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The real downside to delivering auditing over the Internet…

There is a real downside to delivering auditing over the Internet and it is probably the reason that most self-appointed guardians of technology are so worked up over it.

When you audit over the Internet,  you really have to know your business as an auditor, but that is not a downside..

When you audit over the Internet,  you need to have superlative presence and grant importance to your preclear, but that is not a downside either.

Internet auditors are viewed with dark suspicion  and are the subject of hostile gossip by those who can’t do it, but that is not a downside either!

The big downside to delivering auditing over the Internet is that you get so many preclears demanding services that you no longer have time to visit with your fellow auditors on Facebook.

You have moved out of the 20th Century office visit mentality and are servicing clients all over the world. You could run yourself into the ground delivering services, if you do not structure your practice properly.

I have been auditing about 8 hours a day recently and it does not look like it is going to let up any time soon. I sometimes start with a 7 am session and am still auditing at 9:30 at night. Right now, I still have a waiting list of people who want to start sessions.


People call me up and ask if I audit over the Internet and I say, yes I do, seven days a week.

They say, That’s great! I live in Tanzania, or Paris, or Melbourne. Do I need a meter?

I tell them I have switched to a mode of remote auditing where I hold the meter and they can concentrate on handling what comes up in session. The existing pcs who have been switched to this mode of auditing find that the sessions run smoothly and equipment problems are no longer an issue.

Many of my new pcs have never been in a church so they do not have to unlearn the trappings and ritual and false data of church auditing. We handle what come up for the pc whether it is life ruds or more advanced auditing.

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