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Just like Banquo’s Ghost

Banquo is a character from Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. At the beginning of the play, Banquo is accompanying Macbeth when they encounter the three witches (also known as the Wyrd Sisters). The witches foretell that Banquo’s descendants will rise to rule Scotland, although Banquo himself will not. This announcement prompts Macbeth to have Banquo murdered, but Macbeth is haunted by Banquo, whose ghost shows up at a banquet, sits in Macbeth’s seat, which causes Macbeth to freak out. Referring to Banquo’s Ghost has come to mean the appearance of something that reminds one of a past error or failure or heinous deed.

This e-mail was sent out last week to loyal Scientology parishioners.


From: LA Org <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, January 3, 2013 8:30 PM
Subject: Coming Soon…Model Test Center!




In typical Scientology Inc fashion, the ad doesn’t say you’ll be joining staff at the LA Model Idyllic Org. (That’s where the phone number gets you.)

But more importantly, the building in the picture is readily identifiable.

It’s called the Hollywood Inn or H.I. by Pac area Sea Org staff, but it’s actually the historic Hotel Christie, the first high-rise hotel in the Hollywood area and the first hotel in Hollywood to have a bathroom in every room along with steam heating in the whole building.

Its upper floors have been Sea Org berthing for decades.

The parking lot next door to the H.I. is emptied out in November for the L. Ron Hubbard Winter Wonderland. A link to the PRWEB piece placed by Scientology Inc for the Winter Wonderland is here. You should read the piece and test for yourself the plausibility of how the WW came to be, remembering that LRH was ensconced in hiding in 1983, dying in 1986.

The ground floor was the L.A. Org test center in the late 80s, which was a dark, dismal, unattractive place to be sucked into Scientology Inc.

Leave it to Scientology Inc to recycle an old building and call it a “new” Model Test Center.

Test centers are places where body routers get people to go for OCA testing and to take other Scientology tests (IQ, Aptitude, and Leadership, amongst others.).

Test centers are supposedly placed where foot traffic will provide plenty of fodder for the body routers.

Historically, the best test centers were at bus stops and subway stairwells.

In the case of the Hotel Christie, Scientology Inc seems to be hoping to sucker people inside who have just gotten off the Red Line, the branch of L.A.’s subway system that runs up Vermont to Sunset, then makes a turn down Hollywood Boulevard.

Remember that the expensive Miscavige renovations will be done before it’s demonstrated or proven that a test center location from 1988 will still work as a test center location in 2013.

Heck, it didn’t even work as a test center in 1988, providing about 2 OCAs a week to LA org. I worked for a while in Div 6 at LA org, so I know that the feed from the test center wasn’t even worth keeping the doors open.

That’s S.O.P. for Scientology Inc.

I guess they’re trying to still trying to deal with a dead test center.

Just like Macbeth dealing with Banquo’s ghost.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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