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How and Why Miscavige’s Int Events are fabricated

 A loyal reader wrote us after watching the New Year’s Event 2013 to give us the skinny on how and why Miscavige’s events look so unbelievably good.

It’s because they’re as fake as the decoy western town in the movie “Blazing Saddles”.

Therefore, you’re right not to believe them.

It also explains to some degree why the fabulous global expansion of Scientology is only demonstrated with videos and statistics from the remotest corners of the globe.

If the videos were made in Iowa or Essex, it would be child’s play to prove that the “global expansion” is simply fabricated.

But let’s hear it straight from our reader’s mouth.


Hey David,

I saw the New Year’s event 2013 and couldn’t help but be furious.

Three years ago my betterment group and I were “featured” in video form at the New Year’s event.

About three months before the New Year’s event, ABLE Int had asked if I had something to feature at the event and I said “No, I am not interested.” Especially because at that time I was busy with production and didn’t have time to be involved with events and besides for 20 years they never featured anything I did so I was not interested.

I cannot tell you how engramic it was when they just arrived on our door step to do the filming in November before the New Year’s event. A Gold film crew of three arrived without me authorizing it or asking for it; they just appeared unannounced from LA. I was not briefed on how long it would take nor what was involved and how they would fuck up my production.

At one point they needed to get footage of part of our operation in a remote area. They told me that they wanted to rent a helicopter to fly there and the cost would be something like $20,000 to fly there and back. It was totally insane, so I said if they even think of doing that I will expose them as to how they waste parishioners’ money.

I was thinking to myself how funny it was that they were prepared to spend that kind of money but not even pay $20 for my staff getting lunch even though they were working overtime on Saturday and Sunday.

Anyway they took 6 weeks of day and night filming where I did not get any production done on my actual post.

One day I finally said “I have had enough and I am going on a visit to my family”. Even though they said they weren’t done and demanded I stay, I  said “I am disappearing, so you guys can leave now; you have enough footage.” They still did not care and said if I did not play their game it will be KRed at Flag and it would impact on me going to do OT VI and OT VII.

So I said “You can threaten as much you like as I really don’t care, I’m still disappearing!” The Gold Filming Crew I/C said “Don’t worry we have ways and means of tracing anyone down.” Anyway we worked hideously late hours and I had to compose a timeline for them with all the stats and facts for inclusion in the script for the video piece at the event.

The bizarre thing is that when I saw the coverage of my group, only one stat was close to half true, even though I had told the scriptwriter (I don’t know how many times) that I wouldn’t lie about the stats. There were in total nine outright lies in the video that they concocted by themselves even though I did give them a script with the truth. 

Even worse was that they grabbed complete strangers off the street to stage certain scenes so it would look like our group was servicing dozens and dozens more public than we actually were.

What continues to vex me is this: why do they need to blow it out of proportion? That is just so insane.

Anyway, I was thinking that I had lived a horror movie personally and it was interesting to see how much crap they fabricate. The video segment turned out beautiful, but when I asked Gold “Why do they make these videos?” she said “Honestly? To make more money for the IAS!” How about that?

I just wanted to write to you with my tale of woe as I see on your site that you clearly recognize that the Int Events are full of smoke and mirrors and misdirection and lies.

Best New Year’s Wishes to you and yours.

Madame X



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Wolfgang Keller  on January 7th, 2013

This could have been a valuable contribution, however it lacks specifics.

OldAuditor  on January 7th, 2013

Wolfgang, you should have some reality on the lengths that the church will go to punish those who speak out.

This story is but one of many I am aware of. The Gold crew is dedicated to manufacturing videos that make the church look good. If they have to manufacture events out of whole cloth, it does not bother them in the least. They are a PR organization and truth is not part of their charter.

Anyone who has had the Gold Crew filming their success story will know what I mean. You have to rewrite your success story until you get the approval of the Gold crew.

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