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Happy New Year. The Super Power building still isn’t open.

As I predicted on August 15, David “Neutron Bomb” Miscavige’s promise to have the Super Power building open by the end of the summer was broken. For the fourth time in the past three years.

You may recall that this promise was made by Li’l Davey at the New Year’s Event 2012.

And as I predicted, the Super Power building activation was stalled, ostensibly because some kind of renovation had to be accomplished on the brand new building.

Is Davey going to try again at the New Year’s Event 2013?

It’s hard to say, because this letter with a stack of questionnaires was sent out to Orgs and Missions far and wide two weeks ago.

Senior HCO Flag is begging for staff at Flag.


The same thing they’ve been doing since before August 2010.

Now, in December 2012, 30 months later, Senior HCO Flag is still begging for staff.

And in a very non-LRH way, the Super Power Prospect I/C is scavenging existing staff from existing Orgs and Missions, rather than using the recommended recruitment pools.

Way to shrink Scientology, Parker.

And did you notice how lazy this is? They blasted out “recruitment” promo without surveying for it and without face-to-face qualification of the prospects.

Wouldn’t a high-powered outfit like Western Digital, if they were looking for the best electronics and electromechanical engineers in the world, have “tours” going out and doing face-to-face interviews with prospects?

They must know by now that people aren’t clawing their way over each other to join Sea Org staff to deliver Super Power.

Mustn’t they?

So it looks to me like announcing the actual opening of the Super Power building is still long off.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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