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Refund/Repayment Success Story – December 2012

After a year of bad news on the repayment front, we are ending the year off with a refund/repayment success story!

As many of you know the church of Miscavige has adopted a new strategy of declaring anyone asking for repayments and then claiming that the refund/repayment policies do not apply to Supppressive Persons. This is contrary to the 1993 agreement between the church and the IRS and is contrary to written LRH policy.

However, a clean intention has the potential for overcoming all obstacles and here is an example of someone who got her repayment in less than a year!

Hi David,

I just wanted to let you know that I got my repayment back for $22,050.

I did what you told me to do.  At first the Ruds Officer was rude.  Then something changed with her. I just kept calling her… about once a week. Just checking in.

I started in late August and got the check back in early December.

When they wanted to take off 3% for extra handling charges and told her that I was not happy about it.  She told me to write that on the routing slip.  I did… and they didn’t take it off my amount.

I continued to tell her again and again that it was all the heavy regging that I found distasteful and exhausting and a waste of my time.  I told her that I paid the money for L-11 and when it became apparent that $22,000 would not be enough… that it would be more like $40,000 then I just decided I would never go. It wouldn’t happen.

When she asked me if I had been told at the beginning that L-11 would be $45,000 would I have gone forward, I replied, “Absolutely not.”  I just said that it was all too expensive for me.  I just didn’t care anymore.  I had given generously to Scientology in many ways… and I was dismayed by the fact that the more I gave the more I was bludgeoned to give more and I just decided that I have no more to give.

I did mention that I loved my auditing with the field group.  She seems to think that I might go back there… but I won’t.  Now that I see what Scientology has done to that auditor. 

I didn’t tell her that.  I didn’t share that with anyone.  Why get them all upset. 

Bottom line:  I put in a PURE INTENTION that I was going to be repaid and just kept a happy demeanor and just kept calling in a friendly way.

About the routing form… I had already been audited at the Howson group office.  When they sent me the routing form later I told her that I would NOT be going through all the routing crap.  All this wasted time is why I wanted to get my money back in the first place.  I would not be going hat in hand to all these places to get signed off.  She had it all signed off for me and sent me the signed letters and it worked out fine.

I just wanted to let you know so that you have something to share with your other people. I think it’s important for people to know to just keep pressing foward.  They did send me another Release form that I had to have re-notarized. I have not been declared.  I don’t know why not…

However I’m now going to step back and take care of my life and my business before I do anything else.

I love your blog.  Thank you for your fine help!!



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Centurion  on December 30th, 2012

Wonderful. I am glad you received your refund. That’s 22K less for DM and his Scotch collection and tanning booths, bought with parishioner money.

LRH stated that refunds were to be paid – period.

DM cannot duplicate anything LRH.

Hapexamendios  on December 30th, 2012

That’s awesome news!

ex class v staff member  on December 30th, 2012

Great write up. It is very interesting that you weren’t declared. I vaguely remember that denial of future services was a condition of refund payment. Maybe you or someone else could remind me if SP declares were part of the package. Either way it seems to indicate they may be recognizing the necessity of not offending people and burning their bridges for no sensible reason the way I have to report I have seen some of them do all too often.

PlainOldThetan  on December 31st, 2012

According to HCO PL 23 December 1965 RB (Revised 8 January 1991, five years after LRH’s death) it is a suppressive act to Demand the return of any or all fees paid for standard training or processing actually received or received in part and still available but undelivered only because of departure of the person demanding (the fees must be refunded but this Policy Letter applies).

HCOB 19 JUNE 1980RA THE AUDITOR’S CODE says 24. I promise to see that any fee received for processing is refunded following the policies of the Claims Verification Board, if the preclear is dissatisfied and demands it within three months after the processing, the only condition being that he may not again be processed or trained.

As an aside, HCO PL 23 December 1965 RB is an interesting policy letter in that you can go down the list of suppressive acts and see that DM is guilty of a good number of them. (“Falsely attributing or falsely representing oneself or others as source of Scientology or Dianetics technology“, “Intentional and unauthorized alteration of LRH technology, policy, issues or checksheets“)

OldAuditor  on December 31st, 2012

Actually, getting your Declare is more difficult than you might think. The actual Goldenrod is hidden in a locked file cabinet in the Ethics office of your local org or mission and is only taken out to frighten your friends who might be inclined to follow your example. You are never shown your Declare and it is no longer posted on the bulletin board in the Ethics office as the huge numbers of declares might give public the wrong idea about Scientology.

Once you are declared, you are totally free because you have no reason to answer the phone or respond to begging letters from the orgs.

You will also have the chance to verify the fact that 90% of all Scientologists are now outside the church. You are part of the fastest growing group in the world!

You are now free to choose any auditor you wish and to get the services you have always wanted for a fraction of the cost of the inferior product being sold by the Church of Miscavige.

ex class v staff member  on December 31st, 2012

So maybe he was declared and was never told.

OldAuditor  on December 31st, 2012

The main reason this person would not be declared is that the staff is so overwhelmed that they cannot keep up with all of the declares related to repayments and refunds.

The most likely scenario is that the declare was issued and the person was not notified. When my wife and I were declared, it took us many months to find out and that was because we had a mole in the Ethics office who sent us a copy of the Declare.

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