs haven’t gone far enough up the Bridge to be endowed with sufficient powers of prescience to be able to head off a massacre of 26 people. Perhaps a larger disturbance in the Force would have gotten their attention.

■ Have you ever tried to get someone stuck in a secondary (grief) engram to read something?

If you have you’ll know that a person mid-secondary is often dispersed and unable to pay attention to something. They very often don’t want to communicate with anyone or anything (like a book). Mostly, they just want to be left alone.

■ And if a person is mid-secondary, a yellow-jacketed thug forcing a TWTH book on them will just become part of the engram, to be restimulated in the future. Like when someone tries to take them into a Scientology Org later.

■ So the point of handing out TWTH books mid theNewtown melee is not to provide destimulation, solace, and comfort to the citizens of Newtown.

It’s to get Scientology’s name in the news in the most deceitful, sleazy, slimy way possible.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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AnonLover  on December 25th, 2012

Nice write up Plain Old Thetan. But I respectfully offer up two small corrections:

When the ideal org in Mexico City opened, TWTH booklets were reportedly spread on the nearby streets widely in the first couple weeks following the grand opening. First in Spanish, then later in English when the Spanish ones seemingly ran out. I have one of each that was sent to me by a friend of a friend who works in the nearby area and got pestered repeatedly by body routers.

The pamphlets were used as a means of inviting passerbys into the Mexico Ideal Org for a free tour of the video displays. However, the person who sent me the sample pamphlets also reported that 2 of the multimedia screens didn’t work when he took the tour and several others either lacked Spanish subtitles and/or had inaccurate subtitles. This was a few days after the opening. So although they did spread TWTH pamphlets, the reason for doing so was skewed and somewhat defeated by their own video presentation fail.

In addition, there was indeed TWTH pamphlets spread at the London Olympics, with evidence posted here:


(scroll down slightly to see a pic of a pamphlet on the ground on the above link)

Nonetheless, your main points regarding Sandy Hook campaign are valid and I am glad to see you put this up as it was well worth repeating.

PlainOldThetan  on December 25th, 2012

AnonLover: When I looked at the link you posted, I only found verification of my assertions. The thread containing that URL didn’t have a picture or pictures of TWTH books at the Olympics that I saw. What I saw on the other hand in the thread was a report about Scientology Inc promoting a Hastings Narconon facility that didn’t exist, a report about “Truth about Drugs” pamphlets being on the ground at Trafalgar, images of promo pieces for a big push to get donations to get TWTH out at the Olympics, and a picture of a brochure inviting people to a fifteen-minute film called An Introduction to Dianetics on the ground.

I might have missed it but I didn’t see pix of TWTH on the ground. Plus none of the commenters in the thread said anything about seeing TWTH on the ground or having received one.

You might be right to correct me by saying “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”, but if it was possible to find Truth about Drugs” pamphlets and pamphlets for An Introduction to Dianetics on the ground, surely if TWTH booklets were being handed out en masse, some of them must have ended up on the ground.

My assertion is that even though it was heavily promoted that “you ought to donate money to get TWTH books into people’s hands at the Olympics”, there was no evidence or testimony that there was an effort at the Olympics to get TWTH books into people’s hands. So the apparency is that any money donated by naive Americans to get TWTH books into people’s hands at the Olympics could have been sucked into Davey Miscavige’s slush funds and no American donors would have noticed.

As for the other point, opening an Ideal Org and finding a street paved with TWTH books is more reinforcing my point than disagreeing with it. No doubt the Mexico City Idle Org (it’s one of those that isn’t called a “church” by the way) claimed “X thousand TWTH books distributed” without subtracting the “Y thousand TWTH books paving the street”.

Scientology Inc hasn’t yet presented any evidence that passing out those booklets reduced crime in Mexico.

And Scientology Inc made no claims for Mexico (like the one I linked to for Colombia) that 10,000,000 TWTH books were distributed during the Mexico City Org re-opening and a drop in crime.

I still challenge Scientology Inc to factually get 10,000,000 TWTH books into people’s hands in Ciudad Juarez (not TWTH booklets into garbage cans) and show me a cause-and-effect relationship between the number of booklets in people’s hands in Ciudad Juarez and the number of murders decreasing in Ciudad Juarez.

Scientology Inc made claims like that for Colombia at Int Events, yet with a simple web search, it was shown that the country’s crime rate WENT UP during the timeframe of TWTH distribution.

Wishful thinking isn’t statistics, Davey.

All that the Colombia experience shows me is that MILLIONS of parishioner dollars were wasted on an ineffective TWTH campaign.

So I prefer to take your corrections as verification of my observations and conclusions.

Thank you.

AnonLover  on December 25th, 2012

“So I prefer to take your corrections as verification of my observations and conclusions.”

Ahh, you are correct. My bad – there is so much promo spread around I knew there was activist reports on stuff handed out at the Olympics and had mistaken the anti-drug brochure for TWTH. With further I thought, I believe I was thinking of the last Super Bowl where activists caught on to TWTH pamphlets being thrown away (and not the Olympics).

PlainOldThetan  on December 27th, 2012

I tweaked the post a bit to make it clearer that I meant the US-Mexico border.

Boris  on December 28th, 2012

In any event, doesn’t LRH indicate that it is the numbers of DIANETICS books that are sold the indicate the health of Scientology/Dianetics?

Where does he say that TWTH booklets will do much of anything?

Whether or not the Cof$ is dumping trillions of TWTH booklets all over the universe, it is the failure to get Dianetics into the public sphere that is deplorable.

PlainOldThetan  on December 29th, 2012

Well, LRH ED 340R Int MISSION BIRTHDAY GAME 1982/83 says A special Birthday Game award will be presented to all Missions who 100x their Gross Booksales and Number of Books Sold to Individuals during this Game. Remember the key to doing this is to have single-hatted Bookstore Officers on post backed up by all book outlets in the Mission flat out selling books! If we are to reach out to the public we must do so through bookselling. We created a book in 1950 with the release of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and it remains today our best seller and our most effective dissemination tool. Use your public and your FSMs to push this vanguard into the society and the planet will be ours in no time! Books make books but they have to be sold first. Let’s get cracking!

6. Get Dianetics and Scientology books sold in volume by FSMs , students, pcs, staff members, Scientologists and also in all public bookstores and outlets.

Lecture 5612C30 PROJECT THIRD DYNAMIC (Anti-Radiation Congress) says It takes twenty-five booksales to make a Scientologist. It also says If you were to take everybody who had ever come to your group and give them outright a book — Scientology: Fundamentals of Thought — just mail it out to them — your group would build back faster than anything you would be foreseeing.
But that is not anywhere near as good as selling them. Now, you tell me. Well, it’s the same answer that if you process somebody for nothing, he doesn’t much appreciate it. If he has to pay you something for being processed, then he too could contribute. Because contribute — what can he contribute to? — is a more interesting operation than being contributed to, always. Do you see that? By failing to let people buy a book, you are to some degree depriving them of the game.

HCO PL 7 April 1965RA IV BOOK INCOME says

Get them to buy a book.

Two first reaches, then, are required of the individual in the public.

1. Reach for a book.

2. Reach with a little bit of money for a book.

Thus we have automatically selected the less disabled.

Now if we require three more reaches:

3. Reach for service;

4. Bring self in to the org; and

5. Reach with money

We have now further selected out people, and we have what able people there are around.

…by good service we raise the ability of the already able people.

We retard or fail to advance, then, to the degree that we:

a. Seek to service the helpless;

b. Fail to sell books;

c. Don’t furnish good service.

You can see the difference between Scientology Inc TWTH campaigns and LRH’s intentions. Handing out millions of free TWTH books that only end up paving streets is not permitting people to join the game. It’s actually denying them the game.

There’s also another factor, that comes out of the Basic Auditing Series. By allowing the person to buy a book you introduce an energy exchange. (Money is a form of energy at a philosophic level.) By letting a person buy a book you are creating an energy exchange that, to some degree or another, allows the person to discharge some accumulated charge. And by doing so, it to some degree restores the natural balance of energy in the person’s universe.

Constantly thrusting things like TWTH at a person, on the other hand, is like incessantly yelling at a dog. It takes your stopping yelling to get the dog to reach back to you and communicate with you.

Rine  on January 19th, 2013

I realy enjoy your posts. Ive come to that point where its funny and tragic at the same time; but yes we had our usual share of urgent messages for donations after the shootings (and I’m in Mexico). It is noticable how no donations are required for stuff happening in our own country, as you have very well pointd out. Its sad how the church makes people immune to others’ needs after so much vulturing and yet its funny how we as public keep being bombarded with absurd messages very low in ARC.

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