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The Big Lie Epitomized: All US Libraries have the L. Ron Hubbard Series

Tony Ortega gave me the initial lead for this week’s investigation. His article showcased Scientology Inc’s latest Big Lie.

The Big Lie, if you recall, is what Adolph Hitler posited in this book Mein Kampf. In it, Hitler said that the Big Lie was a propaganda technique that used a lie so colossal that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” Hitler asserted the technique was used by Jews to unfairly blame Germany’s loss in World War I on German Army officer Erich Ludendorff, whereas Hitler was using it to unfairly characterize Jews.

This site has often demonstrated times when Hitler used The Big Lie, and to point out what techniques Hitler used to enthrall and entrap the German people, including the falsification of stats.

Let’s look at the promo piece that got me all in knots.


(Before you page away from the promo piece itself, note the emptiness of the library with ONE PERSON reading ONE BOOK in front of empty tables, while the other volumes of the L. Ron Hubbard Series sit on the table behind the single person still in their shrink-wrap. Cue sound clip of empty, echoey sound of footstep in stone morgue.)

Of course, the whole point of the promo piece is not to put “The L. Ron Hubbard Series” into libraries.

Instead, it’s

 to impress the buffaloed and frightened Scientology Inc parishioners that the Sea Org is effective

• to assure parishioners that David Miscavige’s grandiose plans and expectations are working

• to maintain the momentum of a huge money-draining operation on the parishioners.

Other posts I already made on the hypocrisy of the L. Ron Hubbard Series Library program are here and here and particularly here.

Now, here you can see that the number of libraries in the US was estimated in 2007 to be 16,500.

So if we’re to believe the report that “all US libraries have the L. Ron Hubbard Series” in them, that means that the church garnered $11,880,000 from overpriced L. Ron Hubbard Series sales.

But, shorting our wires to ground, we can do a quick Ebay search and find that dozens of complete L. Ron Hubbard Series sets are available for $75 a set.

So, instead of giving Scientology Inc $720 a set for shipment to a library in Zambia, you could get the address of a library in Zambia that doesn’t have a set of L. Ron Hubbard series books, spend the $75 on Ebay, and have the Ebay seller ship it directly to that address.

You’d save yourself about $600.

Now, let’s be honest. Do you really think that people are lined up outside libraries in Zambia waiting for L. Ron Hubbard Series books to arrive?


You’re smarter than David Miscavige.

Another factor in my cynicism is that when the Ron Mags came out in 1991 I made a pretty big cash donation to get fifty complete sets of hardbound Ron Mags into Russian libraries. I still have the commendation for contributing to completing the Russian library Ron Mag project.

When a Scientologist I knew told me he was going to visit Russia, I told him about my donation and asked him to check libraries for the Ron Mags.

When he returned, he told me he’d visited twenty-three libraries in Russia and there was not one Ron Mag to be seen.

With that in mind, I picked the state that recently got an Idyllic Org in Phoenix and did a personal survey of which libraries inArizona had L. Ron Hubbard Series in their libraries.

The Arizona library system is organized by county, the 14 counties being Apache, Cochise, Coconino, Gila, Graham, Greenlee, La Paz, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz, Yavapai.

The major university library systems in Arizona are run by University of Arizona, Arizona State, and Northern Arizona University.

I searched the online guide to the Arizona libraries and found only about six sets of L. Ron Hubbard series books in all the Arizona libraries. The Arizona universities had NONE.

(I already detailed my own unhappy experience with trying to get a set of Basics placed in a local university library here. Tony Ortega’s report on the pointlessness of Scientology Inc’s library campaigns is here.)

When I contacted Bridge for a list of Arizona libraries the L. Ron Hubbard Series were placed in, they referred me to the Planetary Dissem Organization. When I contacted PDO, they refused to supply a list.

So, all told, the 250+ libraries in Arizona were supplied with six sets of L. Ron Hubbard Series books.

(Remember that the same David Miscavige thet calls 6 out of 250+ libraries a “done” is the same David Miscavige that calls running 4 processes off the new abbreviated Grade I process checklist is “Grade I done”. )

So my conclusion is, as always, when Scientology Inc claims some great achievement, like putting books in ALL US libraries, it only takes a day or two to prove it’s a lie.

What Miscavige is doing is counting on the fact that you won’t check.

Can the readers of this site make a quick survey of the libraries in their city or county or state and verify for us all what the results of the L. Ron Hubbard Series library donation campaign are? Be sure you tell us where you checked so that we can get the broadest sample possible. Thanks.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Iknowbetter  on January 12th, 2013

Just went on my local library’s website (in a county just outside of Atlanta), and searched L Ron Hubbard….Here you go:

Search Keyword: L Ron Hubbard

All wordsAny wordsExact Phrase

Ordering:Newest FirstOldest FirstMost PopularAlphabeticalCategory

Search Only: Categories Contacts Articles Newsfeeds Weblinks

Total: 0 results found.

DMSTCC  on January 12th, 2013

Johnstown, PA just made the list. Does Hubbard have a different meaning of “Done”?

“The library just received a donation of 16 books about L. Ron Hubbard from the Church of Scientology. Umm.”

Dan 351  on January 12th, 2013

After you go to your local library website and find there are no basic LRH books there, the next step is to call your local org or mission and ask “why the hell not?”

I did a check of LRH books in the LA Public Library system a few months back. They had very few LRH books on the shelves.

I called the BSO AOLA and told her to check it out. She said she didn’t have access to a computer. She seemed very surprised.

I did the same for the Austin, Dallas and Houston Public Libraries. I called some of the local org/mission staff and they all seemed surprised. Maybe some of them will wake up.

Check out Hemet California Public Library where Int Management is located. A few months ago, there were four books about Scientology – none written by LRH.

PlainOldThetan  on January 12th, 2013

“She said she didn’t have access to a computer. She seemed very surprised.”
“I did the same for the Austin,Dallas and Houston Public Libraries. I called some of the local org/mission staff and they all seemed surprised.”

Miscavige’s iron-grip fist of control over the communications lines into the orgs becomes obvious when things you can learn, the staff can’t learn for themselves.

The only place loyal parishioners and staff are allowed to learn about all things Scientology is from the Int Events or the propaganda promo handed out in org bookstores and at staff meetings.

It’s considered an overt of magnitude to seek Scientology Inc information anywhere else than from David Miscavige.

Thence those people become brainwashed. And become unbrainwashed the more and more information they can get not from the Miscavige propaganda factory.

PlainOldThetan  on January 12th, 2013

“Does Hubbard have a different meaning of “Done”?”

No, Hubbard didn’t. But just like in the novel 1984, Scientology Inc has altered the definitions of words to suit its own evil propaganda ends.

The liberal alteration of “stats” to mean “something that will impress parishioners, even if it’s a lie” started of course with David Miscavige.

“Done” now apparently has the same definition.

Remember that the effectiveness of a Miscavige lie depends wholly on the lack of the truthful information that counters it.

“And as you burrow your way down through the layers of lies, you come to the truth. And truth blows the lies away.” LRH ED 348 INT Ron’s Journal 37, 13 March 1983

Dan 351  on January 13th, 2013

I have a very dear friend who is a Buddhist monk from Myanmar, formerly called Burma.

He has a doctorate degree from what he and I call “Buddhist University” in central Myanmar. It is a place where monks are trained.

Twelve years ago, he was in the U.S. because he had spoken out against the very suppressive government in his country. He could not return home for fear of being arrested.

He shared his Buddhist wisdom with me. I in turned told him of my great admiration for the teaching of LRH. I showed him an emeter. He picked up the cans and I was very surprised that he had a dial wide f/n. He never had auditing! He laughed and said “ah this is a device to locate the defilements!” He damn near had a floating t/a.

To get to the point of my post. There is a Dept. of Comparative Religion at Buddhist University.

Also, english is widely known in his home country, since it had been a British colony for a very long time.

Therefore, he asked for a set of LRH books for the library in the university in Myanmar.

I said that I would be honored to send them one.

He said “oh no don’t send it. It very likely won’t get past the gov’t censors”.

What he suggested and did was have travelling monks “smuggle” the books into the country with their personal belongings.

So, I was very surprised to learn later that in a very short time span that dm was able to get all the basic books in all the world libraries.

Especially considering what my Buddhist monk friend had to do to get a set into his country!

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